Each soul will be given a great opportunity of grace to choose truth or to turn from it…

2 Thessalonians 2: 11-12 Therefore, God is sending them a deceiving power so that they may believe the lie, that all who have not believed the truth but have approved wrongdoing may be condemned.

“My child, a day is coming—and soon—when truth will be made manifest. But the deceiver will come and God will use him to sift the wheat from the chaff. Each soul will be given a great opportunity of grace to choose truth or to turn from it. Those who turn knowingly from the truth will follow the fallen angels into hell, and this will be of their own free will. Those who hear my voice and remain in the truth no matter the cost, these will be rewarded by the Father with infinite graces, both on earth, especially in their hour of greatest need, and in the life to come. Child, all that happens is according to the plan of God for humanity. He desires that none should be lost and for your part, do not stop praying. Ask the Spirit of Truth to fall like a gentle rain on souls so that they will know and believe in the One whom God has sent.”

Jesus I trust in you. Holy Spirit of Truth, fall gently and steadily on the hearts of all, especially the most hardened of sinners. Blessed Mother, flood the whole of humanity with the blessings of thy flame of love for the sake of the souls you love so much.


32 thoughts on “Each soul will be given a great opportunity of grace to choose truth or to turn from it…

  1. What a gentle, beautiful request. That the Holy Spirit of Truth , fall gently and steadily on the hearts of all……..and YES lets add the extra regarding the flame of love. Dont give up praying and calling on the Divine Will and constantly pray the St Gertrude prayer as well.


  2. Oh Praised by Jesus, Now and Forever!
    What a confirmation this is for me!
    I was driving home from work, wondering if this spiritual urgency that I feel was misguided. (I was actually going to post here, asking if anyone else was feeling spiritual dryness and aridity?)
    I get home and see my beloved family, we say our Rosary.
    Then I get on the computer and I see this message!!!
    Well, the aridity is gone! Our Jesus needs us!
    I am ready to roll up my spiritual sleeves and jump back in!


  3. I think we should all pray the novena to the Holy Spirit on the nine days before Pentecost this year and ask for an outpouring of the Spirit, for ourselves and others.


    1. Mary-Louise, I was thinking the same thing. Let us also add some form of fasting or penance to our prayer as the Lord leads and our individual circumstances permit. Do you have a link to that novena? There are probably different forms.


  4. I too have felt in prayer that we need to be like the apostles with Our Lady in the upper room praying in a special way for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit this year.

    I had ordered Mother Nadine Brown’s book… Bathe Seven Times…. and it came this morning. It’s format is done so that one can learn to recognize the seven major sins and how they look in our daily life and then how to fight them by giving remedies … virtues that are needed to produce the fruit to help counteract the fruit of sin, the seven words of Christ from the cross, and “the gift of the Holy Spirit that has already been given to us at Confirmation that will be the power to come against this sin”. Each chapter also ends with an examination of conscience pertaining to that particular sin. It looks wonderful for helping to empty ourselves from all attachments in order for there to be more room for the Holy Spirit! I know that it has been mentioned several times here and there are probably others who have already benefited from it.

    Then after reading Pelianito’s entry today, I ran across a beautiful prayer to the Holy Spirit by Fr. Slavko of Medjugorje that fits so well! I found it at http://www.ingodscompany2.blogspot.com

    Now for the fasting/penance part …. I haven’t come up with that one yet, but I’m sure my guardian angel (Joe) will help me out with lots of ideas. 🙂


    1. ~kay, I had my best confession ever after reading that book. Got rid of a lot of junk.

      Good to ask your angel before embarking on penance. We tend to be either too easy or too hard on ourselves, but your angel will find something that is just right!


  5. Marius – I totally agree and have felt that the Illumination is around the corner. I have felt this way for a while, and on one hand, can’t wait. On the other hand, I am terrified. Do any of you fear that you won’t do or say the “right” things when this happens? I find myself praying hard for the graces for both me and my extended family members to unconditionally accept God’s judgement, love and Mercy when this time comes. I don’t want to be anything but humble, but fear that I might not be humble enough. Does that make any sense? Peli – can you lend a hand as to what if feels like when Jesus speaks to you? Are you in your normal human state, or one of total rapture. Do you have a free will when He speaks to you? Can we give an opinion? I am Italian and have always been a bit opinionated by nature. 🙂

    Also – when is Pentecost? I love the idea of us all praying the same novena and for the pouring of the Spirit on all of humanity. Lord knows, we need a large dose of the HS.


