Remain faithful, remain hopeful, remain joyful!

Joel 2:25-26 And I will repay you for the years which the locust has eaten, the grasshopper, the devourer, and the cutter, my great army which I sent among you. You shall eat and be filled, and shall praise the name of the LORD, your God, because he has dealt wondrously with you; my people shall nevermore be put to shame.

“My beloved children, there is much to come—indeed it is here already. This must happen, my beloved little ones, or how would the world be renewed? What is gangrenous must be cut away or the whole body will die. Rejoice when the surgeon cuts away the decay and rot, even though for a time there may be great pain. The surgeon is engaged in the work of salvation. What will come afterwards will be a transformation. First the pruning, then the growth. Therefore, I urge you once again to place all your trust in your loving Abba. For what is to follow is more glorious than you can ever imagine. Remain faithful, remain hopeful, remain joyful! Then all will know that I am with you. Shalom dear children.”

Beloved Abba, we place all our trust in your generous and merciful heart. We believe, hope, and trust in you, and look forward to the glorious day when your kingdom will reign in the hearts of all. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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