Dream of an earthquake…

Dear friends, last night I dreamed I was walking through a hospital with someone who worked there. As we neared a room, the person told me that someone had died there and that the room now was the source of frequent earthquakes. No sooner had the person finished telling me this than the shaking began and we made for the exit. That’s when I awoke.

As I pondered the dream, I felt that the hospital room was an abortion facility, and the “one who had died” represented the aborted children of the world. A shaking has been foretold by many, a physical shaking and a destruction. I feel that the Lord wished me to know that the source of the earthquakes that are coming is the sin of abortion.  Abortion has been around for a long time, which is bad enough, but the widespread acceptance of it, and the sanction of it by world governments–this is unprecedented in human history. Let us continue to pray dear friends and not let up. The time is near.


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