Do you desire to hear a message? Here it is–love!

July 30, 2011 BSP Retreat – Adoration

“Beloved of my heart, draw near to me. Place your head on my heart and hear it beating for love of you. Do you desire to hear a message? Here it is–love! In that word is contained all you need to know, because love is Christ. Become ever smaller. It is only the truly humble who can truly love. Pride begets hate. Do you see how this is made evident in the world? Look for it. You will see that one does not exist without the other. In the same way love and humility connect in the heart. The more humility flows into the heart, the more love flows out. If you want to love perfectly, learn humility. Ask our Mother to teach you, she who never once strayed from the path. My child, humility is the antidote to the hate in the world. Die to self and you will not only live, but you will bear fruit in far greater proportion than you would have dreamed possible.”

O my Jesus, fount of humility, pour your graces upon us through the prayers and supplications of our Mother. Mary most humble, pray for us. Amen.


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