As you prepare your hearts and homes, do not neglect to care for the needy…

Psalm 50:3, 14-15 Our God comes and will not be silent! Devouring fire precedes, storming fiercely round about. . . . Offer praise as your sacrifice to God; fulfill your vows to the Most High. Then call on me in time of distress; I will rescue you, and you shall honor me.

Jesus I trust in you.

“Beloved child, listen well, for my words are truth and light. As you prepare your hearts and homes, do not neglect to care for the needy. Charity does not cease in this time of preparation, but every act of charity is magnified in the heart of Jesus because of his great longing to return to you as King. This is a time of unprecedented grace. Every act done in his name brings untold grace into the world. Increase your acts of love, and you increase the amount of grace. In this way, many more souls will be moved to respond to God’s offer of perfect love. Offer your acts in the Divine Will and your Beloved will show you all he is able to do with heart surrendered to him. My child, act with love, pray, and serve. These things will be returned to you in full measure, shaken down and flowing over.”

Jesus, give me your love in the Divine Will so that I may serve you in all those you send me. May your grace and love increase in the world through your Sacred Heart until you come in glory. Amen.


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