Do you see how many “altars to shame” are in your midst?

Jeremiah 11:13 For your gods have become as many as your towns, O Judah; and as many as the streets of Jerusalem are the altars to shame that you have set up.

“My children do you see how many “altars to shame” are in your midst? Can you count them? I assure you, you cannot. But each one is numbered and each one has purchased its own disaster for its people. And even those who are innocent, who never bow down to what is shameful, all must participate in the scourging that sin has purchased. When the surgeon removes a diseased organ, does not the whole body suffer? Children do not fear these things, but rejoice that your Divine Surgeon will not allow the cancer to spread any further. And more than that, your Divine Healer will bring you through the treatment to a state of health not even dreamed of. Then pray, my children! Pray for the cancer to be removed. Pray for those who do not even see their illness. Pray for the altars to shame to be dismantled. Children, you are seeing this already. Then cling to your divine and loving Physician. Cling to hope. He is with you. He is near. You are his.”

Loving Abba, thank you for these words of comfort. Divine Physician I praise your for all you are doing to restore what has become gangrenous and terminal. We trust in you O Lord. Remove the cancer. Open the eyes of those who do not realize how ill they are. Dismantle the altars to shame that are so numerous and such abominations. Holy Infant Jesus, may your coming at Christmas bring renewed strength to all who trust in you. Jesus we love you! Save souls! Amen.


35 thoughts on “Do you see how many “altars to shame” are in your midst?

  1. My husband has stage 4 bladder cancer that has gone to his prostate and his lymph system. He is undergoing chemotherapy. Hundreds are praying for him, for us. Tomorrow he turns 62 and we still have 4 children at home.
    Every week for the last 5 weekends, friends from our parish bring spiritual aid: Leslie brought a relic of the True Cross, Amy brought Our Lady of Peace from Ireland and another time a friend with the gift of healing. Sarah brought a picture of the Immaculate Conception of Our Health and Protection with St. Raphael oil. Manny brought his spiritual gifts. Hahn heard the words in prayer,
    “I will grant the grace, but it will be up to B….. to accept it. Not only will I grant the grace for B…..’s suffering to be eased, but also for his recovery. He just has to accept the grace.”
    So instead of praying for my husband’s healing, we are praying in thanksgiving that he has been healed…..however that healing takes place.
    But the best part of all is that with thanksgiving and gratitude comes deep down joy. This joy carries me through.
    I just found this message so united with the journey my family is on right now.
    Thank you Pelianito.


    1. Juanita, I will pray the Prayer of Miraculous Trust for your husband through the intercession of St. Peregrine. On Christmas Eve, your husband and all those praying for him should ask that the Infant Jesus come into his heart. I had a Christmas miracle once invoking the Holy Infant after Communion on Christmas Eve.


  2. Thank you Pelianito for relaying this word to us. It truly is a beautiful word…beautiful and true. Divine Surgeon, I place all my trust in you.
    Blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones Pelianito.


  3. Peli, thank you for this message. It confirms what has been going through my mind for the past few days: “Come, Lord Jesus!” I know that the fullness of the Storm will be horrific. But I can’t help thinking, “Bring it on, already!” The cancer needs to be cut out, no matter how painful that might be. Lord, have mercy on us all.


  4. My husband is going through an altar tearing down. He just admitted to me two days ago that he lost a significant amount of money. He is devastated, humiliated and feeling horrible that he let our financial situation get so bad. His intention was always to fix it by working harder, but his way was the wrong way and he did not let Jesus help him. He has talked to me more in the last two days than ever before about his life. His confidence is shot. I have recommended talking to a priest first, a job counselor, and reaching out to acquaintances for help. It is very difficult for him. I love him so much and it is painful to see him this way, but it is what he needed to put God first and not our finances.


  5. As I hear the word cancer. I sit and pause to take in and what this means. First from a world perspective Oh how the cancer keeps growing throughout the world and the world just watches and says it will not affect me and/or does not grow within. I would say this cancer that’s grows and there is no human being that can cure it. Our Blessed Mother has been saying this for some time. Come back to the Father he is everything and the only Physician that can stop this growth all together. I pray for the world and the Love of God is our cure.
    Now from a perspective of cancer infecting our family members. I cried to the Lord why my daughter why at this time trying to prepare what is coming down the pipeline. After 4 months being personally involved with my daughters’ lymphoma cancer I realized how the Lord is curing the cancer within my daughter and our family to make us stronger for the future. I still get down on my knees and pray for the whole world for we do not know what the future holds for us all.
    Juanita my heart and prayers go out to your husband, you and family. I see you are in the right place with our Lord by all your friends surrounding your family with all the support of what heaven has to offer. The other night when my wife was totally exhausted and crying this is what she said, “We have a strong family, we all support each other, all by GOD”.
    By the Flame of Love, of the Immaculate Heart of Mary the cancer will be cured!!


