Do not hold back in asking, for the Lord has no reason to hold back in giving…

Acts 1:5 In a few days you will be baptized with the holy Spirit.

“My child, pray for an infilling of the Holy spirit this Pentecost,for at times like these, when the world is losing hope, the hope that comes from God increases in power. It is when you are weak that I am strong. Then with great confidence and hope, ask for all the gifts of the Spirit. Do not hold back in asking, for the Lord has no reason to hold back in giving. Pray your novena with great fervor. Let the Holy Spirit work through you, for there are too few who desire to be his instruments. My child, even if there are few, do not be discouraged. It has always pleased me to work through the few for the good of the many. This is an action of mercy. Empty yourself* to be filled by me. I long for it and the whole world needs it. Let your “Fiat” echo that of my Mother. Take her “Fiat” as your own and then you will be perfectly surrendered to the will of God. My child, a great day is dawning. Have no fear, but go forward in the hope—the unending hope—of God.”

Lord, we thank you in the Divine Will for your message of hope. Keep us firm in hope and grant that your Spirit will fall as at Pentecost over the whole world. Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful, and kindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created, and you shall renew the face of the earth. With Mary I say, “Fiat mihi. Secundum verbum tuum!” Alleluia!

(*I take this to mean go to confession at some time during the novena, and take on some form of penance, especially in the area where you may have a strong attachment.)

22 thoughts on “Do not hold back in asking, for the Lord has no reason to hold back in giving…

  1. When the world is losing hope, the hope that comes from God increases in power. Fantastic. so lets ask, ask, ask.
    I am reading Mother Nadines manual for empowerment in Holy Spirit to prepare for Pentecost. wonderful.


  2. I’m not sure if I understand how to do this novena properly. Do we just follow the sequence of prayers each prescribed day, or is there something more to it?


  3. Pelianito, Could you post the novena prayer on your website each day before Pentecost? I would like to discuss the “gift of the day” as we go along, how they are related to virtue, and also to talk about any related charismatic gifts. (For example, the gift of counsel is related to the virtue of prudence; it is also related to the charismatic gift of healing — at least that’s what I’ve been told.)


    1. Mary-Louise that is a wonderful idea! Praise God!

      Marius, according to EWTN, the Novena begins on the day after the Solemnity of the Ascension, Friday of the 6th Week of Easter, even if the Solemnity of the Ascension is transferred to the 7th Sunday, so May 14.


  4. I missed your *asterisk the first time so that answers the question. For the Holy Spirit’s part, do we meditate on that or pray it?


    1. lol I added the asterisk later MP.

      I would pray it, but whatever works for you is fine. There are no rubricks! The important thing is to pray for the gifts, be prepared, and be open.


  5. Another sign that Our Lady is staying one step ahead of me, Peli, to keep me on task. I have no doubt that I’m the worst at prayer in the group.


  6. Have you ever seen an outpouring of the Holy Spirit? It happens when the teenagers experience the youth conferences through Franciscan University of Steubenville–wherever they are and whenever they are each summer.

    I have never been able to explain this to anyone before, but perhaps now… This may very well be the right audience… Would you like me to try to explain this to you? Is there anyone else who has been blessed to have had this or a similar experience?


  7. Thank you so much Pelianito for placing the above article on the Pope on the blog. Lets pray for the two lungs, east and west, to breathe together.


  8. Have both seen and experienced an outpouring of the Holy Spirit before. You can’t have enough of it.

    Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum.


  9. My mother was/is a part of the Charismatic Renewal within the Catholic church. She took me to a retreat when I was a teenager, and I was baptized in the Holy Spirit, or “slain in the Spirit”. When this happens, and when you finally come-to, you just start speaking in ‘tongues’. Speaking in tongues is a gift of the language of the Holy Spirit. No one knows what they are saying………unless there is someone nearby who has the gift of translation.
    That being said, this whole movement has made me quite free in my expression of prayer: I am not afraid to pray in or out of tongues.
    On the other hand, those (like myself years ago) who lean heavily on the experiential, can become unsafely ‘handicapped”
    as to only recognizing God moving in this way. Sometimes,
    God is quiet and we walk more regularly by faith, than by experience.
    But I am hopefully not making any judgment upon anyone in or out of the Charismatic Renewal, since our beautiful Catholic Church has different expressions all over the world.
    Praised be Jesus Christ, now and forever.


  10. I’m thinking that we may somehow get a little insight as to how this process may unwind—the Outpouring of the Spirit—by what has unfolded on Steubenville teen weekends. I will describe, to the best of my ability, each day there. I have never ceased to be amazed… I will try to give you a feel for how the weekend plays out…

    Somehow, I’ve always believed that the Lord was showing us how He would like us to live on the earth in this present era–similar to what we lived at Fransican University of Steubenville on our summer teen retreats—A microcosm of what He had been hoping for us!

    On Friday, throughout the day, all sorts of teens and their chaperones pile out of hundreds of buses from all over the country to begin their weekend at one of the sites for the Young Adult Youth Conferences at, or sponsored by, the Fransican University of Steubenville (Ohio, USA). It is a melange for sure of teens, as well as chaperones. All have varying degrees of holiness, spirituality or lack thereof! Young, old, rich, poor, fast, slow, happy, sad, gentle and meek, rough and tumble, athletic, disabled, musical, lacking in talent, popular, unpopular… You get the picture…

    Everyone gets situated with their duffle bags, sleeping bags & pillows under massive tents or in buildings—young women together, young men together – one of the favorite sayings is, “Pink or blue–no purple!”

    Everyone now is pretty much down to basics in clothing and living conditions… We all eat the same meal and it is generous.

