My children who bear my name will be comforted with the sweetness of my Mother’s love…

Lamentations 2:18 Cry out to the Lord; moan, O daughter Zion! Let your tears flow like a torrent day and night.

“My child, a great wailing is coming to earth, but soon after a day of rejoicing. Cry to your God and he will hear you. Those who put their trust in false gods will have no comfort; their grief will be great indeed. But my children who bear my name will be comforted with the sweetness of my Mother’s love. Their faces will be washed with perfumed water, and joy will be their companion even in times of woe. This will be a great miracle, my child, and all who see it will know that a sign has been given. Little one, do not fear, but live in the joy of heaven at all times.”

Jesus I thank you with the gratitude of the Gloriana* wrapped in the love of the blessed Mother, for your sweet comfort and consolation. May your strength always sustain us and keep us strong in the faith. Jesus we trust in you. Amen.

(*Gloriana: The angels and saints in perfect communion with the Blessed Trinity; the perfect unity of heaven.)

22 thoughts on “My children who bear my name will be comforted with the sweetness of my Mother’s love…

  1. With the benefit of the Word given to us in the Bible, I’ve often wondered at man’s repeated inability to faithfully embrace, understand and act upon Revelation from the beginning of Genesis to John’s final contribution. I mean, hasn’t it struck you all as well how we’ve failed for the most part to truly get our hearts around the Word and the unfathomable movements of God, time and time again? We have so many examples from the Bible such as the Exodus story, and I’m not even necessarily talking about humanity in general here, I’m just considering the faithful (or at least, those who should have been faithful, i.e. – those who had repeatedly witnessed powerful revelation, the movement of the Holy Spirit, and the Hand of God in their lives).

    When we consider the miraculous deliverance from Egypt and all the signs and wonders that prompted and accompanied that epoch, then consider the smelting of the golden calf and the faithlessness and debauchery that went along with it… all this while Moses was up on the mountain communing with God. Hmm. After the fact, we can only wonder. What were they thinking?

    Later, our Savior came, as foretold in every utterance of the Word from Genesis to the end of sacred Scripture up to that time. You would think that something would have changed by then. Sadly, the Bible tells us that this was not the case, otherwise, so many would have recognized Jesus immediately. Instead, we see that He was recognized by a handful of people: John the Baptist in the womb, some humble sheep herders (after prompting from an Angel), three wise men, a couple of prophets in the Temple, etc. Much to ponder.

    Next we have the Gospels relating the fulfillment of prophecy and the Truth at the core of our Faith. Again, perhaps we’ve wondered in hindsight, at the inability of the ‘faithful’ to grasp the Truth. After all, Jesus would have been completely alone on Golgotha if not for His Mother, some faithful women, John and a small handful of others. Hmmm. I suppose we have to acknowledge, if we’re being fully honest, that this has continued throughout history to this very day. Even amongst the Faithful.

    I think that Pelianito is right. Later on, in hindsight, we’ll certainly understand things much better. And, I pray. I pray to the Lord for faith, strength and the gift of truly seeing for all. That we may recognize the Truth, embrace the Truth, understand the Truth, and act upon the Truth for the Glory of God.

    Maybe someday people will look back on this generation and wonder as well: what we’re they thinking? Sadly, that seems inevitable. Still, I’m hopeful, because Jesus has called us, such as we are, and Jesus does not make mistakes. We are human, slow, dull-witted and flawed, but Jesus is Lord! Jesus is the Eternal Victor! Pray! Have faith! Love! Be humble! Become as little children again! Take the hand of your Savior! Mother, help us!

    Yes, we struggle. We may fail to fully grasp what’s being said here and in the depths of our soul. We may not be able to fully read and grasp the signs of the times, or get our hearts and minds around the authentic prophecies of our day. We might even flee, God forbid, like the Apostles. We may even have a Peter moment, again, God forbid. What does this say about us? That we’re failures? No. To me it says that we are human, like all of our brothers and sisters who have come before us. This is certainly humbling, but liberating also. For me, I think this is key.

    Most importantly for everyone, I think this is the key at the moment: Jesus, we trust in You!


  2. Did everyone see Mark Mallett’s latest posting? It is called The Day is Coming and deals with the Illumination. Too many “coincidences” (I don’t believe in them) and too rapid fire to ignore.

    Jesus, have mercy on us. Give us the gifts of the Holy Spirit so we may know and follow your Will. Protect us from our weakness and allow your Holy Mother to wrap us in her mantle. Amen.


    1. Marianne, I was struck by it too. Over the past several months, I have found that the Lord uses one of us to confirm the other. I am amazed, but why should I be? The Lord is leading his children and we must not be afraid.

