A message regarding Mark Mallett’s ministry…

Peace and blessings dear brothers and sisters in Christ. If you subscribe to my weekly mailout you will have already read this message. However, I did not want to miss anyone who may not be a subscriber, so please bear with me if you are seeing this again.

Recently Mark Mallett took some time off from his ministry for prayerful discernment. Here is an excerpt from his blog entry from July 11, 2013:

“Since last writing here in early June, I have taken time away to pray, reflect, and ask some serious questions about my apostolate and family life. What is Jesus asking of me, especially when I am borrowing money just to feed my family? What am I doing wrong? What must I change?”

I would say that Mark is doing nothing wrong. He has made huge sacrifices to get God’s message out to all who would listen. He has done that in obedience to the holy will of God, the Magisterium, and his spiritual director. We have all been blessed by his writings and will continue to be blessed as he continues his ministry, thanks be to God.

No, Mark has done nothing wrong, but I daresay it is we who have failed him. Perhaps we have been praying for some big sponsor to come along and carry his ministry. That has not happened. Mark continues to go deeper into debt to fund his ministry.

It came to me while praying that there is a simple way to turn things around. One morning I heard the word “crowdsourcing”. That is the modern phenomenon of having one’s peers fund a project through a multitude of small donations. How many of us can afford to regularly fund Mark’s ministry for $10 per month? Probably a great many of us. A few may even be able to afford $20, $50 or more each month. If 1000 of us who have been blessed through Mark’s ministry pledge to give just $10 per month, that gives Mark the ability to sleep at night knowing that not only will his family’s needs be met every month, but his ministry can continue, and he can perhaps get out of debt—
which is really our debt as much as his.

So here is my challenge to all those who have been blessed by Mark’s ministry over the years. I’m asking you to pledge to give a little each month—or a lot—whatever the Lord places on your heart. And as Mark has said, if the Lord is calling you to pray rather than donate, that is a generous gift as well.

Mark’s donation page is found here: http://store.markmallett.com/donate/. You have the option to donate via Paypal, credit card, or post-dated cheques. Mark’s latest message explains his financial situation in greater detail and may be read here: http://www.markmallett.com/blog/transparency/ .

Thank you so much for prayerfully considering this request, and to all those who have already responded, may our gracious Lord bless you a hundred-fold for your kindness. Let us continue to keep Mark’s ministry and one another in prayer. Lord Jesus we place our trust in you, from whom all blessings flow. May Jesus and Mary be with us all now and forever.



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