Do you see how the humble soul has nothing to fear, not even its own weakness?

Psalm 94:14 For the Lord will not forsake his people; he will not abandon his heritage.

“My children, my faithful, my delight, how your faithfulness fills me with joy! Oh yes, I know your weakness, but for those who even desire to be faithful, my love fills in the gap. Indeed my love floods in and the weak little heart that longs to be faithful in spite of itself is lifted higher than it could ever have climbed on its own power. Do you see how merciful is your Lord? Do you see how the humble soul has nothing to fear, not even its own weakness? What does it cost me to be so generous? I tell you, not only am I undiminished by these acts of infinite mercy, but on the contrary, I am magnified in them and they add to my glory. The Blessed Virgin understood this perfectly and seized every opportunity to become littler and humbler. Therefore her soul ‘magnified the Lord’. This is a mystery, yet it is possible for all my little ones to attain it to some degree. Be little, my children. Be humble. Throw yourself into the infinite fount of my mercy. Your weakness will be instantly dissolved and I will raise you higher than you have ever dreamed. Children when will you trust in me?”

O merciful Father, loving and good, how unimaginable is your love for your weak little ones. Lord, we place all our trust in your goodness and mercy, and give you our desire to be faithful, wrapped in every humble act of the Blessed Virgin, our Mother. Merciful Jesus, we trust in you! Amen.


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