      Mark also quotes Jennifer, Words from Jesus, and she has been mentioned here lately.

      Thank you Jesus for your care for your weak little ones. We place our trust in your merciful love for us, for those you have given us to pray for, and for the whole world. Amen.


  3. I’ve been searching about Garabandal today and think that this site will give some great insight to you, not only concerning that alleged apparition scenerio, but also concerning what we are being told is to come. Not all websites are as unbiased and professional on the subject. I have still not come across a couple of the “requirements mentioned to Garabandal seers” that have been posted here.
    Some great articles that greatly expand what we’re perceiving here are also found in this online magazine:
    The website:


    1. A friend of mine, a faithful woman, experienced an Illumination, not having ever heard of it before. It was days before she could even speak of it. When she started to tell me about it she began to cry. I said it sounded like an Illumination and explained it to her. She is still overcome when she thinks about it. Her faith is stronger than ever, although she has suffered much and in many ways.

      Shortly thereafter, she was visiting a relative who is not practicing the faith. One night while my friend was visiting, this woman also had an Illumination. She was quite confused and devastated. Because of her own experience, my friend was able to help her relative to understand and make positive changes.

      As my friend described her experiences, I was struck by the difference between the two. However, both were changed for the better. It gave me great hope for those I am praying for. Pondering these events led me to send a letter to a number of my contacts telling them that this might happen and what they should do. I have posted that letter on the left-hand side titled “Something you may want to pass on”. Sending it out was a leap of faith, but I’m glad I did.


  4. These last two days I have been reading from –in a couple of different areas. I just read her background, and it made my heart leap, as it was so similar to what I experienced… There is much to learn in Jennifer’s website that compliments what Peli is getting.
    Christ’s richest blessing to all of my friends here!


  5. To add to your comment Pelianito about how the Lord uses one of us to confirm the other …. I have begun the book I spoke of by Mother Nadine called Bathe Seven Times and have greatly felt a need for someone to walk through it with me, mostly because I don’t trust myself … justification, excuses, blindness, etc. I have no spiritual director, our priest is only here on weekends and NOT someone I can go to, no prayer group to go to for support. So, I took it to prayer and journaled it out like Mother Nadine recommends and there was silence. What now? So I did what I always do …. turned to OUr Lady. Help me Mother!! I reached for the nearest book which happened to be Fr. Gobbi’s book – To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons….and randomly opened it ….. #373 – February 11, 1988 – Feast of OUr Lady of Lourdes – entitled “The Lord is Sending Me to YOu”. Well, I began crying first of all, then I read it. It filled me with renewed hope, yes, the Lord knows I am here in the middle of no where, with no one to walk this Way with …. and He sends me His mother. Thank you Lord!!!
    But the last paragraph echos the Lord’s word to you …

    “Walk in my light and become the apostles of your heavenly Mother in these last times. Spread everywhere the perfume of my presence and of my motherly tenderness. With joy I bless you all.”

    Our Lady, our refuge … by seeking her intercession, her motherly tenderness, we can’t help but come into contact with her. I don’t know about you, but I had an aunt that everytime I saw her she would just hug and love on me and she wore the STRONGEST perfume ever and it would get all over my cheeks and my hands. It seemed like I could smell her for days!! That’s what this reminds me of. We will spread the fragrance of heaven everywhere we go ….. and joy too!

    Praised be Jesus!


    1. I have just read a segment of St. Faustina’s diary and felt led to share some sections with you. One is section 1731:

      Today I was awakened by a great storm. The wind was raging, and it was raining in torrents, thunderbolts striking again and again. I began to pray that the storm would do no harm, when I heard the words: Say the chaplet I have taught you, and the storm will cease. I began immediately to say the chaplet and hadn’t even finished it when the storm suddenly ceased, and I heard the words: Through the chaplet you will obtain everything, if what you ask for is compatible with My will.

      What a powerful confirmation of all we are being told and the power of the prayer: Jesus I trust in you!

      I also encourage you to read sections 1753 – 1779. Jesus is leading St. Faustina in a 3-day retreat just before Pentecost! Another powerful confirmation of our call to pray a novena before Pentecost. You may find the section here if you do not have a book. This is such an important book for our time. Thanks be to God! St. Faustina pray for us!


  6. In Jennifer’s writings, we are told by Our Lord to pray the Chaplet 3 times each day…

    We also know that we should pray the Rosary at least once a day.

