True hope can only spring from true faith and true love…

2 Timothy 2:13 If we are faithless, he remains faithful—for he cannot deny himself.

“Beloved children, imitate me. Believe, hope, love. In heaven we have no need for hope, for all is fulfilled, but you my children have great need for hope, and true hope can only spring from true faith and true love. There are many counterfeits for hope. They will soon topple one by one, until all that remains is true faith and true hope and true love. Do not wait until the counterfeits topple, my children. Be signs of true hope now. Set your heart on things above, where Christ is seated at Gods’ right hand.* Let this be the source for your hope, not what moths or rust or disaster can destroy. If you place your hope on things above your fear will dissipate like the fog. What can man do to you? If you have me you have everything. Keep the faith, my beloved ones. Be hope, be joy. Your Savior lives and is so near to you! Reach out to him and he will close the distance caused by your sin. He only waits for you to stretch out your hand. Increase his joy my little ones. Call to him and he will rescue you.”

Oh my Jesus, I reach out my hand to you. Grant me the grace of true repentance so that my sin will not separate us any longer. I have nothing to give you but what you have first given me. I give you my faith, my hope, my love, my joy—borrowed from you and therefore perfect. I am so small, but in you there is nothing I cannot accomplish for you. Then give me more gifts, most especially the gift of living in your holy will. Jesus I place all my trust in you! Save souls!

(*cf. Colossians 3:1)


33 thoughts on “True hope can only spring from true faith and true love…

  1. Even before reading Mark Mallett’s post, “Hell Unleashed,” I have been having strong feelings that fear will have a momentous impact on our societies worldwide in the next few weeks, months, years. I can very well believe that coupled with the natural and financial events which are upon us, those without faith won’t have any way of overcoming the Storm. This line is so powerful: “Set your heart on things above, where Christ is seated at God’s right hand.” Absolutely nothing on earth can stand up to such fear, not our normal everyday anxieties, but awful fear overblown, intensified by demonic activity. Janet wrote a book some time ago: CLING TO HOPE WITH JOY. It is only if we set our heart on things above, specifically planting ourselves with abandonment to the Will on God and in the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary that we will overcome such fear with joy and peace. Anxiety we will have, normal anxiety, but not this overblown death-dealing fear. Jesus said, “My peace I give you, NOT AS THE WORLD GIVES DO I GIVE!”


  2. My friend went to Father John Re, Marist priest, healing. She said he prayed many many prayers for healing of all sorts of fears, every fear you could think of.
    Perfect love casts out all fear. Fear is a block and we all have fear, some more noticeable than others.


  3. Beautiful message. My sister and I were talking last evening. She said after losing her husband and son, Jesus is what remained. And Jesus is truly our only source, along with our Blessed Mother. The world would have you fear everything. God bless everyone.


  4. I dont write in very often, but I read each message and I occasionally see gentle rebukes for myself which help keep me on the right path. This one I wanted to share.
    I have recently been “obsessed” with finding good wool (specifically wool) yarn and crochet patterns, figuring I could make hats, mittens boot liners, etc., to help keep my family warm when things “go bad”. I have spent a HUGE amount of time online, searching for the “perfect” yarn and patterns–probably more time than I spend doing anything else during the day.
    Then today: “not what moths….can destroy”
    Ok, I get the hint–yarn is not the answer.
    I will use my time more wisely.
    God’s blessings on everyone!


  5. Dear Peli and friends, could you please pray for my brother
    Francis who took his life this morning. His wife is Susan and their daughter is Bridgette.
    Thankyou all dear fiends!
    God bless, Liz.


