I mean to deliver the afflicted…

Psalm 76:9-10 From the heavens you pronounced sentence; the earth was terrified and reduced to silence, When you arose, O God, for judgment to deliver the afflicted of the land.

“Beloved, I mean to deliver the afflicted. Where is justice to be found on the earth? In every corner justice is spurned. My children cry out for justice. Am I deaf to their cries? I tell you I am not! Each one’s tears has been counted; each one’s prayers has pierced my heart. Let the earth tremble when I come to restore justice. For the scales will be re-balanced and no more will the hungry commit desperate acts for a morsel of bread, but all will be filled, every need tenderly cared for. Children, do not be afraid! Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after justice–they shall be filled, good measure, shaken down and flowing over.”

Jesus, beloved Son of righteousness, have mercy. You alone are just. Come, and do not delay! We trust in your infinite mercy to re-balance the scales of justice. Jesus we trust in you. We long for justice. Help us to work and pray for the reign of justice in the world. Jesus we trust in you. Amen.


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