If you do not practice now, where will your strength come from?

2 Corinthians 2:9 For this is why I wrote, to know your proven character, whether you were obedient in everything.

“Beloved one, you must be obedient in everything. If you cannot obey in small things, how will you follow your Lord on the Way of the Cross? Will you be one who scatters, or denies Jesus? Or will you be strong in your resolve to follow him to the end? Child, if you do not practice now, where will your strength come from? The athlete knows that he must train in order to win the race. You too must be trained in obedience, for the prize of eternal life cannot be given to those who rebel. No, it belongs to those who esteem nothing more than to follow the will of God, as Jesus and Mary did, all the way to the cross.”

My Jesus, help me. I am so weak, but I am beginning to see that it is obedience in the small things that will build spiritual muscle. Grant me every grace O Lord. Without you I cannot please you. Here I am Lord, I come to live in your will. Amen


13 thoughts on “If you do not practice now, where will your strength come from?

  1. How appropriate!!just as we see mounting and open calls for rebellion to the Holy Father{In the news about Hans Kung} we are called to remember and practice obedience. Dear Lord, please keep pouring out graces multiplied in the Divine Will so we will be faithful to You. we are weak vessels and only stand in the strength of YOUR grace. Lord pour out graces in the Divine Will over all Your creatures no matter where they are on the track of life. open hearts and minds to You so they may all see the TRUTH and be obedient to the TRUTH. Forgive us all for our slips from obedience. Our Lady intercede for us all and nurture us as you did your Son.


    1. And here on Spirit Daily is a spiritually gifted priest explaining (among other things) the importance of obedience in these times, and why the spiritual phenomena have increased. Thank you Jesus. 🙂


  2. I have been visiting this site for a few months and appreciate the scripture-based wisdom that you provide. Thank you- and may God continue to bless your ministry.

    A small confirmation related to this entry: A few months ago, I was thinking about the Divine Mercy and saying “Jesus, I trust in you” over and over in my mind. While repeating that holy phrase, I heard a different “voice” from my own “voice” that responded, “All the way to the Cross?” By God’s grace, I responded, “Yes. All the way to the Cross.” Anyway, it struck me that those same words were final words to you in the entry above.

    So it is: We must trust… all the way to the Cross.


    1. Welcome BC! Thank you for your encouraging words and your confirmation. This has been coming to me very strongly lately, yet it fills me with hope, not fear. So I add Amen to what you have said. Alleluia!


  3. Obedience has been a common theme lately in my own devotions. If I look at my failures, I would be very much afraid. Jesus, I trust in You, in the Ocean of Your Mercy!

    No question: spiritual muscle is developed in the little things. Long ago I learned that if I didn’t obey in small ways I might think I was going to get the ‘big one’ right, but that isn’t the way it worked. My favorite model (probably b/c I’m a musician) is David out in the sheep-fields. He sang to no one but God. He cared for the sheep when no one was watching. He fought the lion and the bear without an audience. He was trained in the places of obscurity.

    Please join me in praying the Lord will raise up those He has trained in obscurity, like David, for all the critical posts – in our nations, and especially in the Church.


  4. I have an urgent prayer request from John who is going through every conceivable trial right now including a dark night. Please pray for him to receive clear direction and also for him to find a job as he has a young family.

    I place this family in the Holy Family. St. Joseph please see to their material needs. Jesus and Mary please give John very clear direction. You know the times we are in. May those who walk in faith be given light for every step. Jesus we trust in you. Amen.


  5. John,
    I will take you, your family and your needs to Adoration on Friday. You are in my deepest prayers…

    Blessed Mother, please surround John and his family with your Mantle of Protection and enlighten them and warm their hearts with your Flame of Love.


  6. I wil do the same and so while you are asleep i will be in the land down under at Adoration. Pour graces and blessings and YOUR LOVE around John and his family.


  7. So beautiful, so true…

    Christ has loved the Church, despite the iniquities that she was to commit, so who are we to find in the Church’s weaknesses and misery a reason not to love her but to judge her instead? We who are filled with sin? (St. Catherine)…

    Jesus loves the Church in hope,’not just for what she is but also for what she is called to be and will be: the heavenly Jerusalem,‘prepared as a bride adorned for her husband’
    (Rv 21:2).”

    Raniero Cantalamessa, O.F.M. Cap.
    Loving the Church, Servant Books


  8. Will pray for John tonight as my intention Divine Mercy Chaplet.

    Has Marius posted, did I miss it? He’s been on my mind lately.


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