  6. I recently heard a talk from Imaculee, a Rwandan genocide survivor who wrote Left To Tell as well as other books including about the approved Marian apparitions in Kibeho, Rwanda ten years before the genocide. Without going into too much detail about her talk, she was sheltered in a small bathroom with seven other women for 91 days while the genocide was going on. She lost her entire family. She survived and was able to go to the prison and forgive the man who slaughtered her family and she attributes praying the Rosary which she did the entire time, 27 rosaries per day and 14 Chaplets of Divine Mercy per day. The Lord was able to show her how to depend on Him alone and to trust Him. She now is a motivational speaker and she also now promotes the Seven Sorrows Rosary which I believe was discussed on another thread here in addition to the traditional Rosary. I walked away this weekend with such hope as I believe that the Lord’s promises are true and He will never leave us or forsake us. Imaculee lived through the worst- the worst may be coming to all of us but I realized that the only preparation I really need is trust in Jesus and prayer. This posting today is the message we all need- hope does not disappoint!




  7. Just wanted to share…several months ago well at adoration I felt God nudging me to get the blessed 7 day candles. I kept thinking of it but put it off. Finally about two months ago while at adoration I entered the lobby area and they we’re selling the 7 day blessed candles. Not sure why but I feel God will need me and any of us to use these candles soon. To light the dark and keep evil abay. I should of bought more then one but I still have time do so to give to my family. Has anyone else had this feeling?


  8. Liz, i will pray for your brother and his family. I will say a chaplet of Divine Mercy for your brother, francis today. Jesus, please have mercy on Francis and have mercy on his family. Amen.


  9. My Friend, Paul had arrived home from Kibeho two weeks ago…. He brought about 30 rosaries of the seven sorrow of Mary. they are very cheap in Kibeho. It is about two euro, or maybe one dollar. I am not very sure about the exact price for dollars

    Paul is in Medjugorje now and he found some beautiful rosary of the seven sorrows of Mary in Medjugorje and they cost 6 euro each. ( maybe 4 dallor?) he will come home tomorrow from Medjugorje

    They ( a beautiful wooden rosary beads with metal our fathers of the seven sorrows of mary) can be bought in USA for $12.00 from

    those Franciscan sisters made a lot of these rosaries of the Seven Sorrows of Mary. they are now selling them. I believe they may have started to make them after hearing about Our lady of Kibeho and it is approved by Our Holy Catholic Church in 2001…


  10. It is up to Jesus to call us home or remain here to enjoy the Triumph of Jesus and Mary. It is up to God. I may die during the civil war or invasion or nature or a serious illness.

    I still dont know. It is up to Jesus if he wants to save me for the peace after the difficult times.

    Jesus wanted to save Immaculee because he has some great beautiful plans for her in USA. Jesus uses her to spread the forgotten devotion , the rosary of the Seven Sorrows of Mary because Jesus wishes us to receive many “very special” graces from saying this rosary of the Seven Sorrows of Mary. why? because Jesus is so so so good to us! Jesus loves to give, give and give us many graces coming out of his Sacred Heart.

    Some Seers of Kibeho were killed and They said the rosary of the seven sorrows of Mary as well…they are safe with Jesus and Mary.

    Jesus has a different plan for each of us, for everyone.

    Lastly, let us trust in Jesus’s perfect plan for each of us. We have to accept His Holy Will for each of us. Jeus, I trust in you. amen.


  11. LIz, I am so very sorry and will indeed pray for your family.

    These comments to the post are so true. I can’t get over how we’re all on the same page and the messages just come and confirm what we’re already intuiting in prayer. Sunday I told a priest friend as we talked about the grim realities these days, ‘Jesus warned us men would faint with fear for what they saw coming on the world” and he reminded me in almost the same words as Peli’s message–“we are to keep our minds on Jesus and heaven” and we are so blessed to have that Peace that Passes Understanding. MOre and more I realize we are pilgrims, this world is not our home, we are passing through on our way to our true home. The mission(as I keep reminding myself) is to bring as many with us as we can.
    God bless all here.
    “perfect love casts out fear” God give us Your perfect love!


  12. Dear Liz….I am so very sorry, what grief and sorrow you and his family are going through. But you can cling to the hope that your brother Francis is saved, because Jesus is pouring out tremendous graces through His Mother during these times, and we know He must be there at the moment of death with all of his mercy and love, calling each of us to Himself one more time. And I will pray three Hail Mary’s in her honor invoking the Flame of Love prayer for his soul, in which Our Mother promised to release a soul from purgatory. May the Lord give you peace.


