When you pray for “daily bread” I want you to also pray for the renewal of the earth…

Matthew 6:11 Give us this day our daily bread.

“Woe to you who are well-fed now, for you in your turn will suffer want. My children the sin of greed has caused many to suffer. What must I do to satisfy my perfect justice? Every valley must be lifted up and every hill laid low. We must begin again from a point of total dependence on God. Yet this must not be for you a sign of despair, but a sign of hope—and more than that—great hope! For the Lord will come to restore the balance. What sin has knocked off-kilter, your Lord will restore, and not just to the standards of former days but to the standard of the Divine Will. When you pray for “daily bread” I want you to also pray for the renewal of the earth, when hunger will be like a bad dream one has awakened from. Pray the prayer I have given you with renewed vigor. Let every word resound in heaven and earth. When you pray this prayer well a countless multitude of graces flows through you. Do you see now that this prayer is the most important part of your preparation for what is to come? Children pray!”

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.


37 thoughts on “When you pray for “daily bread” I want you to also pray for the renewal of the earth…

  1. Daddy, my FATHER in Heaven may my first want be You! Abba Father, prepare us well that we may be light in the darkness that lies ahead. May our desires, wants, needs and cravings, all be perfectly align to Your will.

    Oh gentle JESUS, may we too thirst for Souls as You and The FATHER thirst for Souls!

    YESHUA, we Trust in You…save Souls.



  2. I read some months ago that a truer translation of “daily bread” was “supersubstantial bread.”
    This morning I was meditating on these words of St. Faustina: “I nourish myself on the will of God. It is my food. There is one word I need and continually ponder; it is everything to me; I live by it and die by it, and it is the holy will of God. It is my daily food.”
    The Lord’s Prayer gives us “Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” as well as “Give us this daily our daily bread.”
    And at the well, Jesus told his apostles after talking with the sinful woman, “I have food to eat of which you know not.”
    We have meditated much here on this blog on our “sacrament of the moment,” the Will of God which is our “supersubstantial food.”
    How beautiful that all of these phrases dovetail–if we are utterly abandoned to God’s Will, how can we not be fed, Divinely, Completely, as Jesus was? Earth has been devastated by sin, yet groans to be free, to be caught up in the freedom of the sons of God–as St. Paul teaches us– that God may be “all in all.” Revelation also teaches us that we will have a “new heavens and a new earth.” What a bounty for increased hope! How can we not pray for a renewed earth? Our Creator loves our groaning earth as much as we do–nay–more! My heart grows sad so often thinking of the children living in deprived environments, and so too with the dolphins, whales, polar bears, birds, dying species. But Christ is our hope for the renewal of all!
    When we pray “Give us this day our daily bread” let our hearts soar with hope for the renewal of all, sweet earth and sweeter heaven!


  3. A couple of months ago, I had just gone to bed and had not yet drifted off to sleep when the words “Pater Noster” came to me. I didn’t hear the words but saw them very clearly. I had no idea what it meant so I googled it. Most of you reading this probably know what the Pater Noster is. 🙂 I’ve have now memorized this prayer in Latin and sing it/pray it all the time. Thank you, Pelianito.


  4. What a timely message, just as our culture is devolving into a frenzy of holiday gluttony. No mention of “the Reason for the Season”, just a fever pitch of advertisement on every form of media: “Buy, Buy, Buy!!” And the people respond to it, like sharks on chum. Those of us in the delivery business are driven into the ground from October to January, desperately trying to keep up with the frenetic demand generated by easy online acquisition. Judging from the packages I deliver, some folks must easily spend a couple hours just opening gifts on Christmas morning. The amount of materialism in this country is breathtaking, and backbreaking, I might add. We equate “love” with “things”, and compartmentalize to maintain the illusion that we are truly serving God and celebrating the birth of His Son. And I suspect that those of whom I speak would be shocked and offended at the notion that the mountain of goods delivered unto them belies the nativity scene in their front yard. As if there were fault in their intent to weather the storm in the latest Talbot’s ensemble!

