Those who know and love (Our Lady) have much to do in bringing to her all those whose hearts are not yet hers…

Dear friends in Christ, I asked the Lord for confirmation before posting this. I was led to this article. I also ran it past my Spiritual Director who pointed out Matthew 24, but cautioned me to indicate that private revelation does not demand the same faith as we have in public revelation, ie, Scripture. I post it for your discernment and prayer. For my part, I think the more people we have hauling souls into the lifeboats, the better. You don’t have to believe in private revelation to see that as a good thing. God’s holy peace to all. He does not wish us to be anxious but to trust in him. As Matthew says, “These things must happen…”

Isaiah 9:11 Aram on the east and the Philistines on the west devour Israel with open mouth. For all this, his wrath is not turned back, and his hand is still outstretched!

“My child, a war is coming such as the world has not seen before. Your Mother, who loves you, has tried in every way to change the hearts of those who worship death, but those hearts remain stony and impenetrable to the graces she offers. For her sake the punishment due to sin has been delayed. By her request the plant that produced no fruit was given another chance. She has done all that free will allowed her to do. Now all heaven weeps with her at what will befall man. Enter into her heart of love and grace, dear children. Those who know and love her have much to do in bringing to her all those whose hearts are not yet hers. You, my children, must pull as many into the lifeboats as you can. Pray in the Divine Will so that your weak efforts will be magnified. When the seeds of death that have been sown bring forth their fruit, the lamentation will be great. Children, draw near!”

Jesus, how can we hear such a message? Yet hope is never lost, because your heart, opened by the lance, is always accessible. Blessed Mother, continue to help us to the end of time. I offer you my will in the Divine will so that all you desire may be done on earth. Jesus I trust in you,and pray unceasingly in the Divine Will that all souls may be open to grace—no matter how short the time. Thank you Blessed Mother for all you have done to save the souls you love so much. Jesus in Mary I trust in you. Save souls! Amen.


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  1. How do we do this, bring more people to Mary? I’m not sure what this means. I want to do all I can to help the people around me but I’m not sure what the best course of action is. Can you offer some clarification for me maybe?


  2. I just came across this site from Peli’s blog today and the woman who received the messages from Our Lady, (now deceased), just got an Imprimatur from her Cardinal for her book in 2009.

    This is the thought process summed up:
    The Virgin Mary to Elizabeth Kindelmann
    “My Flame of Love has become so incandescent that it is not only its brightness but its warmth that I want to send forth to you with much strength. I can no longer withhold the Flame of Love within me. Irresistibly, it is flowing towards you. We will suppress the fire of hate with which Satan has contaminated the earth with the fire of love, so that many souls can be saved from eternal damnation. I am asserting that there has never been before such similar thing.”

    And as we try to get every last person into the boat, this is the prayer that was given to her:

    “From now on, any time you pray to Me, add the following request:

    Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee, blessed are Thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus.

    Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, flood the whole humanity with the blessings of Thy Flame of Love, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

    With this prayer, you will blind Satan.”


  3. Pertaining to the second article linked above…the one about the visionary…the US and Russia just signed a nuclear arms treaty on April 19th. Anyone who knows anything about Russia should be very, very skeptical about their intentions. Below is the first few sentences from the LA Times, April 19, 2010. Dear Jesus, have Mercy on us.

    With an agreement to scale back the weaponry of the world’s two greatest nuclear powers, President Barack Obama and Russian President Dimitry Medvedev signed a long-sought treaty that still will require the ratification of both governments.


  4. Peli – this message sits heavily with me, as my soul has been incredibly restless/anxious to “do something” in the last month or so. I also follow politics (to a fault) and see the glaring parallels between the spiritual and the political. I mentioned in my last post that we should be wary of Russia’s intentions. Upon reflection, I should probably add that we need to be weary of our OWN leaders’ intentions, as well, as they are not coming from holiness and obedience to God.

    My question – how do we know if we are even on the right track? I pray a lot, but feet wholly unprepared for what is coming, no matter how much time I beg the Lord for guidance ( I live in DC, too, so my senses are heightened). I don’t feel like I am getting guidance because I don’t have peace. In fact, I feel the opposite – totally fearful, anxious and haggard beyond belief!

    Thank you for your blog – it is really a little oasis for me…


    1. Marianne. I hesitated to post it because I knew how hard it would be to hear this. However, the Lord wants us to know this. Why? So we will not be blindsided when these things happen. So we can practice placing our trust in him today. So we will know, as St. Matthew’s gospel tells us, that “these things MUST happen.” Let us remember what it is like for a woman about to give birth. She knows a period of intense suffering is coming, but she also knows that the new life she will bring forth will give her joy far out of proportion to what it cost her. Let us keep our eyes on the promised era of peace.

      What preparations must we make? PRAY! When you pray with trust you will have peace. Say, “Jesus this is far beyond me. I give it all to you. You will have to make it perfectly clear because I am slow to pick up on subtle hints. Jesus I place all my trust in you. Show me what I must do.”

      I found this Holy Spirit prayer and have been praying it every day:

      O Holy Spirit, beloved of my soul, I adore you. Enlighten me, guide me, strengthen me, console me. Tell me what I should do. Give me your orders. I promise to submit myself to all you desire of me and accept all that you permit to happen to me. Let me only know your will. Amen.

      Say these prayers and then do what you normally do each day. If the Lord wishes you to do more, he will make it known. He wants you to be at peace dear sister. Ask for peace at the elevation of the host, when heaven comes to earth. I will pray for you and for all who are feeling anxiety over these things.


