Back online…

Dear brothers and sisters, please keep St. Blogs in prayer. They had a major technical glitch which you would have noticed if you were trying to access this blog on Friday or Saturday. We’re back now! Unfortunately, all the excellent comments posted in the last week have been lost.

I was made aware of one fact, that I had no simple way to contact those of you who read this blog regularly, but do not subscribe to the weekly mailout. I did send a notice to the subscribers. If you want to be on that list click the subscribe button on the left.

God bless. Thanks to all those who faithfully prayed the novena with me. May the fire of the Spirit ignite the flame of love over the whole world. Amen!


4 thoughts on “Back online…

  1. It’s good to see you back on line, Peli. I’ve never belonged to an on-line forum before and it was eerie to realize there was no way to contact each other. I’ve subscribed, now.

    It was quite a Novena. Very difficult, but worth it.


  2. Suddenly it was down and I felt like I was on my own. It felt odd for a while, until I thought to myself that maybe God wants our full attention. Yes, a very difficult novena. I had some great peace. At other times, I was dry and it was hard to stay focused. I wish I was better at formal prayer. Still, a few things came into better focus and I’m hopeful.


  3. Peli, would you like those of us who commented during the Novena to repost our comments, or to email them to you? I did a short commentary on the gift each day, taken from a book I have by an American with a healing ministry.


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