Begin by imitating my Mother in her humility and poverty of attachment…

Luke 6:40 No disciple is superior to the teacher; but when fully trained, every disciple will be like his teacher.

“My child, do you see how my Mother embodied this perfectly? Her humility, abject and pure, allowed her to perfectly imitate me. Only in this complete self-emptying was she then able to become a pure vessel completely filled by the Holy Spirit. There was nothing she clung to—even for an instant of her life—that did not lead directly to me.* So, as I received from her my human form, she received from me her spiritual form, the order of perfection. She, more than any other creature, has imitated me and been transformed into me. If, in your weakness, you are having difficulty imitating me, begin by imitating my Mother in her humility and poverty of attachment. If you do this, you will attain the goal you seek, which is perfect unity with your Beloved.”

Jesus you know how weak we are. Thank you for showing us this shortcut to you thorough consecration to your Mother. Grant us every grace, O Lord, that we might attain perfect union with you and live for you alone. Jesus in Mary, we trust in you. Amen.

(*In letting go of attachments, Our Lady did not let go of her duties, but sanctified them by bringing the Lord into each moment. In this way she lived a contemplative life in all the ordinary moments of the day, and let nothing come between her and her Beloved.)

In honor of Mother’s Day I offer this prayer written by St. Francis of Assisi:


Hail, holy Lady,
Most holy Queen,
Mother of God,
Ever Virgin,
Chosen by the most Holy Father in heaven,
Consecrated by him,
With his most holy beloved Son
And the Holy Spirit, the Comforter.
On you descended and in you still remains
All the fullness of grace
And every good.
Hail his Palace!
Hail his Tabernacle.
Hail his Robe.
Hail his Handmaid.
Hail his Mother.
And Hail, all holy Virtues,
Who, by the grace
And inspiration of the Holy Spirit,
Are poured into the hearts of the faithful,
So that, faithless no longer,
They may be made faithful servants of God
Through you. Amen.

5 thoughts on “Begin by imitating my Mother in her humility and poverty of attachment…

  1. On May 6th you had an asterisk after the words “empty yourself” in which you commented at the end “I take this to mean go to confession at some time during the novena, and take on some form of penance, especially in the area where you may have a strong attachment.”

    I was overjoyed to see the answer to what this “emptying” meant in your posting on May 9th: “Her humility, abject and pure, allowed her to perfectly imitate me. Only in this complete self-emptying…There was nothing she clung to—even for an instant of her life—that did not lead directly to me. “


    1. Yes, Our Lady is the perfect example. For us sinners, Confession and other forms of penance are practices we can use to grow in the spirit of detachment, learning to let go of all that does not lead directly to Jesus. Alleluia! Blessed Mother help us please!


  2. “so as i received from her My human form, she received from Me her spiritual form, the order of perfection.”‘ DIVINE WILL.
    our humanity and Jesus’ Divinity. ask Him to do All in you. breathe in my breathing, thinking in my thinking etc. Sanctify all my Acts Lord. Be the Life of all my acts. this calls down the Divine Will to earth in everything we do because Jesus does it in us. Our Lady was the perfect example.
    we have the sacraments to help us on this journey because we need help because we are all born with original sin.
    so constant Eucharist, confession and penance and calling in the Divine Life of Jesus into all we do til He becomes the LIFE of our life.

    (Note from Pelianito: The Divine Will teachings come from the writings of Luisa Piccarreta. While her cause is up for beatification and her spiritual director has been canonized, there are some restrictions placed on her writings. See the EWTN article. I submit wholly to the Church in this and all matters.)


  3. Pope Benedict talked about Fatima today; here is an excerpt. He was asked about the secret of Fatima:

    “With regard to this great vision of the suffering of the popes, beyond the circumstances of John Paul II, other realities are indicated which over time will develop and become clear. Thus it’s true that beyond the moment indicated in the vision, one speaks about and sees the necessity of suffering by the church. It’s focused on the person of the pope, but the pope stands for the church, and therefore sufferings of the church are announced. The church will always be suffering in various ways, up to the end of the world. The important point is that the message of Fatima in its substance is not addressed to particular situations, but a fundamental response: permanent conversion, penance, prayer, and the three cardinal virtues: faith, hope and charity. One sees there the true, fundamental response the church must give, which each of us individually must give, in this situation. “


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