Beware of those who preach a doctrine that contradicts Scripture…

2 Corinthians 11:14-15 Even satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is not strange if his ministers also disguise themselves as ministers of righteousness. Their end will match their deeds.

“My beloved children, do not be deceived. I have given you the Scriptures as your guiding light, your beacon of truth. Beware of those who preach a doctrine that contradicts Scripture. That way leads to death. You can see, can’t you, how so many have been deceived? Many have fallen into the trap laid by the enemy and many have not fallen but have hurled themselves into it. These you must pray for most of all. They are to be pitied, for their end will match their deeds if they do not repent. Pray for their conversion while you can. The day of mercy draws to a close. Yet this is the time when my faithful ones can ask for miracles, for grace upon grace is being poured over the earth—it only waits for someone to accept the graces. Do not hesitate. Do not say, ‘I am not worthy to be used in such a way.’ It is prideful to say so. No, in all humility say, ‘Lord, I am not worthy that your graces should come to me. Yet may your will be done in me and through me and let not my pride stand in your way. Jesus I trust in you. Fiat!’ Children, there is no time to waste. Accept every gift and grace it pleases me to give you and you will be hastening the work of the kingdom. Be at peace little ones. Shalom.”

O my loving God, I repent of all the times I let pride get in the way of your holy will for my life. Fiat, my Lord! I accept every gift and grace it pleases you to give me and all those being rejected by others, but most of all that others would accept the graces you offer, for the glory of your name and the coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Here I am Lord, I come to live in your holy will. Save souls! Amen.



44 thoughts on “Beware of those who preach a doctrine that contradicts Scripture…

  1. I’ve often heard that the obstinate human will rejects the grace of God. That grace already exists and cannot be destroyed. It is in suspension waiting for us to ask for it and share it with our terribly sinful world. I would like to think as the days of mercy draw to a close we are busy in the Divine Will working with Jesus’ hands distributing the grace our Lord so desperately wants us to have. Fiat.


  2. pray and ask the Lord for Divine Appointments. it is amazing what the Lord will do. We are not worthy but all Our Lord wants is for us to open our hearts. People are truly starving to simply hear of God.
    i went to another city for 2 weeks. I was alone. i asked for Divine Appointments so i could be of use. It was wonderful, the Lord never stopped. i am a nobody in the world’s eyes but the Lord was so generous to me. I had many delightful meetings and never felt alone and was able to point to Him.
    All of this is only by His Grace.
    One was amazing. I was sitting having dinner and a girl came and stood a few feet away on the other side of the open window. It was on a busy street. After a while i asked her if she was waiting for someone. NO was her reply.
    A little later i asked her if she was upset as i could see she seemed stressed. So i asked her in to sit next to me. Two hours later! after she spoke to me of her difficulties she told me she could not share with her friends, has no family in this Country and was looking for someone …..not too young{i fit that one!} to talk to.
    She saw me sitting there and waited and hoped.
    Honestly, it was amazing. A beautiful young woman who is Hindu. She was so open and responsive.
    The day before i had met a sister from the Missionaries of Charity. As i knew i was leaving to go many, many miles away i passed on the sister’s name and place.
    i pray the Lord continues to lead her. She listened very intently when i told her of a beautiful Catholic church only half a mile away. One with a magnificent separate shrine section to Our Lady and i suggested she visit and just sit with Her. She truly took it in.
    i cannot tell you how grateful i was because i ache to be an instrument for God’s Kingdom.
    I had nearly a dozen other incidents in the two weeks. i am passionate about asking the Lord to send people. i also find it easier when i am out of my territory.
    so please, everyone, ask and He will send.


  3. The Church i refer to is St Francis in the very heart of Melbourne. Victoria’s oldest Catholic Church. They have had Adoration there nearly every day for over 70 years. Yes, many hours each day. You feel it when you walk in. the Chapel to Our Lady which is on the website is truly magnificent. i go there for a pilgrimage/holiday. This time i was fortunate enough to go to a Conference for a few days where Dr Mary Healy spoke and Father Richard McAlear too. Absolutely wonderful. Both from America. On Youtube.


