Your humility alone can spare you from what your Lord has planned…

Nahum 1:3 The Lord is slow to anger but great in power, and the Lord will by no means clear the guilty.

“Little ones, be littler still. Show me your abject poverty, your complete lack of merit, your utter dependence on grace. Your humility alone can spare you from what your Lord has planned. Yes the guilty will face justice, but are not all men guilty? Does not every heart carry the tendency to sin? That is why I exhort you to be humble. Lower yourself. When I see a soul humbling himself I see my own Son in him. I see him clothed with the merits of my Mother, she who was the perfect embodiment of humility. Take every opportunity to grow in humility. Embrace each opportunity as Christ embraced the cross. Children, if you knew the true value of humility, you would sell all you have to obtain it.”

Heavenly Father, help me to embrace humility without counting the cost. Grant me every grace I need to “sell” all my prized possessions, namely those things I cling to that keep me from attaining this virtue in greater measure. Without grace I cannot do this, Lord. I am poor in virtue, completely without merit outside of grace. Mother, show me how to walk path of humility with greater fidelity. Jesus help me! Amen.


35 thoughts on “Your humility alone can spare you from what your Lord has planned…

  1. Thank you for this reminder of the value of humility. When I read it I found myself wondering HOW to grow in true humility. Then I remembered the Litany of Humility which not only asks Our Lord to help help us grow in this virtue but also specifies the how! So helpful.


    1. Excellent suggestion, Carmel. This site, along with a copy of the litany, has some very good advice on how to growth in humility and do it in a prudent way.

      Please note that what we are asking to be delivered of is our inordinate desires and fears. If we receive praise or if we are shunned, it is to be all the same to us–thank you Jesus!


  2. Praise You Lord, and thank You for reminding us of the immense Truth of the simplicity of Holy Humility.

    I have for some time been contemplating what humility means to us in our lives. And it always seems to come back to the same conclusion to date!

    I have felt true humility is ‘coming to the realisation that we are nothing of ourselves and rely on our Heavenly Father for absolutely everything.’ This seems to be the reality, and is so comforting to know. God knows how we are truly depending on Him, and oh how patient is He in waiting for us to wake up to the reality.

    Bless You Heavenly Father Creator, Merciful Saviour and Comforting Holy Spirit.

    Merciful Jesus, I trust in Thee.


  3. The Holy Spirit is amazing in His messaging–it is confirmed on all sides. What a moment to read this, especially since this very week I had an experience, a grace filled experience, of knowing this very thing, being shown so clearly how unhumble I had been without even realizing it, how like the Pharisee (“telling God how he wasn’t like the Publican….yikes!) And it was done so lovingly, so compassionately, and it brought such peace. And then I was able to go to confession right then and there with a very beloved priest who just happened into the adoration chapel at that moment. Deo Gratias.


  4. Joyous Feast of Mary, Mother of God to all!
    I hope all will have a Blessed New Year…changing it from what most see merely as a secular New Year to a very Christian year (we recently began a new Church year).
    I also went to the website that Peli has on her blog roll to request my new patron saint for this year…and received my Saint, a “Blessed,” a spiritual virtue and gift as well. I knew very quickly why I was assigned the specific virtue and gift. I soon discovered why the “Blessed” chose me and will discover why my Saint chose me as well. It has so happened each year that I request this…another one of those adventures in His Kingdom. 😉

    And Peli, this message is spot on for me! Thank you.


  5. Best wishes for a Happy, Healthy & Blessed New Year to all!

    I don’t know if anyone has seen these, but I read a couple of excellent articles today – one by Charlie Johnston (author of “The Next Right Step” blog), the other by Msgr. Charles Pope (a priest in the Archdiocese of Washington, DC, who writes many excellent blog articles), and in my opinion, these pass along some great messages that I think we need to heed:


  6. On reading the message again, i sense we are being prepared to be truly humble and acknowledge our brokeness in the illumination. Perhaps that is what is at least part of the meaning of what the Lord has planned. That the only thing to do is to fall before Him in true contrition and admit our sinfulness.
    just a thought. i noticed that the headings do not include Illumination, so perhaps i am on the track or not.


  7. First of all a blessed and holy new year to you all. May God meet all your deepest needs and increase His grace in each of us. Who knows where 2015 will take us, but as Fr Larry Richards says, “I don’t know what the future holds but I know Who holds the future.”

