My heart is pierced in every moment by the very souls I long for…

2 Peter 2:12 But these people, like irrational animals born by nature for capture and destruction, revile things that they do not understand, and in their destruction they will also be destroyed.

“Oh my children, come back to me! If you continue on this path, you will surely be destroyed. My heart is pierced in every moment by the very souls I long for. The day of justice is so near and so many are bent on their own destruction.

“Much will be asked of you, my faithful ones. Remain focused. Offer prayers and sacrifices. There is a chance that some may yet convert. Soon it will be too late for many of them. The destruction they have invoked will be their own undoing. My faithful ones, continue to pray. Your prayers are very pleasing to me and they accomplish much because of your love. Little ones draw near to my heart and I will comfort you.”

Jesus, Heart of my heart, I enter into your wounded side and in the Divine Will offer you the reparations of Divine Love in the name of everyone. Merciful Savior, I place all souls, especially those who are headed for destruction, into the ocean of your mercy. Jesus I trust in you. In your infinite mercy, save us and the whole world! Amen.


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