  4. pelianito, thank you for your comment because the experience really did touch me, brings me to tears when i think back and just so grateful to GOd.
    I honestly thought that once i reached Melbourne airport it was to be just God and me. So i bought something to eat, found a hidden little corner where i could watch the planes come and go. Within a few minutes there was a man not to far from me. He was on his computer so i just watched planes and had my snack. Then he spoke, asking where i was heading. He was going to the same place.
    Within minutes, he told me he was a history, English teacher…..that is what i did. Years ago he had taught at a school on the edge of the desert which the government now owns. It was the SAME boarding school my mother had gone to after her mother died. IT was THEn a CONVENT run by the Sisters of Mercy and i had actually been there for a few weeks as i went up for a visit to a nearby large town…when i was 14, so i knew it well.
    Lots of discussion between us occurred……he is a very firm Christian man who is really at a cross roads and asking the Lord what He wants him to do for HIM. He is trying to discern at present so we had a great chat.
    THEN after i boarded the plane i thought…..that was it. NO. the man i sat next to opened up so much i could not believe it. Very in finance etc. He said something to me that was in Mark Mallett’s The Black Ship 2…….about bank accounts.
    Amazing!!So we had quite chat……most of the 4 hour flight!

    I only share these to encourage people to be alert, ask. People are starving.


  5. Nell,

    Thank you for reminding me of this specific message from 10/26 where it is said, “Every place and every group that bears my name and has been placed under my care will be a place where my blessings will begin to pour forth.”

    On February 8th, my husband and I will be at a Mass to celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary. This will take place in a Cathedral named after the Immaculate Conception. You have NO idea of how excited I am about this….well…actually you probably DO. 😉


  6. Congratulations Kathy on 50 years of marriage! That seems like a long time but we are just seven years behind you! The years fly by!

    I AM SO-O excited for you and your husband! Ask for all the graces which others leave behind!

    I am like a voice crying in the wilderness telling people about Peli’s Blog, LTW, Charlie’s Blog and Mark’s; so many don’t want to hear. It is so refreshing to read the comments on this site. It renews my energy. I’m praying now to be directed (as Anne does) to those who DO want to hear about these wonderful graces in these messages.

    God bless you and your husband especially on Feb.8th!


  7. Nell and pelianito …….thank you for your support .medjugorje is far from here and an expensive trip . Nell, I decided to really take those messages seriously and felt called to st Francis with the most amazing chapel to Our Lady. i can go there for a fifth of the whole trip to medjugorje. I Believe I am meant to again sometime.
    Yes please listen to dr Mary Healy.I have heard she is wonderful on the Gospel of St Mark …..I will try to chase that up .


  8. Mary Therese, first of all Happy Belated Birthday!! And thank you for that powerful post….it affirms so much for me, I couldn’t begin to express it…I pinned both links to my favorites…

    Kathy, 50 years!! Way to go!!! Yay!!!!

    Peli and each one here….past and present…posting now or not….again and always…Thank You Thank You Thank You….and do not doubt please, that along with all God’s Graces “held in her Beautiful and Immaculate heart, are each and every post and prayer shared with us all…and their awesome effects!

    God Bless you guys Always!!! Love, Bev
    PS Regina, prayers still with you as well!!


    1. Please pray for a little girl, M.A. who is suffering with an illness that is damaging her kidneys. Please pray that the treatments will be effective and that she will be sent home well. Please pray also for her family. Thank you all! You are all in my daily prayers.


  9. Brian, do you know I’ve held a special affection for Mother Eugenia since I first heard about her in mid 2010…her name came up on my computer somehow…this, not long after I was made aware of the death of a very special woman named Eugenia…and for whom I started praying at that time….which is the reason I read the article….

