You do not know what I see in a soul completely surrendered to me…

Song of Songs 7:7 How beautiful you are, how pleasing, my love, my delight!

“Child, you do not know what I see in a soul completely surrendered to me. There is nothing more beautiful on earth! No other human will ever attain the perfection found in my Mother, holy and blessed. But all my children are capable of surrendering their will to me. Through the prayers of my Mother, the degree of surrender achieved is magnified. Her desire is law in heaven, because it perfectly conforms to the Divine Will. Do not hesitate to place your ‘Fiat!’ in hers. In doing so, you will win graces unimagined—a spiritual fortune! When you are released from this prison, you will see the value of your surrender, and your greatest regret will be that you did not work and pray for this every moment of your life. Child, begin today by surrendering into our Mother’s ‘Fiat!’ Then true grace and beauty will be yours, and time—or the end of time—will not erase it.”

Jesus I praise and thank you for you words of such hope and encouragement. I surrender joyfully into the “Fiat” of our Mother, she whose beauty in heaven and on earth is unsurpassed. I say with our Mother, “Fiat mihi. Secundum verbum tuum!” Alleluia! Amen.


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