It is the enemy of my people and those who follow him who should tremble…

Zephaniah 2:11 The LORD shall inspire them with fear when he makes all the gods of earth to waste away; then, each from its own place, all the coastlands of the nations shall adore him.

“Beloved, there is much to come, but it is the enemy of my people and those who follow him who should tremble. My own children have nothing to fear, for the glory of the Lord will be revealed in them. In joy or sorrow, suffering or consolation, their lives will praise the Lord, and “Alleluia!” will be their song. How unfathomable are the ways of the Lord to mortal hearts! His ways are beyond the reach of human beings, yet the Almighty has made the lowly his heirs and partners in salvation. Those who persevere will not be put to shame but will triumph over the enemy as my Mother did through her humble submission to the Father’s will. The greatest acts in human history have been acts of total surrender to the will of God. In the Divine Will one possesses all. Then do not delay but throw off all that takes you away from the will of God. Then you will rest in freedom and peace, no matter the circumstances.”

Jesus I trust in you! Remove from me everything that prevents me from living in the peace and freedom of your holy will. Let my surrender be an act of the Divine Will, that everything I do may be from you and for you. All glory and praise to you, Almighty Father, through Jesus the Lord, in the love of the Holy Spirit. Alleluia!


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