    When I found out about Mother Eugenia’s special relationship with our Papa, I took that as a sign that my Eugenia was in Heaven with our Father and was aware of my prayers for her….

    You see, since as early as first grade, (I am now 67 yrs old) for some reason, I experienced…and still do…a tender Father/daughter relationship with Him…. through thick and thin and loads of my sin….and always found myself hurt whenever He was misunderstood….and could only wonder why He did not have His Own feast day…

    …so the article I read back then inspired me to celebrate my own feast for Him..quite a few, in fact 🙂

    So I thank you for sharing and re-sharing Mother Eugenia and our Papa with all of us here….and for being the catalyst for re-establishing the prayer relationship between my Eugenia and me…it was like she was reminding me that she is still looking out for my family and me…and now all of us here at Peli’s and those in our hearts….and most recently for M.A., Peli….

    Again and always, God Bless all of you here…Love, Bev


  10. Mary Therese,

    This is a bit belated but….

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you…
    Happy Birthday dear Mary T.
    Happy birthday to youuuuuuuu!
    (And many more….)

    May God grant you 10 extra gifts designed just for you this year.


    What a great idea to ask for any untaken graces at that Mass!!! I just asked for that, thanks to you. 🙂

    Thanks to all for the great support and good prayers, wishes , etc. from Peli and everyone here. I should clarify that our actual anniversary is in July. The Mass in Feb. is a diocesan event for all couples celebrating either their 25th or 50th during this year. However, hubby and I were discussing just this morning about celebrating the actual anniversary at a Dominican Retreat House…will let you know how that turns out.

    I love you all…whether you are posting or simply reading.


    I also read quite a bit about Mother Eugenia. It seemed very special to me as well since I love my Father very much. He is often the One that I run to immediately. He is soooo GOOD! By the way, do you sometimes use the name MMBev?


  11. I place MA , her family and friends all within the Ark of the Covenant, The Immaculate Heart of Our Dearest Mother Mary. May all know Peace.


  12. Greetings Peli and all. Just wanted to pop in and say thank you, Janet, and all who comment. I read everything silently. I am so grateful for having been led to your blog. God bless you.



    Hi Kathy, no, I’m just plain Bev 🙂

    This link above came up for me a few months ago for anyone who has a close attachment to our Papa…

    As with Eugenia’s site, the loveliness of these messages (on above link) touched me so much, and exhibits His Tenderness and Cozy Love…as well as His Protective Strength……. traits that I have always experienced from Him through my soul, no matter what… ….I already, through my entire life, experienced Him exactly like this….could never imagine anyone being afraid of Him..

    I just like reading these, and am so very happy others experience Him like this…I don’t know anything, nor much care about the prophecy here..(altho I think we all feel the truth of what is on the way) I just enjoy and snuggle-up in these Fatherly love letters from our Papa….

    And I so very much thank our Jesus, Who I think (with His Holy Spirit, Mary and Joseph) infused this love for His Abba in us…like showing off His Dad 🙂 Yay!!!

    Thank You all here again and Always!! Go Seahawks!!!


  14. Kathy, congratulations on the celebration of your 50th anniversary in the Cathedral of The Immaculate Conception– a great vision of an opening from the upper area of the church to heaven comes to me every time I think of it. “be open”. “Ephphatha” comes to mind…
    It wouldn’t be in Central NY by any chance, would it?


  15. Dear family, I maintain a couple of spiritual websites myself, one personal and one for my church, St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church. But I wanted to encourage you to have a look at my new blog, more focused and organized than the blog pages at the other two sites:

    The blog page is title FIRE WITHIN based on Father Dubay’s book by the same name. The site is designed to encourage a deeper spiritual and prayer life and provide some guidance on the journey for my readers. I would hope you might enjoy some spiritual food yourself! At any rate, God bless you. You are in my daily Mass and prayers.


