I am busy searching for a place to be born anew in the world…

Philemon 1:22 At the same time prepare a guest room for me, for I hope to be granted to you through your prayers.

“My children, have your hearts been made ready to receive me? I am busy searching for a place to be born anew in the world. As on that first Christmas, there are few places that will welcome me. You can see that I do not ask for much–a lowly manger, a damp cave fit for animals. But with what love was this lowly place prepared by St. Joseph and my Mother! The most lavish palace on earth pales in comparison! For it is love I look for when I seek a dwelling place. It is love that calls me, love that draws me irresistibly into a heart. Do you know your own poverty? Do you realize that your love is damp and dingy? Give your lowly heart to Joseph and Mary. Give them free reign. Empty yourself of all you cling to. Once you do, then my earthly parents can prepare your heart to receive me. I am looking for a place to be born. Where shall I go? I always go to the last and least. Show your weak little heart to Joseph and Mary. They will adorn it with the purest of love and all their own merits. Then I will not be able to resist and my joy will come to you. My children, your Beloved is searching, longing. Do not make him wait!”

O my Jesus, Infant King, the lowly cave of my heart is dingy indeed. I ask you, St. Joseph, and our Blessed Mother, to sweep out the refuse. I give you free reign and ask you to decorate my heart with your love and merits. Come Lord Jesus, come and be born in our hearts. Maranatha!


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