    As to myself, it is obvious that enduring this year after year has left me bitter and tired, more often mourning the season than celebrating as I am exhausted, cold, and sick to my soul at participating in this charade over and over. Every day, I pray that this will be the last year, the last time, I am so sick of it. And the worst part is, that if I had any money, I would probably go out and buy a bunch of useless junk myself, so I am a hypocrite as well. (Also, it could be pointed out that my wages put me into the category of “well fed”, some more hypocrisy.) But thanks be to God for this message, for He has heard my cry, and this may be the last of all this nonsense, although I shudder at what it will take to shake us out of our complacency…


  5. “When you pray this prayer well a countless multitude of graces flows through you.”
    Recently, while in prayer, I had an image of my little prayers flowing up to heaven like a tiny little stream and then from heaven came a rush like a river that flowed down upon me and out all around. I got the impression that as little as my prayers are, they release a torrent of graces to the world. Neat confirmation!
    Pondering, I love the Pater Noster… and Ave Maria too! I like to sing them, it helps settle my heart. One time I was singing them to my son before bedtime and he SWEARS he heard angels singing with me. I didn’t hear them but I hope it was so.
    God Bless everyone,


  6. Oh Peli; praise the Lord.

    We already have the perfect prayer Our Lord is asking for, and couple it with Our Lady’s message from Medjugorje today (pray from the heart) to perfect what our Lord is asking. We all know it so well.

    Come Holy Spirit! fill the hearts of your faithful.
    Enkindle in them the fire of your love.
    Send forth Your Spirit Lord, and we shall be recreated.

    Father, You taught the hearts of the faithful
    by sending them the Light of Your Holy Spirit.

    Send now Your Spirit Lord
    And grant that we may be always truly wise
    And ever rejoice in Your consolation. Amen.

    That is the prayer we learned in baby school. WOW

    Merciful Jesus, we trust in Thee.


  7. My middle name in the language of my grandparents means “the earth”. A few years ago in prayer I was given the awareness of my name within the Our Father. “Thy will be done ON EARTH” took on multiple meanings for me. As “the earth” the prayer became a cry of my heart for Jesus Himself to live in me and bring about the Father’s will in this little particle of His earth. My soul also understood that all the Earth, all of the Body of Christ, is present within me and when I incline my heart toward God I am inclining ALL in loving adoration of our precious Lord. Thank you for allowing me/us to share in your graces. + Jacqueline


    1. What a beautiful mission Jacqueline! In the Divine Will all things are possible. When we pray “Thy will be done” we are praying for the coming of the kingdom of the Divine Will. You are living it already when you pray on behalf of a larger group in the Divine Will. God makes easy what seems impossible! Thank you for your Fiat!


  8. marvellous! it is as if the Heavens are truly opening up and we must raise our eyes and join our hearts,minds and souls to the Heavenly stream of grace flowing down.
    Only sin blocks the sunshine flowing down and so we must reconcile often.
    The words in the latest Medjugorje message really struck me
    “To live the Son is to live the Gospel.This is not easy.This means love, forgiveness and sacrifice.This purifies and opens up the Kingdom.”

    Timing of the two messages…..brilliant, thank You dear Lord!


  9. Prayers please for Doris who suffers so. She is in great pain and has all sorts of invading maladies; and the family is bringing in hospice. That God would make sure her heart is His and heal her or bring her quickly to heaven, if He so desires…


  10. June 1: This blog is for spiritual edification so I didn’t want to make it personal for me. Thank you for thinking of me. I am leaving Idaho on Monday. It breaks my heart but I will be with family.

    Thanks to everyone for your overwhelming responses of Masses and prayers. I am so grateful. You are all truly family to me. I will update.


  11. Thank you Pelianito. I did not want to overstep my bounds.
    I will pray for Doris. And I hope all is well for you and your family June1.


  12. Regina it is so good to hear from you. You remain in my prayers.

    June 1 I’m always glad when you post because I get concerned about you too (it’s a “mother” thing I guess)

    Everyone else (and Chantal) I continue to include you in my prayers. I love this message. The Our Father is truly the perfect prayer and I love it in Latin. (bet those were angels singing Pinecone Jill) I usually try to insert as I pray the Our Father “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven –and in my life” to remind myself to try and live in the Will of the Father.


  13. Another Sue, don’t feel bad about yourself–I’m sure you are doing marvelously well in God’s eyes. The work you do must certainly be difficult, especially now with the cold weather, etc. But if it makes any difference, perhaps some of the packages you are delivering contain the Word of God.
    We ship out many more books, CD’s and DVDs, music, etc., in our mission of evangelizing. We really appreciate so much the dedicated drivers and delivery persons who deliver all the packages we make.

    You could also think that so many of the packages you deliver may help someone on Christmas to draw closer to God. And certainly many are sent by persons who want to bring joy to others, even if they are expressing it in a material way. And whatever prayers you say as you work can bring extra graces. Everything is for God and he will bless you abundantly!


