The angels are astonished at all that the cause of mercy has let pass…

Colossians 2:8 See to it that no one captivate you with an empty, seductive philosophy according to human tradition, according to the elemental powers of the world and not according to Christ.

2 Chronicles 25:20 But Amaziah would not listen, for God had determined to hand them over because they had had recourse to the gods of Edom.

“My child, how much longer am I to put up with this adulterous generation? There are more gods in this age than in any of the ages of the past. I call and they do not answer. They stop their ears and invent gods in their own image who will tell them what they want to hear. I have been infinitely patient with this generation. The angels are astonished at all that the cause of mercy has let pass. Yet the angels know that my justice will have the last word. What more can I do? What more can I say? It is finished. The great and terrible day of the Lord is upon you. Enter into my wounds dear children. My faithful ones are a balm that soothes my intense pain. Stay with me, my children. Love needs a receptacle for when it is poured out. Open your hearts! There is so much to come!”

Jesus, beloved, in the Divine Will I enter into your wounds. I offer you the perfect love of the Blessed Mother as the perfect balm to your wounds. Help me to empty myself of all attachments so as to be a willing receptacle for the love you wish to pour out over the world. Jesus without you I cannot please you. But in you all things are possible. Use me as you wish to accomplish your designs upon the world. Jesus I trust in you. Amen.

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