    I am heading out on a long trip to Asia at the end of this month–and that has its share of anxieties, especially in this troubled time and it will necessitate being away from Mass some of the time which is such a heartache for me but here we are, committed to the plan and our son is awaiting us so I’m offering it up for his salvation, and others in my family, in union with the Heart of Jesus and the travels He took in His mortal life on earth. Please if you think of it, keep me in your prayers. I’m not very brave. Travel is always a great challenge to me. It’s wonderful to know that this little prayer community “has my back.” I remember how powerful your prayers were the last time I made this trip. God literally turned a typhoon off course after I asked all of you for prayer. You are all always in my prayers and in my heart too.


  8. Ann, you are always remembered as well as everyone else in this territory of souls.

    Happy New Year and God Bless you all.

    I’ve been quietly here, but a bit of a story burst out this holiday that’s been a long time in the making. You can find it here starting with Part I of ‘The Stones Begin to Speak, Tortoise in Hell’s Canyon’: Parts II and III follow.

    It’s simple stuff, but hopefully there’s a nugget in there for you.

    Jesus, we trust in You.


    1. Big hug MP! We’ve missed you, but of course you we are eternally connected in each other’s territory of souls. 🙂

      The Stones Begin to Speak is delightful, inspiring, reflective. Thanks for giving us a stone or two to ponder over.

      On a more earthly level, it is bitterly cold here today–thanks for sharing the warmth of the Arizona sun!


  9. I’ve never read a message where the Father addresses Mary as his Mother. I’ve read where the Father states my Daughter. ” I see him clothed with the merits of my Mother, she who was the perfect embodiment of humility. ”

    Beautiful message that I am so attacked on dreaming a way my life pretending to be successful rather than accepting the humiliation that I sometimes face from family and In-laws.

    In Christ,


    1. Thanks for picking up on that Brian. If there is a theological inaccuracy it is the fault of my own human filtering of the message. The Lord does not entirely take over, but uses the human instrument with all its imperfections. This EWTN article on the council says, “Ephesus affirmed that our Blessed Mother can rightfully be called the Mother of God. Mary is not Mother of God, the Father, or Mother of God, the Holy Spirit; rather, she is Mother of God, the Son–Jesus Christ.” I don’t think in this message there was any intention to contradict Church teaching, but to once again hold Mary up as an example to all and to emphasize the Father’s and the Son’s love and regard for her. Jesus says, “The Father and I are One,” and sometimes it is hard for me to distinguish who is speaking. I only write what comes to me.

      I prayed the Prayer of Miraculous Trust for you and your family, Brian, through the intercession of St. Brother André Bessett and St. Joseph.


  10. Hello Pelianito

    I pasted the prayer/novena that I mentioned to you about our Lords message to a Holy Priest from Italy. It is a beautiful prayer of surrender that was posted by Cathy Nolan from Mary TV that cover events from Mejugore
    Please find the prayer I sent. I posted it on the column you wrote on The Flame Of Love. Btw I am very involved with that also. So beautiful and so simple.
    Ok I hope you can find it if you refer back to the flame of love can section you have posted. If any problems please let me know!!!




  11. Breathtaking insights and writing, MP.

    When I was converting from Protestanism, one of my first problems was this Catholic penchant for calling Mary ‘Mother of God’. I argued with my catechist that this should be ‘Mary Theotokos’, God-bearer, because God obviously is pre-existent and cannot have a mother.

    There is a very simple logic in Catholicism, and once a premise is accepted, a good many deductions can be made. Was the Virgin Mary the mother of Jesus?’ Yes, of course. Was Jesus God? No question. Then, Our Lady can correctly be called ‘Mother of God’? Well…uh…yes, in the normal meaning of the word, ‘mother’, that would certainly be correct. (I learned about the Counsel later.) Mother of the Son of God, the 2nd Person of the Godhead, because that is Who the Child was. As was the case about many things of faith, this was just accepted by believers until a heresy or need for clarification dictated the need to describe it.

    In God’s multidimensional nature, beyond our understanding, and in His ability to travel time, or outside it (whereas we can only move in one direction, forward), a good many very odd sounding things are possible, but there is an elegant and beautiful and what is more, eternal logic to it all.