  13. Oh my sister Liz…my heart goes out to you and your family.

    Dearest sweet JESUS forgive Francis his sins and bring him to everlasting Life. Amen. Mother MARY be with Susan and Bridgette in this time of grief and confusion and bring them consolation and Your Son’s Peace.

    JESUS, MARY and JOSEPH, we Love You save souls.


  14. Val,

    I have Imaculee’s book. Because of posts by several people here, I felt drawn to obtain a rosary of the seven sorrows. I had looked for one before but anything I found just didn’t work out or never felt RIGHT. Recently I felt that I must get that rosary after being guided to give my personal rosary (purchased for me by my deceased Mother when she was in Medjugorje) to one of my daughters. The day I made the final decision, I happened to notice that Peli has a link to Battle Beads in her Blogroll. The minute I saw the rosary there, I KNEW it was the one I needed…but several problems ensued. I contacted the lovely woman who runs Battle Beads and she graciously helped me and I was able to purchase them today, the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. I highly recommend Battle Beads! 😉

    Kathy AE,

    I also thought that it would be good to print out my copy of Peli’s book, CLING TO HOPE WITH JOY, because we have one family member in particular that has big problems with fear.

    Our God truly does supply all of our needs!


    I will also pray for your family at my rosary time today.

    God bless everyone here.


  15. Dearest Liz, please know that I too am praying for the repose of the soul of your dear brother and for our Blessed Mother to console you and Susan and Bridgette.


  16. Dear Liz, I too will pray for the repose of Francis’ soul, and I will pray for Susan and Bridgette, and for you, dear Liz. Remember
    God’s mercy, and keep saying Jesus, I TRUST in you.


  17. A few weeks ago, I was inspired to recite this prayer, ANIMA CHRISTI every night before I go to sleep. I now recite it every morning, every night, after finishing my rosary.






  18. Today…I was very surprised to read that a famous Exorcist highly recommends us to recite that ANIMA CHRISTI every day!
    It may be stressfully necessary to say ANIMA CHRISTI often every day and encourage others to recite it as well.

    Our Lady of Medjugorje advised us to recognize the signs of the times on 2nd October. the Wave of evil forces is speedily increasing than before. The world is spinning fast.

    It is obvious that we are now living in the signs of the times as prophesied by St John, the beloved Apostle of Jesus two thousand years ago.

    The Apparition at Knock, in Co Mayo, Ireland is a silent apparition, no message…St John, the Evangelist, held the book of the gospels.

    Knock Shrine – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    … in the Land War, led by organisations like Michael Davitt’s Land League and through the … On the evening of 21 August 1879, at about 8 o’clock in the evening, fifteen people, whose … Altar sculpture at Knock, based on accounts of the apparition. … The witnesses reported that the ground around the figures remained …


  19. Barbara, I’m sure many of the “old-timers” who visit this blog remember well singing ANIMA CHRISTI in Latin and in English. A wonderful way to pray it is to SING it daily. If you listen to it a few times, you will know it. See this youtube of a wonderful boys’ choir, a video which also posts the words on the bottom of the screen:

    This powerful Eucharistic prayer hails from the 14th century.


  20. Today I heard in prayer at Mass- Hope does not disappoint! Sometimes the Holy Spirit sends me Bible passages knowing I am going to have to look them up. That one comes from Romans 5:5. I had been despairing over a family situation- no, Hope in Jesus Christ never disappoints. Just wanted to share that today!

    I love the Anima Christi prayer- I will definitely add to my morning prayers- so beautiful!




  21. I LOVE the Anima Christi and pray it all the time–not just after Holy Communion. I pray it for others too–“Soul of Christ please sanctify….put in the name…right up to “Dear Jesus, hear me, within your holy wounds hide ….put in the name then finish the prayer using the name of the person you are praying for–“at the hour of his/her death call him/her and bid him come to Thee…etc

    Thanks Val. Hope does not disappoint but we need to be reminded these days, huh? One of my all time favorite scripture verses is from Isaiah 49–“That you may know that I am Yahweh, and no one who hoped in me was disappointed…”


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