Do you see how the evil one distorts and divides?

John 19:12 Pilate tried to release him; but the Jews cried out, “If you release him, you are not a friend of Caesar. Everyone who makes himself a king opposes Caesar.”

“My beloved, do you see how the evil one distorts and divides? Where you see lies, there is the enemy. Where you see division, you know that he is there. That is why my children must work for the truth that leads to unity and peace. The evil one cannot abide these things. They are the weapons of the Christian. Examine yourself. Examine your actions. Do they flow from truth? Do they lead to unity and peace? It is true that truth often seems to divide, but unity that is not based on truth is a counterfeit. Begin with truth, for without it you cannot have true unity and peace. It is the evil one that divides, not truth that divides. Truth is the only solid foundation for unity and peace. It is a cause worth fighting for, but the fight is with principalities and powers. Be gentle with souls and let truth be the hill that you die on, not the hill that you kill on. Be a martyr for truth and a lover of souls as I was. My child, imitate me in this as in all things.”

O my Jesus, how easy it is for us to fall from grace! How easy it is for your followers to turn plowshares into swords thinking we are carrying out your will. Help us Lord! Give us the courage to be martyrs for the truth and lovers of souls. Live in us, so that you can live again in us! May your truth set the world free!

Note from Pelianito: I was listening to the radio on a long car trip the day after recording this in my journal. There was someone on the radio who is editor of Reason magazine and they were talking about the Prop. 8 controversy. As I was listening, the blog post above came to mind and a couple of things occurred to me.

First I felt called to distill the truth down to its one essential element. I came up with this: GOD IS. That is the foundation on which everything else rests. If a person rejects that, no amount of argument on any subject, be it abortion, euthanasia, or gay marriage, is going to change his or her mind, because without the foundation, our arguments do not appear reasonable. It follows then that fighting these battles in the political arena, or in the courts, or in the court of public opinion, is a losing battle. Rarely do our words change anyone’s mind, but how often has it been proven that prayer and sacrifice linked to the cross can change hearts! And it is hearts we are after-not minds. This is a battle against principalities and powers, and it is in the spiritual arena that the triumph will be won.

There is only one argument, then, one answer to everything the evil one throws at us: “GOD IS! PRAISE BE TO GOD!” Perhaps if we speak the truth persistently, unrelentingly, but gently, the enemy will be beaten back, hearts will be won for the kingdom, and the truth will prevail.

May your kingdom come and your will be done, O Lord, our God, who is, who was, and who is to come! Alleluia!


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