    We are all reading much in the pursuit of holiness…

    Thank you Peli for posting so that we may all encourage each other, pray for each other, and increase in holiness–that we may become Christ’s Light to the world and give Our Lady’s Fragrance to her children…

    Dear Blessed Mother, please flood the whole of humanity with the blessings of your Flame of Love!


  7. I didn’t have a copy of St. Faustina’s diary so I used the link you provided. Oh, sacrifice and suffering! There is truly no way around it. I’m almost disheartened considering the little spiritual marshmallows I’m grappling with compared to the trials of this woman who was immersed in fire. Truly a warrior. You can’t even imagine how many ridiculous little things have knocked me down in the past week. What can you do but get up again.

    Jesus mentions that he is truly our spiritual guide and that’s nice to hear. I know this to be true, but it’s still nice to hear again and again. I’m with Kay when it comes to spiritual directors. I finally gave up on it and went to our Mother as well. No scheduling challenges or other limitations there, and I can’t find anyone else who has the patience!

    I had also found Jennifer’s site some years ago (oddly by googling “words from Jesus” for some reason. What started this leg of the journey for me was Medjugorje. Then I found (which happens to be in my state), then http://www.directionforourtimes, next Mark Mallet’s blog, which led me to Pelianito’s blog. You could bounce all over those sites and find quite a bit of nourishment, but for me it seemed to flow in a very orderly sequence. Mostly I read the Bible. I guess you could say it was sort of a progression through learning or training. I wish I was a better student!

    I’m trying to limit my intake at the moment, lest I fall into the trap of being overly curious or too avaricious for knowledge, when it’s probably better for me to keep focused on the basics. I don’t know. Should I take up St. Faustina’s diary now? I’ve read tons of the great spiritual works, more than I can remember. My brother gave me a battered copy of this some time ago and after a quick scan I set it down. I had the same feeling when I went to the link you provided, Pelianito. Am I afraid of this book, or what?

    I’ll ask our Mother.


    1. We can only do what’s possible MP. I too find it overwhelming how much there is to “know” about the spiritual life. Yet only one thing is needed. To sit at his feet and listen. I had a book about St. Francis of Assisi on my shelf for 15 years. When I finally felt led to read it, it was just the right time and led me to the Brothers and Sisters of Penance of which I am now a professed member. All in God’s timing, so yes, ask our Mother.

      As for spiritual directors, a friend of mine has taken Mother Angelica as hers by reading all her books. She finds them so down-to-earth and practical. So that’s a thought. One book that helped me tremendously, and it too is available free online, is Abandonment to Divine Providence which doesn’t need to be read cover to cover, but has lessons on every page.


  8. Michael Patrick,
    I do not have St. Faustina’s book, but I have been reading much lately from, “To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons”. It gives me great consolation. The site in the USA just secured 25,000 new copies after much travail. The first page of the website shows Our Lady and says, “Enter into the safe refuge of my Immaculate Heart”. Such peace…

    This is the “Year of the Priest”. Fr. Gobbi, who wrote the book (from interior locutions given to him by Our Lady) has a little booklet for this year mentioning that this is their year (the priests’). So it has come to me that, in honor of the Priests’ Year, people should get the book and begin to immerse themselves in it.

    I was so happy that Kay quoted from this book yesterday. It is a guide, in Our Lady’s Words, for now and the future to the writings within the Bible. It is also to be used to guide our cenacles as we end this era. It is so full of insight and love and direction. It was begun in 1973, and yet the wording is ever more current today. It appears to tie all we are being given together.

    I offer you part of the message for “May 4, 1991–a First Saturday–message 448″:
    Give to all the witness of walking with me along the road of holiness. My Immaculate Heart must be honored and glorified by the Church and by all humanity. For this reason, I want to bring you to a great holiness. Thus, by means of you, little children consecrated to me, the whole Church can become illumined and transformed by the very holiness of your heavenly Mother. I am taking you along the road of perfect imitation of Jesus, of littleness and of humility, of disdain for the world and for your own selves, of the heroic exercise of all the virtues, and of a great love for the Most Holy Eucharist.

    You are now in the decisive times, which are bringing you to the new era. You are in my times. In these days of great darkness, your light will shine forth with greater and greater strength, to the point of surrounding with its rays and illuminating souls, the Church, and all humanity.”


  9. MP, I can’t find anyplace in Scripture, except immediately after a miracle where God was not dealing with a Remnant. Yes, it seems that the revelation of Jesus Christ and His Spirit within us should make a difference, and I think it does. The Gospel has spread over the whole earth. Salvation has been opened to us ‘Gentiles’.

