You cannot see me but I AM your sure foundation, your solid reality…

Psalm 62:8 Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us.

“Beloved children, fly to the safety of my embrace! Where else can you go? Soon you will see that all you depended upon was as fleeting as the mist, as solid as a cloud. Like a cloud it had shape and form, but it lacked substance. My people have sinned grievously in rejecting what they could not see in favor of what appeared to them to be more substantial. I AM! All apart from me is dust and ashes, sterile, empty. And the emptiness is a great darkness to the soul. That is why I say: children run to me! You cannot see me but I AM your sure foundation, your solid reality. I AM all there is. I AM WHO AM. Believe in me and be at peace. Shalom.”

Holy Trinity of love, help us to run to you and to bring innumerable souls to you now and when all is darkness. Keep us faithful in all circumstances. Grant us every grace. You are Lord forever and ever. May your name be glorified forever! Amen.



15 thoughts on “You cannot see me but I AM your sure foundation, your solid reality…

  1. Whether the weather be cold, or whether the weather be hot.
    We’ll weather the weather, whatever the weather.
    Whether we like it or not.

    But loving Father, thank You for this sweet reminder of Your presence with us through the ups and downs in this exile.

    It is true Lord, we can’t see You; but You so kindly allow moments of grace to flood our little hearts in between the joys and sorrows we encounter, and we are once again joyfully restored.

    Where does this joy come from. It is You sweet Heavenly Father, touching our hearts, pulling the chords of our poor wounded souls as we soldier on towards that wonderful day when we embrace You, safe and happy forever through the merits and Mercy of our beloved Saviour, Your Son, Jesus Christ Our Lord.

    Merciful Jesus, I trust in Thee.


  2. Amen Julia….what a beautiful prayer that says it all!

    And thank You, dear Father for leading me to the Solace of this prayer family called Peli’s Place…You are Awesome Dear Papa/Trinity, Holy Family and Angels and all on this site…May God Always Bless your dear hearts…and Regina,always are you in our prayers as are each one here!


  3. Julia, thank you for that gift of yours on Jan 10, 2015! It is a lovely and refreshing area in the Stream of Life that you have given to us, not unlike our brother MP and sister Noel have given to us many times :’)

    Regina, I traveled the pathway from NYC to our central New York home thinking of you and praying for you along the way; and uniting that journey to the plentiful canonized saints that lived and died along or near to the NYState Thruway. A truly blessed and holy journey. You mentioned that there is a Marian Shrine near to your home. If you could visit it but once or have someone go for you, I believe it would be a great blessing to you as well… I am thinking of you and facing your area as I pray, and prepare to go to Mass for you this day as an offering for you, dear friend. Much love to you and remember us as you enter into Glory!


  4. Julia, you gave me a smile with your little weather prayer.

    This message once more lifts up the heart–God is the Great I Am–there’s an old 17th century hymn about giving thanks to the Lamb, to the Great I Am” I am reminded of it. I get a chill (good kind) when I read in John 6 when Jesus speaks out to the Pharisees, “Before Abraham was, I Am.” Whew.

    Regina if you’re reading this, I too am keeping you in my prayers. Tomorrow at daily Mass I will put you on the paten where Jesus will rest and ask Him to unite you to His Sacred Heart.

    And all of you here, especially Pelianito, I keep you in my prayers with great gratitude for you, and that for now we still have this forum.


  5. Wonderful how the Holy Spirit is leading and guiding us all, in our own separate ways and lives. When I read this, I rejoiced on how it ties in with my recent meditations. 2015 started with finishing the “33 Days to Morning Glory” and consecrating myself to Jesus through Mary…when I ponder this in my heart, I see myself walking in a great open whiteness as a little child, my hand in Mary’s hand. We are heading together toward the Light, toward Jesus her Son. This morning, I was meditating on this in prayer, when I “saw” the whiteness suddenly turn into scenes of fighting, killing, shooting, machetes, angry…like I was in an AMAX movie theatre seeing the screens all around me. Ps 91 flashed into my head about seeing a thousand fall on one side, ten thousand on another side yet you will not be harmed but will see it with your own eyes, then I “saw” it all white again, and I was still walking hand-in-hand with Mary toward Jesus. Keep your eyes on Jesus!