  6. I add my prayers for those who are suffering so much right now (as noted in above comments).

    The first altar of shame I thought of are the abortion clinics in the city where I live. One is located within walking distance from a large university; I think of all the young women who go there. Such a tragedy.
    Then there are the porn shops, the movies, the pimps who force women into prostitution and abuse them.
    The colleges that teach atheistic, godless ideas and ideologies, the government offices bent on stamping out any mention of God, the greedy who seek to make money on the backs of the poor. The places of drug dealing, the organized crime, etc.

    But Jesus is stronger than all that. Though I too feel some dread at the thought of what the Storm might bring, it is also a relief to know these terrible things will finally be wiped away and we will have a renewed and peaceful earth.


  7. This morning the Lord has made me aware of infection and how we can infect each other. constant prayer and sacraments are so important. Without dialogue with God, constant talking and staying in His Presence, the world infects us.
    The old saying too has come to mind. “Tell me who your friends are and i will tell you who you are.”
    I understand more and more that we need to have others in our lives who are talking to God. I see more clearly how the wrong spirit is silently capturing so many and will capture me if i do not keep up the Way, stay with the Truth and the real Life. It is so subtle. Pervasive. i rejoiced when i read this message because lately i have become very aware of the need for the Divine Healer to work very deeply. Cut out all infection so the whole world can be ready for the Era of Love.
    Shane, Lisag,Juanita …..i add you even more so to my prayers. The Physician is working.


  8. i must add, that i truly did see the physician at work in my mother. She had dementia for 9 years. Little by little she was purified and the Love and peace when she died was wonderful.


  9. WOW! About a 1 1/2 yrs ago I had a urging from God to buy blessed candles, I went a few times to the Catholic Store but did not purchase. He said when the time was right he let me know. So last April I visited a church for adoration and they were selling pretty blue candles and I bought one but failed to have it blessed.

    Recently I went again for adoration and again now for Advent they are selling the blue candles and I had the urging to buy some for me and one each for my daughters. I then asked to have them blessed and luckly the Priest was available. The message as to why God wanted me to get these candles was as follows ” Buy blessed seven day candles, for a time soon will come when the world will be in darkness and the only light that will shine will be from these candles. During this time I will sustain you. Have your family together and pray. Do not open the doors do not let them in for the evil will be outside. They will cry and trick you to think they are family and friends but do not let them in. Pray. ” Odd, because it was not till now that I had the real urge to buy them. this darkness I do not feel will be for awhile, maybe two yrs…

    And as I read this…it made me think of how so many worship for example: football, sports heros, movie stars. I heard that coloring books for kids on worshipping satan! I saw on news clips how gay and lesbian activist are going to elementary schools for school assembly and talking to kids about gay pride and what the multi color flag stands for. High schools with a “Gender ginger bread man” teaching them they can pick what gender they want to be….. We are sinking and we are sinking fast!!!!!!!


    1. TA that reminds me of the “three days of darkness” prophecy. I pray it’s just three days and not 2 years!

      There is some controversy over this prophecy and the Holy See has not endorsed it, although there are many saints and blesseds who apparently had knowledge of it. Our trust in God and his mercy is our best hope. Blessed candles and other sacramental are also good!


  10. Hallo Pelianito, thanks for your prayers. I posted something about my mother’s health in the past weeks and she’s recovering quickly, this time for good.
    She went through a serious examination early this week and everything she had, stopped growing, which is rare, so this time God has really helped me.
    I hope 2015 will bring me a little bit of joy.
    What do you think, regarding the messages you received until now, we could expect this incoming year?


    1. Germana that is wonderful news about your mother! Praised be Jesus!

      As for the incoming year, the main message I have been given is to increase our trust in Jesus. I have no magic mirror. The messages warn us of dark times ahead but always there is a message of love and encouragement, joy and hope attached. It is that we should focus on. Jesus the Lord is near! He is with us and he loves us. Trust in him.

      If you want more messages on trust, there is a category list on the right. Use the drop-down menu to find the word trust. I guarantee you will be comforted about the future. 🙂


  11. I would like to wish everyone here in this ‘family’ a Blessed Christmas. When I look at this message about altars, it reminds me that our own little Parish Church is most likely to be shut down soon, perhaps 2015, as we amalgamate with a larger neighbouring Parish, it seems to be happening all over. It will be so sad to have the Real Presence of Jesus taken out of our area. But He is here this Christmas , so we can be grateful.


  12. Sorry I didn’t clarify. The darkness will not last two years. Three days is correct. I feel it be within 2 yrs. I was just informed through family member on dec 21,22,23 Satanist will be at the capital to argue over putting satanic statue with two kids on each side and adults n kids can sit on his lap!! Also heard suppose to have huge solor flares same days from sun, may cause power outages across country!! The darkness maybe!!


