Do you see how sin destroys more than the soul of the sinner?

Jeremiah 12: 4 How long must the earth mourn, the green of the whole countryside wither? For the wickedness of those who dwell in it beasts and birds disappear, because they say, “God does not see our ways.”

“My beloved child, do you see how sin destroys more than the soul of the sinner? All of creation bears the burden of sin. That is why the earth is now groaning—the weight of sin has reached critical mass. You will see much more in the days to come. Do not neglect the poor, whose cry tears at my heart. While you can, do all you can to help them, as prudence allows. See the example of the poor themselves. Many who have very little are willing to share all they have with those who have nothing. Providence is the constant companion of those who give to the last. My child, imitate my generosity, especially as things deteriorate. Let providence be your portion and shield, praying always: ‘Jesus I trust in you.’”

Jesus help us to trust in your providence and show us how to imitate your generosity. Give us balance and discernment so that we will know the difference between acting with prudence and acting in fear. Jesus we trust in you.

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