You do not know the power released when God is praised…

Dream: I dreamed I was in a motel room where there was danger and seedy activity all around. There was a large number stenciled on the wall in case one had to call for help. It was 145. After waking, later on, I felt this referred to Psalm 145, a psalm of praise. I feel this dream is a call to praise God in all circumstances, and that praise is to be our automatic 911.

Psalm 145: 1 I will extol you, my God and king; I will bless your name forever. 2 Every day I will bless you; I will praise your name forever….18 You, LORD, are near to all who call upon you, to all who call upon you in truth. 19 You satisfy the desire of those who fear you; you hear their cry and save them.

“My beloved children, you do not know the power released when God is praised. You do not know, or you would not stop praising him. My children, the angels and saints sing praises continually. This is no monotonous repetition, but springs unceasingly from the joy of the beatific vision which fills each one. Children, live heaven on earth by joyfully singing praises to God as often as you can, and especially in time of trouble or sorrow. This is the key to peace and joy in all circumstances. Children I am so near! I am with you and I love you!”

Heavenly Father, beloved of my heart, I acclaim with the psalmist: “Great is the Lord and worthy of high praise; God’s grandeur is beyond understanding.” (Psalm 145:3) I sing your praise O Lord, in fellowship and harmony with the Gloriana. In the Divine Will I want you to find all of heaven’s praise in me and in every soul on earth. Jesus for us this is impossible, but for you all things are possible. Thank you Jesus! Save souls! Amen



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