The more you decrease, the more his light will increase in you…

John 3:30 He must increase, but I must decrease.

“Beloved child of my heart, the Baptist understood his own role in the plan of salvation. Do you? Have you prayerfully discerned your role? Whatever is asked of you, whatever role you fulfill, the same principle applies: Christ must increase and you must decrease. Grow littler every day. For growth in faith is growth in humility. Learn to take every thought, word, and deed captive to Christ. Take your “self” out of the equation. Let Christ act in you. Empty yourself so that you may be used in a more glorious way by your Lord. The Baptist understood this and emptied himself to the point of embracing death. Child as the days darken you must surrender more completely to Christ than ever before. Put to death all that impedes you. Christ is the light that shines in the darkness. Will you be the lampstand? The more you decrease, the more his light will increase in you. Empty yourself of all attachments. Whether you have, or have not, let the praise of God be in you. Children, I am coming to restore my Bride, but what sorrow before that happens. I need all my faithful ones to be ready, that I may use each one as has been ordained from the beginning. Stand ready. Be little. I am near.”

O Jesus, my Lord and my General, help me to let go of all that keeps me from total surrender to your holy will. By your grace grant that you may increase in me and that I may decrease. Jesus, my Jesus, I love you, I trust you. I surrender myself joyfully to your most holy will. Jesus I trust in you alone. Amen.



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