To those who accept this gracious gift from their loving Father, peace becomes a treasure they cling to, a treasure which can only be discarded, never stolen.

Dear friends, I was going through some journal entries from the year 2000 and when I re-read these I knew our Lord wanted me to share them with you! How loving he is! Feel his breath on your cheek. He is near to you and he loves you!

“Child by abandoning yourself to the will of the Father in each moment of your life, you declare his actions in your life supreme. This is the way to perfection, to holiness. Draw near to me child, and surrender your heart into my care.”

Father please grant me this grace.

“Live in the present moment my child. Do not worry. Do not make plans. For my plan will unfold if you abandon yourself completely to my will.”

Thank you Father. I give you glory and abandon myself in each moment to you. Bless me Father. I have great need of your blessing.

“Little one I bless you. Be one with me and do not let worry or fear separate you from my plan for you. Follow me, my beloved. Take up my yoke, for my yoke is easy and my burden light.”

Jesus teach me. Mary guide me. Angels and saints pray for me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


“Little one be at peace. I am near. You are concerned about many things—your future, humanity’s future. Be assured that the future is in my hands. Live in the present or you will lose opportunities to do the will of your beloved Father. Pray always and everywhere. Give thanks. Make sacrifices. In this way you will further the kingdom. Pray especially for souls. So many are in need of much prayer.”


“As you watched the news, you were aware of the errors being spread in the world, errors which deny me and deny life. To deny me is to deny life for I am life. Do not worry child. I myself will triumph! Life will win out over death and the victory will be total! The Blessed Mother who perfectly chose life is fulfilling my plan for the world. Listen to her for her ways are my ways. And do not fear! For I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

Thank you Father! I believe!


“Peace be with you. Embrace peace my child. Let no anxiety or turmoil gain a foothold in you, but exude peace. My peace the world neither knows nor understands, but to those who accept this gracious gift from their loving Father, peace becomes a treasure they cling to, a treasure which can only be discarded, never stolen. For this reason child, cling to peace. Let it permeate your every action and word. In this way the world will know that I have sent you. You are my beloved, my precious child. In you I am pleased to dwell.”

Father create in me a clean heart, one worthy to be used as a dwelling place for my God! Only your grace can accomplish this.

“Again I say to you ‘peace my child’. I am near.”

I love you perfect Father of my heart! I love you with the love of the Trinity which alone sustains me. Alleluia!


“Child, sweet one, take care not to plan your way, for I myself have plans for you. Yet I so respect your freedom that I will set aside my own perfect plans if your desires do not fall in with them. This, even though I know so well that your own plans will cause you nothing but heartache, for they will lead you away from me. I allow my own heart to be broken for the sake of your freedom. That is why the gift of surrender to me causes such rejoicing in heaven. All heavenly creatures rejoice when one of my free children gives up willingly that which makes them human. The angels and saints rejoice knowing that this adds to my joy. For my joy is their joy. Your surrender, my child, increases the joy of heaven to a far greater degree than you can possibly imagine. It is far out of proportion to what it costs you! If only my children realized what a small price it is to give up their freedom for the sole purpose of increasing my joy. The repercussions echo beyond heaven and increase peace on earth. One soul surrendering can do so much! What my children also fail to realize is that in surrender to God is found true liberty. This ‘contradiction’ is God’s wisdom which the world cannot understand. It is only in the Spirit that my children are able to comprehend this mystery. It is only to the simple that these mysteries are revealed. Child, be grateful for your simpleness. It is one of my greatest gifts to you. Cherish it. Depend on it. For it is in acknowledging this gift that humility can begin to grow. Child be at peace. I am near.”

Father thank you for your gift of simplicity. Give me the grace to accept this gift and to grow in humility. Perfect Father of My Heart I surrender my every moment to you. I ask for the grace to do this well and completely. Help me to hold nothing back. Help me to trust in Jesus, the Beloved One of My Heart. Breath of Love, breathe on me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

“Child I love you so much! Completely!”

(Note: Please see my comment below for further clarification.)


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