Little children, you do not grasp the power I give to faithful souls…

Psalm 2:10-11 And now, kings, give heed; take warning, rulers on earth. Serve the LORD with fear; with trembling bow down in homage, lest God be angry and you perish from the way in a sudden blaze of anger. Happy are all who take refuge in God!

“Little child, hear me well. You cannot imagine what is to come upon the earth. I have been exhorting you for years now, to pray and fast. The time of fulfillment is almost upon you. Indeed the labor pains have begun and will intensify before you see the glory of God revealed. Sin has purchased so much death! So much! All of heaven weeps for the earth. Yet the fidelity of my faithful ones is a balm and a bandage on the wounds inflicted on me and on the world by sin. Little children, you do not grasp the power I give to faithful souls. If you did, nothing would ever frighten you and you would fight temptation with your last ounce of blood. Be near to me now, my children. Let your presence give me comfort as mine gives you comfort. Together our embrace will light the flame of love in a world gone dark and cold. Love me, my children. It is the path to peace—in your heart and in the whole world.”

Jesus I love you! Be near to me always and may your love be always reflected in me so that the flame of your love might burn again in the world. Amen.


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