A dream about the Illumination…

Dear friends, last night I had a dream about the Illumination or rather that it had happened. I saw the Holy Father preparing to speak to the world and securing translators. I saw priests rushing around, preparing to assist all those who would need them. I also saw religious sisters and lay people making preparations. It was a dream of great hope, and of much work to be done.

Thank you Jesus for this message of hope. Come Holy Spirit! May your flame of love ignite the earth. Lead us, Lord, and give us all we need to accomplish your designs upon the world. In your mercy, protect all souls from the traps and snares of the enemy. Jesus we trust in you. Amen.


19 thoughts on “A dream about the Illumination…

  1. Please, Pelianito – if you have more detail about your dream, give them to us. Are you all thinking that this could happen soon as in weeks or months, or soon, as in years? I feel so much in my soul, but am not sure what to think of it all.


    1. That was the whole dream. It was a snapshot of the time immediately following the Illumination. I think it was in St. Peter’s Square, at the Vatican, and the priests there were rushing about, some of them putting on their vestments as they rushed. The Sisters I saw were in habit and seemed intent on mission, as were the lay people. I did not get a clear image of the Holy Father, but he was a small man, like the current Pope Benedict. I heard a discussion about what language he should speak in, Latin being one of the choices. I did not get a time-line, although, like others, I do not think it can be many months away.

      The overall message for me was that there would be a great deal of work to do after the Illumination and that we should be prepared for that. I have been thinking of getting my parish to order some copies of the Compendium of the Catechism. It has a very good Q&A format of Catholic teachings, and would be a good discussion book for a group, or just a good handout.

      Columbkille makes a good point in that we may not be in very good shape ourselves after the Illumination. However, the preparations we are making now, confession, prayer, penance, indulgences, sacraments, all these things will assist us and give us strength. Our novena is a good preparation for us and for the whole world I think. Practice docility to the Holy Spirit. Place all your trust in Jesus and none in yourself.

      Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created, and you shall renew the face of the earth. Amen.


  2. Dear Pelianito,

    What sorts of preparations were people making in the dream? And, if I may ask, was it the current Holy Father? I would feel comforted knowing that after all he has been through he would live to see that day.


  3. so we must truly pray unceasingly and call the Lord to lift the veil and show the TRUTH. AND pray that all will choose Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life. GOd could do all this without us but HE wants us to ask through prayers, sacrifices. He wants us to want what He wants…….. a return of all to the Truth.


  4. I hadn’t thought of the aftermath, but of course something like this would happen!

    When I was in college, there was an extraordinary move of the Holy Spirit going on. I met Our Lord personally at the time, so I naively thought that the whole of Christian experience was like that: people quickly repenting and coming to know Him, prayers answered in a flash, even the worst people on campus responding after prayers for them.

    One night some of us were coming back to the dorm and stopped at the room of a friend. One of us casually said that it would be a mistake to marry a man who didn’t know Jesus and suddenly conviction came on the roommate of our friend. She told us starkly that she knew she was making a mistake being engaged to an unbeliever. She didn’t feel she could break off the engagement and I don’t know that she ever did, I didn’t know her well, but in that one moment I saw what it could be like – the Lord let her see both what she was doing and the consequences. It was breathtaking. I had forgotten the incident until reading this post.

    The correlation is clear that those who were rushing around must have been prepared in some way, so they were able to help others, either having been through their own Illumination or having really prepared in prayer and repentance before it happened…in Michael O’Brien’s book, ‘Fr. Elijah’ the Illumination is described happening to one of the characters and he was not in any shape at that time to minister to anyone.


  5. I’m not sure if the outpouring of the Holy Spirit will be the same as the Illumination…

    What are you thinking? I may be able to better offer some insight if I know what makes sense… Is it one or two events?

    Thank you!


    1. MT, I don’t think you can separate the Illumination from the action of Holy Spirit. I wasn’t saying two events, but one event and one orchestrator of the event. Sorry if I confused the issue with my comment. As with all prophetic utterances, all this will make better sense after the fact.

      Trying to pin down times, dates, sequences of events is dicey and not strictly necessary. The Lord tells us these things so we will pray and sacrifice more. The messages of Medjugorje and other apparitions can be distilled down to one word: pray! Everything else is meant, I think, to motivate us to pray, weak and prone to sloth that we are.

      Jesus keep us faithful, prayerful, hopeful, and joyful. Amen!


  6. just remember at Garabandal the girls were told that the Pope would go to Russia first. so perhaps some time off. pray, pray, pray.
    i cannot help but feel the Liturgy that the Pope is improving will draw more connection to the eastern Churches, so who knows but perhaps he will go to Russia in the next couple of years.


    1. Thank you for that reminder Anne. The Holy Father is making connections all the time. He is the Pope of unity. As with the sudden surprising gift he made to the TAC and all those Anglicans wishing communion with Rome, I think that unity with the Russian Orthodox Church will come about suddenly. That would certainly occasion a trip to Moscow.


