My laws are not restrictive—they liberate!

Nehemiah 9: 26-27 “Nevertheless they were disobedient and rebelled against you and cast your law behind their backs and killed your prophets, who had warned them in order to turn them back to you, and they committed great blasphemies. Therefore you gave them into the hands of their enemies, who made them suffer.

“My beloved ones, what have I told you? How have I warned you? The wages of sin is death! Repent! Turn back to me and live! It is only for love that I say this to you. It is love that causes me to write my laws on your heart, if only you let me. My laws are not restrictive—they liberate! Therefore do not despise my laws, but embrace them and give glory to me with thanksgiving. Woe to the hardened transgressors, those who not only despise my laws but despise me as well. If they do not repent, they will follow their tormentor into the everlasting flame. Do not cease to pray and offer sacrifice, my children. I would not ask you to do this if your efforts would be fruitless. Do all in the Divine Will and my own power will be at your disposal. The darkness encroaches, my children. Cling to the Light and you will be light in the darkness.”

O Jesus, Light and Love, we cling to you. In the Divine Will we offer all that we have ever done by way of prayer and sacrifice, linked to the cross and the sorrows of Mary, for the sake of those whose souls are in peril. Jesus, merciful and just, we trust in you. Amen.


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