I am nearest to those who are near to my Mother…

Psalm 118:9 O my strength, I will watch for you; for you, O God are my fortress.

“Beloved children, why do you worry? Why are you anxious? Do you not know that my Mother holds you ‘in the crossing of her arms?’* Beloved children, rest there in the bosom of the Virgin. She longs to comfort those who are afflicted. Draw near to her as I did, she whose enduring faith gave me such overwhelming joy in all my trials. You do not know what her love and faithfulness purchased for sinful humanity. She is the Mother of Mercy and the Queen of Peace. Ponder her titles**, my children, and you will slowly come to know her perfections and her grace. When you have come to know my Mother, you will be amazed at how far you have come in getting to know me. Rest in her, little children, and you will know peace, mercy, and grace. I am nearest to those who are near to my Mother.”

O Jesus we thank you for the unimaginable gift of your holy Mother to the world! Blessed Mother, I place my head on your Immaculate Heart, in the crossing of your arms. I rest in you as Jesus did. Queen of Mercy, Queen of Peace, Full of Grace, protect me and intercede for me. Draw me ever closer to Jesus. Alleluia! Amen.

(*Reference to the words of Our Lady of Guadalupe to Juan Diego.)

(**See Litany of Loreto)



4 thoughts on “I am nearest to those who are near to my Mother…

  1. I subscribed to your messages that I receive maybe weekly. I recently saw a forward by “charlie365.com of an article written by Pelianito. How do I also receive these articles? It was something new and different from the messages, and I am very interested in them.

    Thank you.


    1. Thank you Lynn. This was an article I wrote for the monthly newsletter of the Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St. Francis. I am a professed member of that association. I have been writing for the newsletter for several years. You can access the archives of the newsletter here. My article is usually about 2/3 of the way through the newsletter.

      Funny you should say this because I have been thinking of setting up a separate blog and posting my newsletter articles to it. I think this is a confirmation. Thank you Jesus!


  2. Thank you for your reply. While I am not a member, I do receive the email newsletters from BSPenance. I shall look for your writings in the future. Thank you again. L


  3. Very nice post- I attended a Fatima Day Rosary procession last night at the Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa- I really felt her holding all of us at this critical time in salvation history. We also prayed the Litany of Loreto. I am staying close to Mom these days- especially with all the confusing news out there!


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