    1. Pentecost is May 23, so to be finished on the 22 we would have to begin the novena on May 14.

      Marianne, there will be no chance of saying the wrong thing at the Illumination. When a person of faith is faced with truth, the only response possible is, “Lord Jesus, have mercy on me, a sinner.” From my understanding, it will be impossible to deny anything or make excuses. You will be shown the events of your life, and the effects of all your actions, good and bad. You will also feel the overpowering love that your Father has for you. What is there to say except, “Lord, have mercy.” I don’t think there will be “degrees” of humility. One will either accept that he is a loved sinner and ask for mercy, or he will rebel. Wheat from chaff. Sheep from goats.

      As for my experience with the Lord, for me it is interior. Listening to Jesus is like one of my own thoughts, but more profound and often surprising to me. My gift is the charismatic gift of prophecy and there is no compulsion, but a gentle call to listen to the still, small voice of the Spirit. Sometimes the Lord brings a Scripture passage to my attention and if I am able to, I sit and write what I feel him speaking to my heart. However, if I am not able right then, I can put it off. Or sometimes, when I have time to journal, I ask the Lord, “Do you have a word to speak to your children today?” Then a book and chapter of Scripture may come to mind, or I open the Bible and see where the Spirit leads. I always begin with this prayer: “Come Holy Spirit. Lord, in your mercy, grant me the grace to plumb the depths of Scripture, that its great truths may be revealed to my mind and heart. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

      Don’t worry Marianne. Jesus knows you better than you know yourself. He made you Italian and opinionated. Just as long as you don’t forget who is God and who isn’t! 🙂


  6. My prayer group has been called to fast for 3 hours a day, drinks permitted, most efficaciously between noon and 3 p.m. You would be surprised at how many times you catch yourself! Even these tiny sacrifices are desired by God!

    Pelianito, and all who are reading this journal – you are all in my prayers.

    The part that says, “especially in their hour of greatest need” reminds me of other messages where we are going to think that things just couldn’t get any worse and then,

    “Who is she that cometh forth as fair and luminous as the moon, as resplendent and brilliant as the sun, as terrible as an army set in battle array?”

    God bless you all. b


  7. Somehow, this keeps coming to me, so for some who need to know, I offer this…

    I was priviledged to be under a very powerful influence of the Holy Spirit for approximately 1 1/2 years, for the saving of a friend of mine from hell, and also to help clean out the emotional sufferings that I had suppressed for too many years.

    Being of very stubborn descent, when I felt the Lord may be speaking to me in His Still Small Voice, I made it explicitly clear to Him the entire time that I wanted to be in His Will and would not act or speak unless I was absolutely sure it was His Will. Sometimes it would be necessary to step onto the edge of cliffs or dive into the depths of the ocean figuratively. My movement at times would have made a turtle look like it was sprinting!

    When the Holy Spirit knows that you want only His Will, He is capable of showing you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are hearing from Him… He can literally put a vise grip onto your heart, and it will be nearly impossible for you to continue forward in life without recognizing and following through with His Request…

    Always be open to His Will, without reserve, and He will make sure that you understand when He has a job for you to do–simple or complex. He will provide all that you need as you need it, and you will have no need of knowing the particulars, as they will unfold as He controls…


  8. I think it is a wonderful idea to make the novena to the Holy Spirit – the longer version suggested by Peli. I plan to urge my siblings to also make the novena but will give them the choice of the longer version or the shorter one! BTW I, too, had been feeling somewhat lost (arid), also under attack and therefore not at peace. Fortunately, in the last day or two that feeling has abated, and, in fact, when I opened the New Testament this morning to meditate, what should confront my gaze but John 14: 15-17 (Jesus promises to send the Holy Spirit). God is so good.


  9. A while back someone mentioned a different locutionist: Jennifer @ Words from Jesus. She had a section describing The Warning.
    After I read it, I found myself so sorry for all my sins. It was like a mini-Illumination. Of course, I did not see or come to know all my sins, but it helped me practice by saying, “Jesus, I trust in You.”


