Things will happen in rapid succession…

After Communion on Saturday, I heard the words: “Tomorrow will be a day of great sadness for the world. Pray a full rosary this evening.” During the night I felt the Lord’s presence and saw an image. It was like multi-colored pieces shifting and overlapping. The image seemed to have no order to it. It was very chaotic and hard to figure out. These words came to me: “Things will happen in rapid succession.” In the image it seemed like things were happening all over the place that were seemingly unconnected, but really, they were all connected in the big picture. Still, I could not make sense of it. I felt a strong urge to tell people to prepare, both practically with emergency kits and contact plans, as well as spiritually with prayer and fasting. Lord Jesus have mercy on me a sinner!

While no one thing happened the next day that was overwhelmingly sad, the unending problems with the oil spill, the ongoing persecution of Christians, wars and rumors of wars, political and financial crises…it seemed perhaps that what the message meant was to mark the beginning of a period of rapidly increasing turmoil and hardship. Jesus we trust in you.

I want to end this journal entry with a word from the diary of St. Faustina:

1791 “When a great storm was approaching, I began to say the chaplet. Suddenly I heard the voice of an angel: ‘I cannot approach in this storm, because the light which comes from her mouth drives back both me and the storm.‘ Such was the angel’s complaint to God. I then recognized how much havoc he was to have made through this storm; but I also recognized that this prayer was pleasing to God, and that this chaplet was most powerful.”

Let us remember this powerful weapon in times of trial.

For the sake of his sorrowful passion, have mercy Lord. Jesus we trust in you.


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