Dream: I had a feeling that the full force of the storm was imminent…

Dream: Last night I dreamed there was a massive hurricane coming. I was in my basement covering windows and doors when I saw someone fighting the wind to get to my door. I had to use all my might to get the door open a crack, that’s how strong the wind was. I had a feeling that the full force of the storm was imminent. That’s when I woke up.

I feel this dream is a warning that things are going to happen quickly now with great strength and fury. Jesus we trust in you! Guide us all into the next right step and help us to be signs of hope to others. Amen


71 thoughts on “Dream: I had a feeling that the full force of the storm was imminent…

  1. Thank you Regina for I believe that you will see our Lord and He will say a job well done my faithful servant. I will pray also and offer through Eucharistic Adoration for your journey. God Bless you Regina.

    I have been reading and taking everything in – only posted a few times. I feel what you are all talking about but fear is not there (I pray it does not present).

    Peli thank you for your work is a blessing to me as it is to all, so is Mark Mallet and ‘Charlie’. I bind all souls that I encounter, the souls in purgatory and our Holy Father in my prayers. I believe that my adult children will come back home to the Church…praying that it is not too late just yet.

    May God Bless us all and May He hold in the Palm of His hand.


  2. Regina, I hope you have been able to see everyone’s messages to you. I am only now getting a chance to write something here but you have been on my mind NON-STOP since I read your news a few days ago. I am so sad because I know one of ours in this online family is getting ready to leave us but at the same time, I am confident that as soon as your earthly eyes close, your heavenly ones will open and will see the greatest sight a person could ever behold, the glory of our Lord. 😀 No more tears, no more pain. It will be beyond description.

    I pray your departure is smooth and without anxiety, and that you feel the love of your family by your side and the love and prayers of this online group radiating around you. May the angels, saints and Mama Mary take your hands and ease you over to where our King awaits you to say, “Well done, good and faithful servant. Welcome home!” And He will wrap you up in His perfect arms, a moment I am sure you have been anticipating forever. ❤

    But now, of course, we will be bugging you for your intercession, ha ha! You won't be getting much rest up there with all of us poking and nudging you in prayer. ^_^ All my love and prayers, Regina! God bless you forever!


  3. Peli, I had to chuckle and almost cried for not remembering that it was Jesus’ words. It shows me how much my mind is not working well from having anxiety. I went to Poland for the feast of Divine Mercy in 2013 and on to Medjugorje. I was diagnosed with anxiety by a physician who was on our pilgrimage. Most people get healed in Medjugorje-I got diagnosed! It was a saving grace though. I perhaps would have crashed totally, never to recover if this woman doctor hadn’t taken me under her wing and helped me get the help I needed by my own doctor. I often say that I forget so much but I never forget Jesus, but I have forgotten His Words in this case – or that it was He who spoke those words.
    “Jesus I trust in You” is my mantra in spite of what goes on in and around me.
    Germana-God bless your mother.


  4. Hi Pell! I heard about you from Mark Mallet and Charlie J.
    You were very helpful to me on a post in Charlie’s site. Thank you.
    I wanted to share that I too am receiving dreams. It’s happened a few times a year ….in the last 2 yrs.
    My latest dream occurred a about 2 weeks ago. It was night time and I looked out my second story bedroom window and I knew trouble was coming. I could see smoke and all power was gone in my area. In my mind I knew it was from civil disturbances…..people rioting causing mayhem. I had the feeling it was time to flee our home.

    Now I have been expecting problems coming from the Ferguson trial, and we have watched it on tv the last few nights. But in my dream….this was total chaos. I could sense that it was from the same problems being played out in Ferguson. Unrest, hatred, American fighting American. It was bad.
    As we watch the protests on tv…..I am so disturbed and saddened by the hatred in people’s faces and voices. They are yelling at policeman with such hatred…..and they don’t even know them. These law officers nationwide are just doing their job and people are screaming at them as if they were serial killers. It’s so sad.

    It is time to up the Flame of Love devotion. The enemy is deploying spirits of hatred all across our nation.


    1. Welcome Charlanne! Thanks for your kind comments and for all you contribute on Charlie’s blog! I am in awe of the wisdom on that site. God is giving us so much right now that will help us in the days that are upon us.

      You are right about the FoL! Blinding satan with those prayers is our very best defense, but not just our defense. We are in an offensive position, we are on the attack, praise God! May our Blessed Mother continue to lead this ragtag band of Christian soldiers.


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