Fear not! The Lord is in the boat with us…

Matthew 8:25-26 They came and woke him, saying, “Lord, save us! We are perishing!” He said to them, “Why are you terrified, O you of little faith?” Then he got up, rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was great calm.

Dream: I dreamed that we were being warned about a sudden cold front, more severe and fast-moving than ever had been seen before. It would come down from the arctic and swoop down to cover all of North America and beyond. Almost as soon as we heard the warning it was upon us, even though the weather had been nice just before. Suddenly there was thick frost on the windows. The dream ended there.

I believe this dream has many levels and is, as always a call to prayer. Are we in for a hard winter? Perhaps. If not in weather, then perhaps in the coldness of men’s hearts. Perhaps in the coldness of war or terror attacks. When I asked the Lord for a Scripture passage, I was led to Matthew 8: 23-27—Jesus stills the storm. The same day, I read about the Holy Father’s worldwide call to fasting and prayer for peace in Syria and the Middle East. He has set September 7, the vigil of the nativity of Mary, as the date to fast and pray for this intention. This, I believe, confirms the dream as a call to invoke Our Lord and Our Lady in this matter.

I was then reminded of a previous blog post, from May 12, 2008 which quotes the same Scripture passage:

“My beloved, the storm is coming; many will be terrified. But you my child must be the one to say, ‘Fear not! The Lord is in the boat with us. He is the Lord of the wind and the waves. Do not be afraid, but believe!’ My child, if you do this many will come to believe. Have faith. I am near.”

Jesus and Mary we trust in you!

Please pass on the Holy Father’s call to fasting and prayer. Here is the article on Zenit.


2 thoughts on “Fear not! The Lord is in the boat with us…

  1. Hi Pelianito,
    I’ve been a reader for a couple months now but I’m not to much of a commentor. I just found this post after reading your most recent ones and feeling overwhelmed by the “imminence” of the storm felt the need to read more about it. I was struck by this dream and by the huge cold front most of the USA is experiencing right now. Do you think they are related?
    Also, I’ve been struggling with trust I think because of the imminence as mentioned above. I keep asking our Lord what this means. Now, next month, next year. I feel lost and unable to move forward.
    Many blessings,


    1. Kelly I had that dream last year in advance of the polar vortex. It seems we may have a repeat or worse. I would advise you to read Charlie Johnton’s blog posts, especially the two in the menu bar titled “My Purpose” and “God’s Plan”. Charlie has had events foretold to him about a coming “storm” that is parallel to what I have received from the Lord. However God does not tell us these things to frighten us, but so that we will NOT be frightened when we see these things come to pass. It is a great mercy for God to put an end to this culture of death as so many are suffering TODAY because of it. Our merciful God cannot allow it to go on. This is a time of great rejoicing for us, despite the fact that we may be asked to suffer for a time.

      Two things in particular that Charlie’s post have done to give me hope is first of all the simplicity of what he is telling us. Whatever God is asking from us is simple: acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope for others. Do not dwell on what may or may not come. Do what God is asking in the present moment. God dwells in the present moment. If you exit to worry about the future or bemoan the past, you exit his presence and you lose your peace.

      The second thing that is comforting about Charlie’s message is that there is a timeline, that God will perform a miraculous rescue by the end of 2017. Now I am not a fan of timelines, and neither is he, but he said this was one instance where his angel was very specific. And I think that is to give us hope throughout whatever ordeal we are asked to endure.

      That dovetails with the numerous messages of trust I have been given. Keep praying, “Jesus I trust in you” over and over again. Pray it till you mean it! You could also go to the category menu and pull up all the messages on trust. I guarantee you will be comforted. 🙂

      God be with you dear friend in all things, in all ways.


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