  12. Noel, I hope you don’t mind if I share with you a conversation with a non Catholic person from the past. He asked me why Catholics pay so much attention to Mary the mother of Jesus. And that the Bible says we should not make graven images etc. which non Catholics perceive as idolatry.

    When he asked why we Catholics do it. I told him in my belief; in the Old Testimony times, before Jesus was born, God had not entered into human history in the flesh. Therefore we human being had no way of knowing what He looked like. So how could we honestly make a picture or statue of Him.

    From my simple faith, I told him, I was always touched by Mary’s patience with us all in spite of our dreadful behaviour in the sin department of our lives. Once again, since she had lived in our earthly dimension we are free to try and visualise what she looked like.

    To be honest the only picture I have ever seen which touches my heart is the image of ‘Our Lady of Guadaloupe.’ While the image has a Mexican ring to the features, there is something Heavenly and true in that image that says to me, this conveys a truth about the person of Mary I don’t know how to explain in words.

    I do have pictures and statue of Mary, and they remind me of her. I don’t treat them as something to idol but contemplate what she must really look like. I would not want to show any disrespect to any simple picture of statue, to avoid the slightest disrespect. After all she is the mother of my Saviour, and He would be deeply offended like any loving son if His mother was disrespected in any way.

    God bless now and always.

    Merciful Jesus, I trust in Thee.


  13. This is a great place to start my day. So glad I came here first instead of reading the news “out there”–first of all, MP, what a glorious website you have. First time I visited–the pictures of the Arizona desert are–I can’t think of a word–layered, spare but rich with illuminating colors–I look at it as an artist (I like to paint/draw) and think “how would I achieve this with my paints?” No wonder saints have loved the desert. And your reflection was sort of like the quiet hike itself, it flowed with a rhythm and then climbed, and then provided a vista, and then a walk back. Really lovely. Thank you.

    Noel, thank you for your perspective on Mary. I never questioned her title, but I like the way you arrived at your acceptance of it. I live with non Catholics–husband and two fallen away sons–and getting an outside the box perspective is really helpful. Mother Mary is always a stumbling stone (MP that could fit with your desert imagery:-) to those who are not raised in the Faith. I love how the Holy Spirit led you to that simple understanding.

    Lily, thanks for the prayer, Peli thanks for linking.
    Hope everyone is staying warm and safe. There are so many places where the weather is horrific. For us it’s just bitter bitter cold–and as I mentioned–we will soon be heading to a warmer place for more than a few weeks. (and thank you thank you for the prayers!!!) The arid powdery snow, the dry wind, the blowing and battering are a bit like a desert here too. Any way, thanks to everyone who has posted here—you’ve made it a blessed way to start my very busy day.


  14. Glad you enjoyed the story and desert pics, Ann. There’s a tab under ‘Spiritual Adventures’ called ‘Photo Galleries’ that show some more desert pics that you might enjoy, including one that shows the desert in full bloom. I have painted with oils and acrylics my whole life, so we have that in common as well. I’ve been lax at my site, but will try to spend a little more time on it with some better updates. Lily, there’s also a picture on there of a special tree in my neighborhood with a remarkable image that reminds me of Our Lady of Tepeyac. For the record, Noel was the one who inspired St. Benedict’s Cairn with her constant prayers for me and my family. It’s gets me to wondering, based on some of the talk above, what our prayers might possibly look like in one of God’s limitless dimensions.

    Jesus, we trust in You.


  15. Yes, it’s me, Noel of ‘Chicken Coops for the Soul’. No stories worth sharing in a while, though. The Lord has MP for that! And what a job he’s doing over at his desert blog.


  16. Noel, great to see your post! I’d been wondering how you were, and how all your critters are (our critters are COLD, as it was below zero overnight).


  17. Regina, I’m also thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers – together with Stella and everyone else on this blog. Noel, it’s good to hear from you, stories or no stories.


  18. Hi All: Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas/New Year/Epiphany!
    If you haven’t already, I want to encourage everyone to bless their homes for Epiphany (it “works” even belatedly). We feel like a terrible oppression has been lifted from our home since we did ours–old hairy legs sure has been busy lately.
    I looked up the Litany of Humility as per Carmel’s post and it is painfully obvious from the wincing I do as I read the litany that being humble does not come naturally to me.
    How embarrassing, and I thought I was doing so well…: )
    God’s Peace and Joy to everyone.
    Pinecone Jill


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