Your Father will never abandon you—least of all in your time of greatest need…

Psalm 125:1 Like Mount Zion are they who trust in the LORD, unshakable, forever enduring.

“My child, do you see how your trust in me will protect you in the time so soon to come? No matter what happens, place all your trust in me and I will not fail to deliver you from the enemy of your soul. And if you are asked to suffer, renew often your act of trust in me, for then you will see miracles. My child, give me your cross and I will give you mine. Embrace it as I did, and I will make of you a great saint and many will be converted because of your sacrifice. Do you see how many times this has been played out throughout the history of my people? Those who endured to the end and have received their reward would gladly endure it again—and more—for they see now what was won by their suffering. Child, your Father is a loving, wise, and generous Father. He will never abandon you—least of all in your time of greatest need. Trust. Always trust.”

Jesus I trust in you. Heavenly Father, grant me every grace I need to endure to the end. You know how weak I am. Then send your Spirit to sustain me. I trust in you alone and not in myself. Here I am Lord. By your grace, I come to live in your holy will.


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