Test the spirit, but if it is found to be the Spirit of Truth, then you are remiss if you do not act on what you have been told…

I received the following Scripture passage in this way: This morning I was praying the Office of Readings from the Liturgy of the Hours when I dozed off briefly, at which point, I interiorly heard the words, “Write it down!” That woke me up and I picked up where I had left off in the reading. This last line jumped out at me and I knew this is what the voice had wanted me to write down. In the evening I wrote what I felt the Lord was speaking to my heart regarding this passage. It is another hard message—I feel the Lord becoming more direct. This calls for more discernment I feel. Pray, fast, and let the law of love be your guide. Peace to all.

Isaiah 7:17 The LORD shall bring upon you and your people and your father’s house days worse than any since Ephraim seceded from Judah.

“Beloved, do not doubt what I have told you. Test the spirit, but if it is found to be the Spirit of Truth, then you are remiss if you do not act on what you have been told. Child, there is much to come. If it were not so, I would not have told you, for only the truth comes from me. And if I have told you, is it not so that you will heed my warnings? My children, listen to me! It is time for you to ready your hearts, but also your homes. Do not do this out of fear, but in a spirit of prudence as your ancestors did when they stored provisions for the winter months. Little ones, do not neglect to pray, for it is in prayer that my will is made known. In your preparations, do not neglect to pray for souls. Place all your trust in me, but be wise and prudent, for wisdom and prudence are gifts from God. Children, trust in me, and be at peace, resting in my will.”

O Jesus, lead us! Be our sure guide. Grant us a generous portion of wisdom and prudence. Let us not be deceived, but give us clear direction so that we may use your gifts in the Divine Will for your glory. Jesus we trust in you. Keep us ever in your care. We place the spiritual and temporal needs of all those you have given us to pray for, in your Sacred Heart.  Jesus, we love you. In your mercy, save souls!


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