    But in the long term, plodding scheme of things after the first blush there are only Remnants – small groups of people trying to be faithful. Those tribulations Paul speaks of we have to pass through start to take hold. Remember the story of the Sower and the Seed? Only 25% of the seeds came to maturity.

    So we try to mature. I, too, have found spiritual directors few and far between, and some that were more dangerous than none. St. Faustina’s experience (and many sts) with superiors and directors are enough to scare anybody. It’s been the Lord Himself, working through Scripture and books by people like Faustina, or C. S. Lewis, or some other godly person who have been my directors.

    The fact that we fall isn’t nearly as important as we get up, see no reason to obey, and do anyway. Peter fell and got up. Judas didn’t and killed himself.

    I don’t know why the whole world doesn’t embrace Christ with untrammeled hearts, swiftly, gratefully and wholly. I pray for, and wish that my whole neighborhood and family were His. But I can only act for myself, trying to love Him, serve Him, follow Him and run to Him, not away from Him (into work, other pleasures, etc.) when I fall or am spiritually low.

    As most of you know by now, I’m a musician working in a local church. Our choir is small. That’s partly because people don’t value worship (too busy in our area with sports) and partly because I require regular attendance at rehearsals, remembering that David said he would not offer God that which cost him nothing. It’s spiritually deadening to let people come in and sing, unprepared, untrained, as if any old thing mattered. As Paul said, ‘try offering that to your governor! See if he will accept you!’. But I have been pleading with the Lord to call more singers. In a parish of 1,000 people you’d think there would be more. One day in Adoration I brought the subject up and He said, plainly and succinctly, ‘I’m dealing in remnants’.

    This made me think hard. Several weeks later I had occasion to mention this answer to my Pastor, who commented that sometimes he wonders if anyone’s listening to the preaching, but quoted from Ezekiel about the responsibility of warning or being responsible for the blood of the unwarned. Both of us, in our very different ways, don’t want something to happen on ‘our watch’ that we will have to answer for. If it’s not popular, doesn’t produce a lot of kudos, well, we Christians know our reward is later, not now, anyway. But after that conversation I thought hard again. Perhaps the Lord is looking for people who don’t have to love Him or serve Him now. For many, everything’s going well. Many don’t seek Jesus until they’re in trouble. Rare is the conversion story where Jesus is accepted for His beauty, not for his help in crisis.

    But even in human terms, isn’t this the kind of loyalty we value? Let’s say you were going to start a new business that would be very lucrative, having discovered something like a new energy source. In your current position, you’re working with people you could invite to participate, and you’re watching. They don’t know it’s a test. They give you a good day’s work because they’re faithful…or not. There are only a few you can trust and confide in, and give a particularly difficult contract to, knowing they will handle it well. Then the big day comes. The new technology is publicly announced. It’s so simple, so useful there’s no end to the opportunities ahead. Your company is all over the news, does hugely well on the stock exchange, is the envy of the business world. Now there are long lines of applicants for the jobs…but you choose those who loved you in obscurity. Of these there are never many.


  10. Columbkille, I love Our Lord’s comment to you, “I am dealing with remnants!” His Honesty and Simplicity is so refreshing! When dealing with me, He needed to be very clear because I was dealing with very delicate subject matter. I was not moving a muscle unless I was sure to the 200%! One day, as I was walking into church and wondering about my next move, the Lord said to me, “This is getting borderline insulting…”!

    Blessings to all:’)


    1. In the comments from Jesus department…

      Once I was eating alone in a restaurant and invited Jesus to join me. As my food arrived, a juicy reuben (sp?) sandwich, I asked the Lord if he would like to share it with me to which he replied playfully, “I’m really more of a fish person.” 🙂


      1. Friends, you may have heard of Corrie Ten Boom, a Dutch Christian woman who was thrown into a Nazi concentration camp with her sister Betsy for aiding the Jews. Her book, “The Hiding Place” is an amazing story of complete dependence on the providence of God, a theme that is becoming more pertinent by the day. I came across this letter written by her in 1974. This is a message of hope and encouragement.

        Jesus we trust in you.


  11. Lol, just as I checked in to read this, I was sitting down getting ready to eat a reuben sandwich. I love our Lord’s sense of humor.


  12. I had to smile at Jesus’ pithy comments to Peli and MT! We often make things so complicated, don’t we? We have a King with a sense of humour, a Lover who is not afraid to speak from His heart, and a determined Spouse who is a member of the Godhead and in complete control.


  13. Pel i was blown over when i read your reference to the letter from Corrie ten Boom. i came across that not too long ago and thought how apt for now.!!!i have not read her books for years . so it was unusual i should come across this letter only very while ago.!!


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