  14. I went to Confession tonight at a beautiful Reconciliation Service, with Adoration and Benediction. My penance: meditate on the words of the Our Father and to pray for the healing of families.


  15. Sister Lorraine–what a beautiful way to look at delivery people and their work. I never thought of it before. Gotta add them to my prayer list. thank you Another Sue and all of you out there working to get Christmas presents and greetings to others, and not just at Christmas either. Thanks for your hard work.


  16. Not sure if you have heard of this Father Mark Bozada. Cardinal Burke was close to him.


    “In my own prayer I have been shown that the preternatural gifts lost in the Garden are being partly restored and part of the grace is having the veil lifted,” explains Father Bozada, who ministers at three parishes.”
    Below are some video clips of Fr. Bozada being interviewed.


    1. Thank you Brian! Interesting that he speaks about seeing darkish figures out the corners of your eyes and that they are actually souls in purgatory who need prayer. Was it here or on Charlie’s blog that we had that discussion? Good to know!


  17. I’ve read in the book of heaven that the three breads of the Lords prayer are 1st the bread of the Divine Will, 2nd the bread of the Holy Eucharist and the 3rd our daily bread of sustenance. It was reassuring to read that we will be restored to the standard of God Divine Will.


  18. Thank you for the update Regina. You have been on my mind and heart. I am sorry you have to leave your home. I am praying that Jesus carries you through it with supernatural joy and peace that pass all understanding.


  19. Sr. Lorraine & anne,
    Thank you for your kind perspective. I wish Peli had not cleared my original comment, as it detracts from the purpose here. I see how vulnerable I am to self-pity and depression this time of year, not having the time or energy, I sort of “run out of gas” spiritually speaking, and it often comes out in ugly ways. I think I will try to offset this by praying especially for those who for whatever reason are not feeling the joy of the season. It seems to add salt to the wound to be “down” when everyone else appears to be “up”. There are some elderly folks on my route who have lost a spouse, who will be spending their first Christmas alone, and unbeknownst to them, my prayer on their behalf will take me out of myself, and hopefully help them as well. I just love how God’s economy works, when I let it!


    1. Anothersue the evil one is actively trying to discourage all of us. If we can’t find comfort in this community we are doing something wrong. I am always edified when one of my readers responds charitably to someone in pain and we all benefit. God be praised!


  20. Anothersue, I hope you can find comfort in the knowledge that for Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph, the weeks leading up to Christmas were gruelling and disheartening.

    Remember they travelled to Bethlehem in that time period for the great census, and when they arrived found no place to stay. How must it have felt from a human point of view. Yet they endured all that came their way.

    You may be sharing in the salvation aspect of the true grace which every Christmas offers humanity. A little victim of Holy Love.

    We went through 6 years of what you may call non Christmas’s due to illness each year all over Christmas. We had no tree, no decorations. Just got through thank God. Last year 2013 was the first year we managed to enjoy the celebration again Thank God.

    Just hang on in there, consider the 3 wise Kings who must have been travelling and enduring much on their journey to the moment when they finally saw with their own human eyes the little Lord Jesus, there in the simple, humble stable. Seek and you will find the Joy and Peace the Lord had stored up for you, and all who are not able to rejoice as the great Celebration of Christmas approaches.

    God bless you and all who struggle, especially at this time of the year.

    Merciful Jesus, we trust in Thee.


  21. Julia ….so wonderfully expressed!
    Brian….. What gifts those videos are……
    Father Bozada…. So calm and clear. My spirit leapt several times.
    Purified,cleansed to recieve gifts. era of peace and Love ….praise God.


  22. Hi,

    Im an observer. I wanted everyone to know, I went to confession tonight and confessed something from 15 years ago, which was a major mortal sin. I justified for this long. I guess you could say I had an epiphany in the last few months.

    I feel free. But Father Kee, I have to say his name, said pride was making me feel like I couldnt be forgiven. He didnt make excuses for me, as some priests have, he was acutally shocked! I needed that reprimand.

    Pelianito, your gentleness and perserverance…convinced me that God is Love and so Good.

    Thank you,



    1. Praise God for that priest! I praise God that he has spoken his words of mercy into your heart Mary. I am constantly amazed at what God is doing through this unworthy sinner. Jesus we trust in you! Save souls!


  23. In the writings of Louisa Picaretta on Divine Will, she says that during this era (Of Divine Will) we will no longer have to eat food. We can, but it will not be necessary. I think this is also the era of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary here on earth when there will no longer be sin (at least serious sin). Thank you for this site I have been following it for some years now.


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