    1. Hopenjoy thank you for sharing that. Jesus we trust in you!

      Kathleen posted the following on Charlie’s blog. I know it is hard to keep up with the comments so I thought I’d post it here:

      Despair is a tool used by the enemy to temp one to fall into sin, discouragement and depression. Again I refer to the reading I read from today’s Imitation of Mary. Here is it:
      Conformity to God’s Will in Suffering (Book 3, Chapter 2)
      The Believer: In my present sad state I have recourse to you, Consoler of the afflicted. Inspire me with the sentiments that should be mine in the evils I am suffering and those whose still lie ahead of me.
      Mary: My child, try to fill your heart with sentiments of full, entire and perfect conformity to God’s will which rules and disposes of everything for His glory and your salvation. When some affliction is close to you or already upon you, when it stays with you and even intensifies, or when it is followed by others, repeat frequently to God: Yet not my will but Yours be done (Luke 22:42). The thought of this Divine will was strong in me and gave me comfort in the temple at Jerusalem when Simeon told me: Jesus is a sign that will be opposed, . . . and you yourself will be pierced with a sword (Luke 2:34). The thought strengthened and comforted me especially on Calvary when I saw Jesus nailed to the cross and breathing His last breath there in terrible pain. As my love for Him knew no limits, neither did my suffering, but my resignation was as great as my pain and my love. Banish from your soul, then, in time of adversity, every thought that cannot be expressed in these few words: It is God’s will. Any other thought will only increase your anguish and make you feel your unhappiness even more deeply. How, my child, could you dare say you do not want affliction, when you realize that it is the Lord who sends it? If a wise man wants only the good, what are we to think of God who is infinitely wise? God hates the sin of those who contribute to your sufferings, but He intends to glorify Himself through the patience you show in bearing them. He permits your enemies sins, but wills the consequences which will sanctify you. In Shimei David saw, not a subject who insulted him, but a just God Who made use of this lowly instrument to humble him and make him atone for his sins. When Jesus spoke to His apostles of the cup of His sufferings, He said nothing of the ingratitude of the Jews who were preparing that cup for Him, but thought only of the will of His Father Who was permitting this to happen. In the Garden of Olives, Peter had not yet learned that a Christian who is afflicted, oppressed, and persecuted may take up only the weapons of patience and submission. Jesus said to him: “Am I not to drink the cup that the Father has given Me? (John 18:11). My child, you are not denied the right to ask God to deliver you from your afflictions, but, if He still wants you to drink the cup of suffering, say to Him: “My Father . . . let Your will, not mine, be done” (Matthew 26:39).
      Prayer: Pay no head, Lord, to my great repugnance for suffering. I want Your glory and the fulfillment of Your plans. And if your sufferings increase instead of lessening, say to Him: Yes, Father, I submit to these new afflictions, because ‘such has been Your gracious will’ (Matthew 11:26). You will it, therefore I will it; You order it, therefore I obey. If I must die, die I shall. May the bitter blows You inflict on me and allow others to inflict on me hasten the moment when I may enjoy the eternal sweetness of Your presence and Your love.


  6. Dear Pelianito,
    I have to share this with you. Last week I had a dream about you and in the dream you were speaking and instructing me. Although I could not make out what you were saying I had the distinct interior knowledge that you were sent by God to help. The fact that I couldn’t make out what you were saying was not the main point. The main point was you were doing God’s work and instructing.

    I also dreamed of the color pink one night last week. Pink was everywhere I looked and there was also a beautiful rainbow at the end of my dream. It was a very joyful dream and I felt God was saying that in the end all would be well. Just as He sent the rainbow after the flood.

    God Bless You and Thank you!


    1. Kathleen, that is very touching. Thank you for that. It is humbling to be used in this way–truly! It is all him! God is so good to give us these gifts of encouragement in this darkening time. Pink! All shall be well!


  7. P.S. Today at adoration I asked the Lord what He wanted from me and He said “share my mercy”. When I asked Him how did he want me to share His mercy He said “when people look at you let them see Me”. That’s beautiful isn’t it!


  8. “Theophany”

    O, Lord, My Love,
    You stand before me, now,
    New-risen from the dead,
    Resplendent, alive, alive!
    Your scent is all of myrrh,
    Your face and hand are clean and pure,
    which lately I saw caked with blood.

    O Lord, my Love,
    Come near and let me kiss
    Your hands made straight again,
    All well except these scars,
    these scars!
    These witnesses to love,
    that endless ages long
    You wear for me.


    “A Vision of the Manger of the Son of God”

    On a weary night,
    in a pool of lantern light,
    Jesus, only Son of God Most High,
    was born for us.
    In the lowest place,
    Yet the image of God’s grace,
    clad in love alone, His glory gone,
    O perfect in weakness! Here is my heart,
    which I lay in your outstretched Hand.

    You have drawn me, Lord,
    You have sought me by your Word.
    Now my longing soul has just one goal
    to see Your Face.
    To approach and touch
    One Who risks His love so much,
    that Your love this night
    I may requite,
    O perfect in weakness! Here is my heart,
    which I lay in Your outstretched Hand.

    taken from ‘Five Mystical Visions’ for Solo Voice and Organ


  9. Dear Janet,

    I just saw this today. It is such a confirmation for me. When I was 31 years old I had a dream where I was supposed to read at Mass. The reading was Psalm 62 but in the dream no one could find it. When I woke up the next day I remembered the dream so looked up. From that day until now I have lived Psalm 62. It has been a source of consolation, encouragement, and inspiration during many sufferings and trials.


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