Heaven rejoices even though the trial has not yet passed…

Isaiah 49:19 Though you were waste and desolate, a land of ruins, now you shall be too small for your inhabitants, while those who swallowed you up will be far away.

“My children, do not be afraid! The prince of this age of darkness is on a rampage against the adopted children of the Most High. He especially despises those who are joined to my Mother through the bond of holy slavery. Bind yourselves to her, my children! No harm can come to you if she is your mistress. Submit to her as she submits to me. This is a time of great promise for my Bride. Heaven rejoices even though the trial has not yet passed. The heavenly court knows what glory is coming to the Bride. Continue to fast and pray for the Church and for souls. There is much to come, but the glory will far outweigh the shame, as it did at Calvary. Rejoice my children! I am so near!”

O Jesus forgive our impatience as we await with joyful hope the coming of the Era of Peace, when all will know and love you. In your great mercy, and by the merits of our Blessed Mother, grant conversion to the souls you have given us to pray for—which is ALL souls. Jesus we trust in you! Maranatha!


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