  10. I also printed out the longer novena for Pentecost. And I was taken back yesterday when I turned to the scripture to read the passage that Pelianito offered– I had opened my Bible expecting to flip around several pages before finding 2 Thes.2: 11-12. I couldn’t believe my eyes because it opened to the exact page/passage! It really spoke to me–about these times and with much encouragement, along with Mark Mallet’s most recent video message. One verse 2 Thes. 2:13 says “But we ought to give thanks to God for you always, brethren loved by the Lord, because God chose you as the firstfruits for salvation through sanctification by the Spirit and belief in truth.” I will keep you all in my prayers because I am SO grateful for your faith sharing on this site! It has been life-giving and fortifying for me!
    Jesus, I trust in You!


  11. Jeanne, I too felt like I had a mini-Illumination when I read that. Now go and read the Stages of the Passion on her website. I’ve read the book she put out and it has truly changed me. I would encourage all to view it.


  12. I too had a mini-Illumination this week – a few days before Peliantio posted this message from Jesus. For me, it was a singular moment when I was suddenly illuminated about an habitual failure of charity on my part, something I was really in the dark about (or at least in denial of). After being enlightened quite suddenly and instantaneously, I plunged into a deep remorse and had a difficult time sleeping as I wrestled with the call to immediate correct this habitual vice. At that moment, Satan entered in powerfully and tried to tempt me to reject God’s call to conversion and tempted me to lash out in anger toward God. It almost seemed like a physical as well as spiritual attack. Recognizing it for what it was, I prayed and prayed for God to deliver me and have mercy on me as I perservered in faith that He would enter in with His Grace. He did so the next day after a long night of struggling. The next day, I told my daughter that I never understood previously that Satan would also be present at or just after the Illumination. For those without knowledge or unaccostomed to turning to God during these trials, they will have great difficulty. Pray for them, please.


  13. The verse before the one quoted above says, “…they have not accepted the love of truth so that they may be saved.” Then verse 12 says “approved wrongdoing.” This reminds me of a verse from Isaiah that has often come to my mind these past years, the one about a time will come when people will call good, evil, and evil, good.
    That really describes our age. People have always sinned, but it seems that it has been left to our age to completely deny the reality of sin. This is so much so that those who say it’s sin–for example, homosexual acts, etc., — are actually condemned for being bigoted and intolerant.
    I’m praying that this illumination will come soon because the world needs it so badly now.


  14. Years ago I had a week where I sent out very powerful Mass Cards for two different, but very important situations.

    On Halloween night shortly thereafter, as I was sleeping, I was visited by some goons from hell–and I believe the main hairy legged creature himself. My guardian angel fought frantically to keep me from having a broken neck (causing me to either be dead or paralyzed). Let it suffice to say that it was a frightening experience. The rosary that I had in my hands aided my guardian angel so that I remained in my bed. I tried all sorts of prayers, but nothing was driving this crew away until I was given the following prayer.

    I prayed rapidly–like one prayer per second:
    “Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love you, save souls.” It was the middle of the night and I was exhausted and getting pretty beaten up, so if I relented at all, the attack reintensified. The only way to get all to disappear, was to continue that prayer at an incredible speed and for a very long time period.

    And so, once again, I give it to you, my friends. I don’t know what happens, but the beings from hell subside and flee…


    1. It seems spiritual warfare is becoming more and more important and will be even more so after the Illumination. I take this time to remind you of the prayers of protection I have posted here. We can pray them on behalf of those God places on our hearts. Jesus we trust in you to protect all those who will turn to you after the Illumination. Jesus, Mary, Joseph, we love you. Save souls!


  15. I remember reading about a priest who was attacked at night by satan or a demon, so he made the sign of the cross over himself repeatedly. Also, not to forget sprinkling the room with Holy Water and Blessed Salt.

    Pelianito, it is great that Sr. Lorraine has joined………….do any priests follow?


    1. Jean, my SD is a priest. There may be others who prefer not to be seen. I don’t know.

      St. Faustina, when she was attacked, merely had to make the sign of the cross interiorly as she was incapable of moving during the attack. This was enough to stop the attack.


  16. I would not have been able to make the Sign of the Cross over myself. So that interior Sign of the Cross–you must be able to think of this rapidly–would be great as well, if this is what St. Faustina did!