  7. Whenever I have received the messages to prepare or read other messages that say to prepare, I take it to mean that God has asked us to prepare ahead of time in order to not only be in “order” ourselves…spiritually, emotionally, physically…but that He has been preparing us to help others. Over the course of the last 8 years I have met many priests and been to many parishes. I cannot think of one that the priest would be emotionally or spiritually equipped to handle what is about to happen. We aren’t talking about just Catholics showing up in their own parishes to confess to their own priests….we are talking about EVERYONE showing up en masse to Catholic churches in a state of emotional and spiritual shock. Can you get an idea of the terror, emotional pain, shock, some being very angry, etc….of a large group of people clamoring to get in a Catholic church? With one priest? I believe this is why God has been asking us to prepare…with seriousness and sincerity. He is asking that we be the front line….that we be healthy emotionally and spiritually in order to take authority over the situations at hand and help the priests and the people deal with what just happened. If we ourselves are “in a state” we will be no help to others. You can begin to see the absolute Wisdom of God in preparing us for this event. You can see the wisdom of this Year for Priests…preparing them, if they accept it. The wisdom of persevering in great trials AHEAD of the storm, of detaching us from our “things”, of allowing us hardship that literally brings you to your knees and makes us depend on God alone, of suffering persecutions, etc. etc. It really hasn’t been about “us” it has been about God needing us to minister to his people given there are so few priests and religious that are apparently in no position to rise to such an occasion. That’s just the way things are, I’m not criticizing.
    In prayer once, when lamenting our suffering, I heard sharply… “this is not about you alone….this work that God is doing will mean life for many”. I see that now…in hindsight. He has allowed all of this to “prepare” us for just this time.
    I just finished Neal Lozano’s books, “Unbound” and “Resisting the Devil”. They are excellent Catholic books on Catholic deliverance. I can see how his method will be be essential in the time to come in our work with others who are waiting to see a priest. It could literally be days before they are able to be in contact with a priest, so it would be crucial to keep them focused on God, His love, His mercy until they can confess. It will also be necessary to “take authority” over spirits that will be no doubt in overtime seeking to take back what was just stolen. (I think you had a message about that the other day)
    God is giving us the time, it is us up to us to use it to pray, educate ourselves to be the most help possible, know we are loved by God, know our identity, to literally be strong in every aspect of our being. To have our lamps FULL. We all have gifts, tools so to speak that God has given us. We should be praying to know what these are and asking for them to be strengthened for this time.
    Last night during our rosary we received images of many children, running up a ramp to get on a large boat with Mary standing at the bottom saying “hurry children! hurry!” Then, an image of rain gear…hats, coats, boots, umbrella’s on hooks with many, many names over them. The words “it is time to get on your rain gear, it’s going to get very stormy”. Mary is a beautiful and caring, loving mother. She is going to lead us through this, we just have to be at peace and listen to her, and follow her directions.


  8. I recently had a dream which was very brief, but in the dream I was sitting on the side of a hill and many people were sitting around me and I was telling them about Jesus. I am very shy but I have always felt God had something for me to do that hasn’t happened yet. I definitely am not an expert on the faith but I do love reading about it and have been a catechetical leader in a very small church community. I think that Jesus has been preparing many of us to teach and hopefully the Holy Spirit will tell us what to say when the time comes. Jesus I Trust in You!


  9. I also learned recently how to make rosaries out of nylon cord and feel I should be making these in my spare time and teaching others to do this also. If there are many sudden conversions these will be needed for sure.


  10. I hadn’t even heard of this illumination until recently and it certainly sounds like a big grace.
    Once I had an experience that was not an illumination in the sense of looking at my whole life, but it was sort of similar.
    I was praying after going to confession, somewhat routinely, I must admit.
    Then I felt the Lord saying to me, “I want more from you than this,” meaning that he didn’t want me to reach a happy accommodation with my faults and sins, that he wanted more fervor.
    I felt “convicted,” but in such a loving way that I was amazed at how tender the Lord was. It was really like a loving Father saying he knew I could be better and he wanted me to be better, precisely because he loves me so much. He’s not satisfied with half-hearted efforts because he knows that his grace makes us capable of so much more.
    But the overall experience was one of feeling God’s tremendous love.
    Maybe this illumination will be something like that too. I don’t know but I don’t think we need to fear it.


  11. Sr. Lorraine,

    If we have prepared like the Lord has asked us, we should have no fear of the Illumination. The Blessed Mother has said, however, that people will die of fright at the sight of their sins in the love of God. She has asked that we repent and convert before this time, I’m assuming to avoid that. I do know a person who had what is called a mini-judgment in my home. There was terror and fear for sure. After reading about others who had the same thing, they called it a “spiritual heart attack” due to the symptoms it evoked. There was little way to console this person. A call to a priest the next morning didn’t elicit any response other than confession is on Saturday morning. This was on a Tuesday I believe. We finally did find a priest that spoke to her and was able to offer consolation until she could go to confession. It is definitely the Mercy of God that has allowed us this much time to prepare for this!


  12. Thanks, Carla, for the clarification about it. In thinking it over, I can imagine that a person who has been living far away from God could really get shocked at such an illumination. Maybe the nature of this event is different from the way God might usually work in our souls, in a more gentle way. In any case, I’m praying that we will all be open to the Holy Spirit so as to receive this illumination in a way that will profit us spiritually.


  13. Thank you to all who have shared experiences here. like sister lorraine i too pray that we will all be open to the Holy Spirit as best for each one.


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