  16. Hi family, has anyone heard from or about Regina and how she’s doing? Let’s not forget her in our prayer.


    JESUS I Trust in You…save Souls!!!


  17. Please pray for my family. May the Lord grant us the end of legal matters and conversion to my husband but let His will be done and not mine. St Joan of Arc pray for us.


  18. Anne, A Lay Apostle, Ireland, Present – obedient to Bishop, permission to publish

    July 5, 2004
    St. Therese, the Little Flower
    Jesus, in His merciful goodness, has willed that many saints in heaven will come to the assistance of souls on earth. Dear holy souls, you are approaching difficult days. You know this, of course, if the Spirit is active within you. Your world is in darkness and must be cleansed. All of this has been said. What Our Lord wills at this time is that we, your heavenly brothers and sisters, provide you with specific information and guidelines. Pray for discernment and you will see that there is no other path than the path that leads to heaven and to Jesus Christ. The time of darkness nears. The world has not converted, despite the efforts of many, both in heaven and on earth. Souls cling rebelliously to sinful ways and do not even fear God’s justice. They have embraced evil. Brothers and sisters, this world is no longer an appropriate place for God’s children. It is neither safe nor conducive to the school of holiness that each soul must attend to graduate to heaven. Little souls cannot do this here in your world because they are surrounded, literally, by the opposite of holiness. I do not wish to tell you about the sins of humanity because there was sin in my day also. I understand that sin exists and that there will always be those who choose the enemy.

    What I am trying to convey to you is that your world has begun to co-exist with sin in such a way that few object anymore. You are asleep, children of the world! Where are God’s warriors? Too few have taken up God’s cause in the past, but many will now in these times. Praise God with me, souls of earth, even as He prepares to renew your world. In the days of confusion to come, rumors will swirl. Holy souls will be tempted to doubt authentic sites of apparition where graces flow without pause. Children, you must remain true to your calls. Jesus has placed you carefully. Serve Him. You will find yourself struggling with temptations against your missions. You
    will find yourself mocked. The world is going to go even further in the direction of anti-God and you will stand out even more starkly against the Godless landscape. This will not be comfortable for you but you will have complete heavenly assistance and support. Brothers and sisters, I, Therese, am only one of countless saints who has been commissioned to assist you. You will find us always near and always willing to instruct and console. We will petition the Spirit and obtain the most sublime gifts of wisdom and discernment for you. My dear fellow servants, we are entering the storm, but not without Jesus, our rudder. Children of God should not fear God’s intervention. Given my heavenly knowledge, I assure you that the only fearful thing for this world would be a decision by God to leave it to itself. Welcome, brothers and sisters, to the legion of heavenly soldiers who fight for Christ. You will earn your place in heaven.


    1. Thank you Brian. This is a beautiful message, but there has been controversy over the DFOT messages. Until the Church rules definitively, let everyone make up their own mind. Here is a good analysis by Women of Grace at EWTN.


  19. This is one of the things I love so much about Peli. The total charity and kindness you show to all.

    I too love the messages in DFOT. I was told by my sister who lives near Cavan in Ireland that the local Bishop is a very saintly man. May God bless him. And although my sister is not as we say into the DFOT messages, I feel safe on account of this holy Bishop allowing publication.

    I know a famous holy nun spoke in a negative way; but still feel safe on account of (DFOT) Anne’s Bishop.

    Now, for a little complaint to my patron Saint Theresa!
    Where were you last week Saint Theresa when I needed you to let me know all was ok.

    I forgive you Saint Theresa, and still ask Heavenly Father to bless your efforts on our behalf. God knows we all need you.

    Merciful Jesus I trust in Thee.


  20. This DFOT message along with Peli’s message ‘Beware of those who preach a doctrine that contradicts Scripture,’ is a confirmation for a big struggle I have just gone through.

    Maybe that is why Saint Theresa kept me waiting.

