Now you will see how lacking substance are the idols you worship…

James 5:1Come now, you rich, weep and wail over your impending miseries.

“Beloved children, the idols of this world are stacked one atop the other. Every gap and surface has been crammed with worthless “treasures”, things that cannot love, cannot save, have no life. Truth and beauty have been buried under mounds of refuse. Awake! Awake, my children! What you cling to is worthless! Now you will see how lacking substance are the idols you worship. They will become like the fog, burned off in the glory of the Son. You will see that what you imagined upheld you, the very thing you leaned on, is as solid as the air. You will fall and fall hard. But, my children, like the good Father who helps his little one to stand after each tumble, I will be there to give you more than you had before—infinitely more. Be not afraid, but place all your hope and trust in me—now, today, forever. Turn to me, my little ones.”

O dear Father, beloved Abba of my heart, remove from my heart anything that I have placed in the spot that should be yours alone. Here is my weakness—give me your strength. Have mercy on us all, O loving Father, and when you have taken away the idols of the world, let many souls be converted to you. Jesus we trust in you. You are our hope! Amen.


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