    Next, off to the tent we all go… It is made to house 3000+ people. It is very high with huge poles holding it up, massive amounts of electronic wiring, stage, 3000+ chairs, and soon people. Lots of people—mostly teens… And then the music begins—Christian/Catholic songs that are teenage- appropriate. There are songs with liveliness and songs with hand/arm/jumping movement. There is noise—lots of noise… And then the program begins and our hosts entertain us with a cute skit that sets the theme for the weekend… One of our weekends was actually called the “Great Adventure”!

    Then little by little, the crowd is calmed and a speaker or two comes out and tells the crowd a bit about our Savior… And the music becomes gentle and holy. And there are antsy & uncomfortable teens, but there are also many teens in tune with what is happening, and the music continues, and the Spirit moves and gently calms the crowd. The evening ends on a high note with a happy song. All go out and perhaps buy a piece of pizza or play a bit on the grounds with a soccer ball. Some go into groups and discuss a bit what happened this evening. All then turn in for bed—it will be early morning for the crowd and then a full day on Saturday… Young men are very noisy and must be calmed. Young women will work very hard to get a shower in the evening or very early hours of the morning. Day one is done…


  11. Saturday morning everyone is up “bright and early”, getting prepared for the day to come. Breakfast lines move quickly and then out to the tent to begin singing Christian/Catholic songs at approximately 7:30 a.m. — started by the teens! And it continues until the program begins–perhaps 8:30a.m. with official music and much, much loud singing–can you imagine 3000 teens shouting out songs, so early in the morning, for literally an hour or more?

    The crowd is quieted and then Mass is said, our hosts do another skit, a talk about Our Savior, and then there are 3 sessions of different topics that go through the morning and after lunch. Those topics are about “waiting for marriage” and such, by some very well-known people. A brief time is had for a short rest, dinner occurs, and then out to the tent for the “Saturday evening” to come. (All morning and throughout the rest of the day and night confessions are heard, and nearly everyone goes to confession…)

    At the tent in the early evening, songs of expectation begin… An unbelievable excitement comes over the crowd of those who have been there before… Music is lead from the stage, a skit and a talk take place and then…

    Music begins again… an incredible reverence is woven into the music… and then the Monstrance holding Our Eucharistic King is processed –moving in and out and around all of the aisles of the crowd. The crowd is gently singing in worship of The King, trying to get a glance of Him, and trying to touch the hem of the priest’s robe who is holding Him–sometimes the priest’s face is hidden.

    And then it begins– the Holy Spirit descends powerfully–one person falls into sobs, another into laughter, another into great joy, peace…

    Hearts are opened, sin is recognized, walls come tumbling down, broken hearts begin to be healed, the bold become humble, the proud become meek, the weak become strong, relationships are healed, and on and on…

    And many experience nothing, but help others… If one falls- they help them up, if sobbing- they comfort them, if laughing-they laugh with them…

    All need to know that even if they don’t “feel” anything, this doesn’t mean an absence of having received a gift–only that God expects you to understand, in faith, that you were richly blessed without experience…

    Some gifts are those we wouldn’t normally hear about such as laughter and tears. If they are given to a person, then God has a reason for that person to receive them…

    And the evening ends with ministering to those who are in need–most don’t need very long, but some need to have a priest brought over for instances of deep healing or to oversee the reception of a powerful gift.

    Pizza is purchased and small meetings concerning the evening are had. And bed is welcomed for some very tired adults!


  12. And then Sunday morning we arise. Such a blessed day. The day is full of promise, joy, excitement, peace and Sonshine! No matter how sloppy the ground, how dirty the clothing, how messy the hairdoes, how muddy the shoes… Sunday is glorious! The smiles are incredulous, those who were in such agony only hours ago are shining like the sun.

    We all gather together in Mass. The music could not be sweeter–the presence of the Spirit is palpable. God is praised in the highest…

    I guess the way I view it, Friday is like all of the world now, Saturday is when we change and Sunday is the “Day of the Lord”.

    Apparently we will go through tremendous suffering; but we did suffer many times during our retreats, and I must say the the Trinity buffered us and protected us at every turn.

    For many, it was just the beginning of a long road of soul -searching, and many have left the gifts untouched; but I am certain that when we see the Son, we will remember and run back to Him rapidly! His Spirit left an indelible mark on our souls.

    If you can get to one of the retreats–go! There are adult conferences and over 19 youth conferences in Canada and the USA this year…


  13. hooray. my Holy Spirit manual from Mother nadine arrived. so so good. She is so thorough in her explanations.

    When i read on page 11 about the “Church becomes like one massive intercessor of reconciliation “i was really hit. i saw this in the light of Pelianitos messages and Mark Malletts webcasts. No wonder all the little ones who say yes have to be purified!!!what a mission ahead.
    so Dear Lord i ask that all here on this blog may be truly well prepared to be open and recieve a huge infilling of the HOLY SPIRIT this Pentecost. Pour down Your graces and gifts in generous abundance on us all so we fulfill our YOUr call.


  14. Thank you, Mary Therese for those words from Jesus.
    Jesus have mercy on us and on the whole world!
    Thank you, Peli, for this blog and these beautiful friends.
    It gives me hope hope hope! I am praying for joy.


  15. It was like a mini illumination when I first read the Stages of Jesus Passion in Words from Jesus a couple of years ago. After I read it, I understood what my sins did to Our Lord, and I could suddenly see with painfull clarity what I had done, and the pain I had caused both Jesus and others. In the past, I had learned to rationalize my sins away so I could feel better about myself. It was not a proud moment for me, and I knew in my soul, there was no justifying what I had done and there was no one to blame for my sins but me. That book truly touched me.


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