Her husband sat nearby, too weak to assist…

Dream: Last night I dreamed that I was in the basement of a house. One of the walls was open and I could see that the house next door had a basement wall missing. (Mine was open, but theirs was missing.) An elderly woman was working, trying to rebuild the wall with cinderblocks. Her husband sat nearby, too weak to assist. It was all up to her. I went over and looked at what she was doing. She had already completed three of the four walls. She was very tired, but she had to keep going. As I inspected the walls, I could see she had not staggered the blocks, but had stacked them straight up. The whole foundation was very unstable. I thought, “If there’s an earthquake, this place is going to crumble!” I thought of asking members of our youth group to help her.

I was very puzzled by the dream. As I prayed in the chapel on my lunch break, the meaning was revealed to me and it actually confirms the previous message.

Much of the spiritual work in the world is being done by women, often older women. They are desperately trying to keep the foundation of faith from crumbling but they are becoming exhausted. Many of the men who should have been helping are too weak from spiritual inactivity at this stage to even lift a finger. While the women have done what they can, they could not fill in for the men. Man’s strength and expertise were his to give and he has squandered them. Now the foundation is unstable. Very soon it will crumble. The dream ends with the hope of the youth group whose faith is strong and whose strength is needed for the rebuilding of the church.

Amazing! Thank you Jesus! Help us O Lord! Give strength to our youth! Be merciful and grant conversion to those who have squandered their gifts. You alone can heal the Church. Come Lord Jesus! Maranatha! Amen!


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