It was her sweet yearning, unknowing and innocent, that drew me down, attracting me like the strongest magnet…

Song of Songs 6:1 Where has your lover gone, O most beautiful among women? Where has your lover gone that we may seek him with you?

“My child, my beloved, seek me, desire me, draw me down to earth as my Mother did, the most beautiful of all women. There was never an instant of her life in which she did not yearn for me—even before she knew whom she yearned for. And how, as a child, could she have imagined the way in which the object of her yearning would come to her? Yet it was her sweet yearning, unknowing and innocent, that drew me down, attracting me like the strongest magnet. I longed to make myself fully known to her who desired me above all else, she who wed herself to me even in her mother’s womb. Oh, to describe such a love to mere creatures—it is beyond words! My children, how singular was this love that drew me down! Singular, unrepeatable, and yet I make available to you its merits and graces. Unite yourself to her in consecration and in the Divine Will. Give me again her desire. What joy it will give me to once again have a little child offering me that singular gift! And if many do so, I tell you all of heaven will come down as it did on the night of the Nativity, to see the love that drew God from heaven to earth. Ponder this, my children. What can you not do when such love is within your grasp? You will have the Infant King in your womb and in your heart.”

O Jesus! Beloved! What grace! What glory! In the Divine Will I offer you the pure desire of the Blessed Virgin, her yearning, her perfect love. In me, O Lord, I want you to find your Mother at every stage of her life calling you down as Savior and Lover. Marantatha! Come, my Beloved! I yearn for you! Come!

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