Whatever befalls you, know that all is within the sphere of Divine Providence…

Psalm 111:10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all those who practise it have a good understanding. His praise endures for ever.

“Beloved, you do not know what is about to befall the earth. Cling to nothing but me and my Mother. There is nothing that can harm you if you do this, if you cling to us with unwavering faith. It is true, you may be asked to suffer. The harm you will avoid is spiritual harm. Yet, whatever happens, know that I hold you in the palm of my hand. Whatever befalls you, know that all is within the sphere of Divine Providence. Trust in me always. These trials are sent to test your trust. For it is easy to trust in times of comfort and prosperity. Easy to trust—but in whom? In God or in your wealth? No, it is in the crucible of suffering that one’s faith is tested. How will you fare? Practise now by accepting all things as from my loving hand. Practise in small things so as to build spiritual muscle. Never grumble or complain, but pour yourself out in love and service. Begin with those closest to you. Accept their faults and failings as I accept yours. Be swift to forgive as I am. There is much to come. I have been telling you this for a long time. Do not be afraid, but let faith be your guidepost in all things. I am near.”

O my Jesus, help me to trust in you in all the circumstances of my life. In childlike trust I cling to you and our Mother. Grant me the grace, O Lord, to triumph in trust always. Jesus I trust in you! Save souls!


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