New blog–The Joy of Penance

Dear friends, I have just put up a new blog called, The Joy of Penance, which may be found at Here is an excerpt from my About page:

Blessings! I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and author of the Pelianito Journal Blog. I am also a professed member of the Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St. Francis* (BSP). I made my profession to live the rule of life of the BSP in 2007 after completing four years of formation. This has been one of the greatest blessings in my life.

In our time, the word “penance” holds a negative connotation. But nothing could be further from the truth. The call to penance is a call to holy joy, to deeper love, to join Christ on the cross, to offer the gift of self for the good of others and the ultimate good of all.

I believe our Lord is reviving the call to penance in our day. Never has the need been greater for souls willing to offer reparation to the much-wounded heart of our Lord and His Mother, and for the salvation of those God has given us to pray for. I believe God is calling many to give more and to do more, to live a life of deeper love and joy through generous acts of joyful penance. It is my hope that I may encourage them on that path.

I have been writing for the BSP monthly newsletter for several years, and recently felt called to post these articles online for the edification and encouragement of those who may also be feeling the call to increased penance, but have no one to help them. I will include in my territory of souls all those who read these articles and especially those who feel called to increased penance. May God guide us all into his holy joy now and in eternity.

(*For more information on the BSP please see


4 thoughts on “New blog–The Joy of Penance

  1. Dear Peli
    I was so excited to see your post and examine this website. I have had a few St. Francis coincidences and thought this was all perhaps a nudge/ sign. Unfortunately, as much as I was eager to explore, learn and discern ….I am now feeling deflated and disappointed in myself. After looking through thirty some rules and info on the site the voices in my head attacked my hopes and seemed to even create a pit in my stomach that this was all way too much, too holy for me. I know enough to turn that voice over to god and Mary because they always give me growth in doable bits and if I am called to this they will make it doable.

    I decided to comment because I saw a lack of comments and worried maybe the website felt like “too much” to others too, thus the silence.

    Even though I am praying for guidance, I am surprised to report the negative fog about this is still lingering around me.


    1. Michele, it is because you think one has to be holy to begin, when really penance is the path to holiness. If you came to a BSP retreat you would see how ordinary we all are. If you spoke to any of us you would see how we all struggle and fail at times. If we could do it perfectly we would be tempted to pride. Our struggle is also our penance. We try not to think of our failings, but give everything to God who can use even those! It is all him!

      In the BSP we have a 4 year formation process. We have found that if someone tries to live the whole rule at once, they invariably become discouraged. Grace is given when we need it and not before. The penitent is drawn gently into the life of penance and grace comes when needed. Sometimes the grace is to fail so that we may grow in humility. It is all mystery. If God has called you to a life of penance, do not be discouraged. He can do more with your failures than you can ever do with all your best efforts combined! 🙂 I know, because I am living proof. God be with you, sister.


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