  13. Several comments express hope for the storm coming but as a major cross is involved in removing the cancer it reminds me of reading Thomas More’s book “The Sadness of Christ” when he was in the Tower of London waiting to lose his head. He said some had the grace to eagerly desire martyrdom and died with grace and trust, some said they were ready to die for Christ but when the time came they failed like Peter did initially. Finally some initially feared the idea of martyrdom but continued to pray and were given the grace to pay the price when the time came. So let use remember to watch and pray like Jesus commanded that we may be ready when our test comes, lest we presume we will have the grace we need and fail.


    1. Bob that is very true. Our Lord told us to pray that we would not be put to the test. The meditation on the Our Father that our Lord gave me has this passage:

      And lead us not into temptation…

      “Then all the disciples left him and fled.” (Matthew 26:56)

      “Beloved, a trial is coming to my children unlike any before. Pray not to be put to the test. Pray for supernatural faith and it will be granted. I have given you a simple prayer for times of temptation: ‘Jesus I trust in you.’ Use it often and you will defeat temptation before it strikes. Can I make it more simple? Use this prayer my child. This prayer is mercy itself.”

      So let us all pray for supernatural faith when our time of testing comes. Jesus we trust in YOU!


  14. Peli, Thank you for sharing the link to your own ‘Christmas miracle’. A beautiful account, which gives me hope…
    (May the light of His birth always shine in our darkness, Amen)


  15. Please God, we will get a clear insight into sharing why a statue to the graplin will not be such a fun idea. Most people think of this sort of thing as a joke, they don’t actually believe in the evil one; or just think it is like Mickey Mouse or some cartoon figure of fun and entertainment.

    While I was still working and in past years, we used to hear people say they did not want to end up in Heaven floating on clouds; that was boring. They wanted to go down below because that was where the fun was with all the naughty people. Well, one day at work one of my colleagues announced that was where she and her family wanted to go. I asked her which would she prefer, either Iraq while the war was raging or at home where family celebrations and birthdays could be enjoyed.

    I pointed out to her in front of the whole office, war is like hell on earth. Home with family and friends in peace and prosperity is more like Heaven, as a comparison. Another colleague, agreed with me and that was the last we heard of hell as the preferred eternal destination. May Holy Spirit give me a good example to share as to why a graplin effigy is not acceptable in any society.

    Merciful Jesus, I trust in Thee


    1. Well said Julia! People are so ignorant of the spiritual realities these days! Thanks for having the courage to speak up and thank you Holy Spirit for the inspiration. May we all be docile to his promptings!


  16. Dear Pelianito and Friends on this blog–just wanted to wish you all a blessed grace filled Christmas and a blessed and grace filled 2015. All of you are so important to me, keeping my spirits up and inspiring me when I start to flag a bit, and this message is a sober reminder about altars–asking the Lord to show me the false altars in my own life–
    Bob thanks for quoting St. Thomas More. I do mean to pray often for supernatural grace. It won’t be by natural means we remain faithful, for sure.
    Regina I will pray for your family members in the NYPD and for all our law enforcement members around the country and Canada who has suffered such horrors recently too. It’s hard to not be filled with hatred over this slaughter of two innocent men doing their job. But I did pray for Mr. Brinsley–may he have chosen God’s mercy before his soul left his body.
    Julia, thanks for the great analogy about heaven and hell–I remember telling my CCD students once, “Imagine being locked in a room with Mother Teresa. Now imagine being locked in a room with Adolph Hitler.–Which would you prefer?” Not as good as your explanation but headed in the same direction. 🙂
    Sister Lorraine, you are spot on about the false altars we have erected in this country. Is the silent majority finally awakening? I hope and pray they are. Finally Pelianito, gratitude to you for providing this forum and for being open to the Holy Spirit. I’ve been praying for your Mom. Hope she’s doing better.
    All here, God bless and keep you. Joyeux Noel.


    1. Thanks for your prayers and good wishes Ann. My mom is doing somewhat better and improving little by little thanks be to God.

      Thanks for the reminder that we should first be destroying our own altars of shame before pointing out other peoples’. Planks and splinters.


  17. I am just about out of free time this morning….but wanted to come here to wish Peli and all of you a wonderfully blessed Christmas and New Year. Ann, I can only say, “Ditto.” to all that you wrote.

    This blog family has been a saving grace for me over the last few years. Peli and all here have frequently helped me in various ways. Peli, just his morning, I was requesting extra help during prayer because I had not been sleeping well (rare for me) and becoming a bit anxious about all that needed to be done..and then I remembered (perhaps was inspired to remember) that you have wisely advised a few here to try some extra B-vitamins. I was actually astonished to recall that and then it seemed so logical and providential. I am on a very strict diet due to ulcerative colitis. I am not permitted to have any grains (or many other things at this time). Your spiritual advise has also been the best help…so thank you and may you and yours be blessed as well!

    He comes! Let us rejoice. 😉


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