    I asked our new assistant Parish Priest if we could have a group of prayer warriors in our parish, for those like me who don’t have physical energy and strength; but who can pray.

    I have read that it is not a good idea to call yourself a prayer warrior without some spiritual direction. The idea took him by surprise. And now I am thinking to pursue this. There are no prayer groups in our parish. Just the couple of lady’s who say Holy Rosary after Mass.

    Maybe Saint Theresa will help on this.

    Merciful Jesus, please cover the Holy Souls in Purgatory with Your most precious blood, that You may cool down their scorching flames. Amen


    1. Bless you for your kind words Julia. 🙂

      What we did to start a prayer warrior ministry in our parish was to put a notebook at the back of the church for prayer requests (names optional). Then we invited everyone who wished to, to pray daily for the needs in the parish book and for the parish as a whole. We wrote a little prayer card as a reminder. It’s also in the bulletin as a reminder to pray and write your requests in the book. Other parishes have a basket for requests and they are burned at Easter vigil. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Anyone can pray. If there’s an issue with the prayer warrior title just call it a prayer ministry or something.


  21. Anne, just to let you know, I will be using your ” Divine Appointment” Monday evening at our parish as an illustration in using your gifts for the New Evangelization, how it is a blessing To you and others. Thank you,


  22. Gerard … are so right about being a blessing to both involved.i realise more fully how every person is part of God’ Family and we are all meant to help each other reach our Heavenly Home.
    Now is the time to live in the Kingdom and eventually settle into the Mansion awaiting us.

    Gerard I pray hearts are set on fire ! enjoy Monday night.


  23. I just wanted to share with everyone what a wonderful celebration we had in the Cathedral. The Blessed Mother outdid herself in assisting with it all. It was really beautiful and attended by some family and friends as well. There was another couple we know who were also celebrating their anniversary. The husband is not Catholic though he has been coming to Mass with his wife for several years. She had requested prayers from my husband and me…and a few others. We have all definitely been praying for him. Well…he IS converting and will soon be attending RCIA. We all went out to dinner together after the Mass and had an absolutely JOYFUL celebration. In the midst of all that joy, one of our daughters-in-law shared that she is also thinking of attending RCIA. I know that the prayers from all of you played a major role in all of this. It was a glorious day! Some of we ladies began sharing in the rest room about how we see God answering prayer in pretty amazing ways these days….and we were all giggly and excited like little girls. I was also VERY conscious of the fact that many graces were flowing from the Immaculate Conception because of the gathering that took place in the Cathedral bearing her name. Thank you …thank you all again for your prayers. Our God listens to you and answers.

    Anne…I will most certainly share about Divine Appointments with many people. I have learned that we often “have not because we ask not.” So…I intend to ask a LOT more. 🙂

    And Peli, this message of yours continues to be spot on in many ways. I noticed it again this morning in the Office of Readings in the ‘Breviloquium’ of St Bonaventure. It’s another expansion on the message for me. Here is a link for those who would like to read it(scroll down to the Second Reading):

    I ask Jesus to bless you all and bring you great joy this week!


    1. What a lovely, edifying post, Kathy! God be praised for all he is doing to show us how near he is to all of us. What a beautiful anniversary gift he gave you! Praised be Jesus forever!


  24. I had the most interesting dream–
    I was on the right side of the middle of a mountain. The mountain had an incredibly huge area in the middle that looked like it was split open. I could not even imagine the top of it. I think it went all of the way to heaven. This center area that was split open in the mountain was absolutely covered with the most amazingly white and crystal snow and ice. All of a sudden a rescuer on a sled–both the rescuer, his bag and sled were all white–came flying down this incredible opening in the mountain. He went by me at an unbelievable speed… I think that the angels are being summoned in a new way… And we are at the beginning of this.

    Peli’s dream of Jesus coming on horses with the Apostles in the snow seems to fit with this as well. Perhaps she would share it once again with all of us.


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