  17. It is at the Name of JESUS that every knee shall bow, in the earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess JESUS CHRIST is LORD to the glory of God the Father. In spiritual warfare that is the Name they hate. Remember how St. Benedict taught his followers to use the Cross – if it didn’t work, people wouldn’t be walking around with medals emblazoned with the instructions, hundreds of years later. If you can get the word, ‘Jesus’ past your lips during an attack, it turns the tide.

    Halloween, Mary Therese, it figures! The druidic/satanic celebration of Samhain. People have no idea how serious this stuff is, and how rapidly it’s spreading here in America, Canada, and has just about taken over in Britain. At the full moon, I often pray a prayer thanking the Lord for His moon, asking the Lord to cause curses and the works of witchcraft to fall to the ground, to turn the hearts of those who practice it or are caught in its toils, and praise Him because He made the moon, the ‘faithful witness in the skies,’.

    Sr. Lorraine, Amen! The absence of a sense of sin is the greatest barrier to conversion, I believe, in our culture. In the past people ‘knew it was wrong’ but justified the sin. Now there’s not even a regret. Everyone’s a ‘good person’. It reminds me of a story I once heard from a pastor who was on a long flight next to a troubled woman. After hours of trying to offer something helpful she continued to come back to all her problems and sorrows. Finally, in a burst of illumination, he said, ‘You only have one problem. It’s sin.’ Fortunately for him and probably the result of the direct intervention of the Holy Spirit, she was able to see that he was right. But that’s so rare. Perhaps this is why the Lord will send the Illumination in our time.

    O, how short the time is!


  18. Mary Therese,
    could you tell me the way to obtain these powerful Mass cards? I had a dream recently where I went down into hell (my skin felt like it was on fire and the terror was indescribable)and came up (twice). I had been involved in New Age for years and have finally come out of it. (In fact, at confession today, the priest prayed for me for deliverance)Then (back to the dream), I met my mother who wanted to go down into hell (she has been into New Age and occult). She said, “I am going. I am curious.” and I pleaded with her not to and tried to tell her how terrible it was. In my dream she started going down the steps. I woke up feeling terror (for many days. I feel I need to have a Mass said for her. Thanks for any help you can give me.


  19. Dear Ann Mary,
    I use a couple of different places for Perpetual Mass Cards. The Marianist Mission is the one I use primarily http://www.marianistmission.org/. They offer these Mass Cards for all sorts of needs–healing, sympathy, and others. I always use the person’s name and then I put in “and their entire family”. This in my mind includes their ancestry and their decendants. I do not care if the person is not Catholic or even a believer in anything. I do not waver if it is someone that makes sense. I had a terrible experience when I did not send one when inspired. So if inspired, it goes out. I have no care as to embarrassment after that incident.

    If I were you, I would definitely donate for a Perpetual Mass Card with the intention of you and name all of your immediate family members, “and your entire family”. You should definitely do it as a means of uniting it to healing your family tree. http://claretiantapeministry.org/page.asp?t=Healing Your Family Tree And setting up a local Mass for healing your family tree with any family members that you can get would be good as well.

    You are in my prayers…


  20. Hello,
    Yes, the long version of the Pentecost novena is wonderful! I’ve been away and just come back to see the discussion. Ann Mary, here is one website to give donations for Masses: http://www.seraphicmass.org/index.asp

    All Mass cards would be equally powerful, wouldn’t they, since the power of the Holy Mass is infinite.


  21. Columbkille, I can confirm what you are saying. Years ago, after I came back to practising my faith again, I woke in the night and there was an evil presence in the room. I couldn`t see anything but the oppression was intense and I was petrified. A few days before I had read that all evil flees before the name of Jesus so I managed to pray and called on Jesus to help me. Before long the atmosphere changed and “it” was gone and I was given the peace to go back to sleep. Thank God in His loving care for us! I felt at the time that I was being shown that evil exists and the way to counter it is through His Name. Also I learned that often God gives us the remedy before we need to use it.


  22. This may have been mentioned by others, but two sacramentals that are very powerful against evil spirits are holy water and blessed salt.
    We do the blessing of salt and water more often during the Easter season in place of the usual penitential rite at Mass.
    The prayer over the salt says, “Wherever this salt and water are sprinkled, drive away the presence of evil and protect us always by the presence of your Holy Spirit.”
    I’m glad that I found this site. It’s wonderful to know that other people are praying for these special intentions during these crucial times.


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