An invitation to return to the Mass…

Below is a link to an invitation to return to Mass that I made for our parish to use this Advent. We intend to make copies of this invitation available at the back of the church for parishioners to take and pass out to those they may know who are away from the practice of the faith. We thought it would perhaps be more effective if it is given by people who know them, even if it may be done anonymously. It also involves the whole parish in outreach.

If you wish, you may use the attached handout in your parish (with the required changes). If you are not the parish priest, please get his permission first. To use the pdf version, just save it to your own computer, print out a copy along with an update of your parish information (see below) for the back page. Cut and paste the information on the back page of the invitation. Don’t forget to have your priest(s)/deacon/parish pastoral council sign the inside of the card before making copies. The file is formatted for 2 invitations on each 8 ½ x 11” sheet. Make copies. Cut and fold—ready for handout! When explaining the procedure to parishioners, remember to ask parishioners to pray before and after giving them out.

Link to Invitation card

Back page info (sorry, I could not adjust the spacing, but it is easy to fix as you fill in the information):







Bishop’s name: 



Diocesan website


Sunday Masses:



Weekday Masses:



Christmas Masses:

Christmas Eve:

Christmas Day:


Time, or by appointment

Online Resources:



4 thoughts on “An invitation to return to the Mass…

  1. Wow! Thank you, Peli. I have just printed a copy and am taking it to a parish meeting this evening where I will share it with our pastor.


    To our God be all glory!


    1. Praised be Jesus! However, I have just been alerted that the Scripture reference on the first page was off by a chapter. It should say Luke 2: 10-14, not Luke 1. I have updated the file so if you download it again, it will be correct.


  2. Thank you again, Peli. I will download the corrected file. This will not be a problem as I am heading in to Church today to get photocopying done! Thank the Lord, that I checked in and found this!



  3. Thank you. I think these invitations to come home to the Catholic church are a wonderful idea and great example of how we can evangelized in our communities. I will pass them out to members in my family. I will ask each of my CCD kids to make 10 copies and do the same. If we can save one soul for Jesus, it’s worth it! Consider making a generic card that could be edited for all times of the year and for those who are not Catholic, too.
    Stay strong and steadfast.


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