  5. I fail, I fail, I fail, but I will not stop trying to bring the one’s lost into the boat of hope, love and joy. Holy Mother, My Mother, with your Loving Son please do not let me forget the day after next about your urgent need for us to gather today. It’s not just me anymore……
    God Bless you Pelianito!!!!!


  6. I’ve been following Marian apparitions almost all of my adult life. I’ve been listening, watching, studying and searching the Bible, websites and visionaries and praying my heart out all along in hopes I will have a clue as to what is going on and is going to come because I have always sensed that these times are significant. This past week, I began to suspect that the Illumination was going to come in the next few weeks and the Great Miracle of Garabandal might occur on May 13th. I don’t have proof of this but the signs are multiplying by the day, including the fact that the Pope will be in Fatima on that same day where he would be close enough to witness the Great Miracle in Garabandal if it occurred. There is an internet rumor that he is going to announce the beatification of Pope John Paul II and Sr. Lucia of Fatima on May 13th, which also happens to be the 10th anniversary of when PJPII beatified the two younger Fatima visionaries. May 13th is exactly 7 years before the 100th anniversary of Fatima. With all this said, someone sent me a link to a 1-hour video that seems to put this all in context. The guest speaker (who is a early Jewish history scholar) and the show’s hosts are not Catholic but are Christian and speak about the very same Biblical passage that Pelianito posted today. The guest gave a very credible explanation for that prophecy of Daniel which he says points to our time, this season! He says a war is coming. I watched the video last night and begged God at the Adoration Chapel today to let me know if it is correct or not. Afterwards, I opened to Pelianito’s entry today and find the link to that very same Scriptural passage spoken of in the video. I know Garabandal is controversial but the Church has not made a definitive and final ruling on it yet. It may turn out to be true.


  7. Pelianito, I do not know where to begin. It took great faith and trust to post this message, truth is often so difficult to embrace, thank you so much for your courage in passing these messages on to the rest of us.
    In the weeks before Lent, it came to me, to spend Lent with Our Lady, and I thought to myself that it made sense to spend Lent from the perspective of Our Lady of Sorrows. But what unfolded was totally different from my expectation, I was lead to really get to know Mary, Our Queen, from the mystics visions of her birth, childhood, Her constant prayer for the Messiah and our redemption, Her immaculate Heart, and Her deep Motherly sorrow. I have no words to describe this.
    Our refuge will be in the Blessed Virgin Mary, as this war will be one of massive deception and chaos. In dizzying speed, Lucifer will race to block, mimic, and mock revealed Truths. Satan will seem as Christ to many, but only Our Lady truly and perfectly knows God the Father, God Her Son, and God Her Spouse in the Holy Ghost, and will not allow Her subjects, Her children, to be deceived.
    Jesus I Trust in Thee, and your instruction to Trust In Mary our Mother and Queen. Amen.


  8. I must again recommend to you, “To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons”, to read and to follow right to the Era of Peace. It will guide us in our cenacles. The insight found within, by Our Lady, is exquisite! I would say to order one (some) quickly!

    Page 226, Message 175 (in part) May 13, 1979
    “I have come from heaven to reveal to you my plan in this struggle which involves everyone, marshaled together at the orders of two opposing leaders: the Woman Clothed with the Sun and the Red Dragon. …
    The darkness will grow deeper, but the ray of light which comes from my Heart to show you the way will become even stronger. Sin will cover everything, but you will be helped by me to clothe yourselves in Divine Grace which must become ever more resplendent within you that you may give a witness of holiness to all.
    Listen to my voice with humility and docility…”


  9. I don’t know what all we are called to do to try to bring as many souls aboard the ship as possible. I’m a very simple person but I do know how to pray, and to live my life as much as an example as I can and pray daily for the grace to do better.
    Pray for the souls in purgatory, pray for the conversion of sinners. Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet over and over, each day list the souls that Our Lord wants to be brought to him. Pray the St. Gertrude Pray and add the comments that Pelianito added to the end, I agree with Peli, I don’t think God will mind the change.
    In the book, “Words from Jesus” given in a message on February 11, 2004
    Jesus said:
    My child, I am showing you each one of My wounds so you may understand why My heart weeps for those many souls who continue to reject Me. Now go forth and place your hands upon those whose hearts need to be touched and say these words:
    “May the light of Jesus open your heart. May his mercy and love fall upon you. May you be open to doing the Father’s will, so you may gain the rewards of His eternal Kingdom.”

    For those with loved ones, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers, or fathers, aunts or uncles, or even friends or those not so friendly. Pray that all these will see the light of Our Lord and will come to know and understand on that great day. Lay your hands on them and say what Jesus asks us to do.
    Sometimes we don’t have to swim out to them and drag them to the boat, Sometimes we can throw them a life jacket.


  10. Perfect Love casts out all Fear. cling to Jesus and trust. it is a long process for all of us but that is the journey we are on. I would like to recommend a book i am reading by Ralph Martin. The Fulfillment of Desire. very solid. Includes many quotes from 7 Doctors of the Church and has helped me very much.
    Pelinito, i believe constant praying of the st Gertrude prayer is wonderful for souls.
    i think it might be a good idea for you to repeat your addition for those new to the blog.
    i have truly realized how in the last few months the LORD really wants us to be in ONE KINGDOM. cannot be in two so our sufferings, purifications etc are to draw us into HIS KINGDOM .i realize i have to be serious, not a foot in both. so suffering, prayer, sacraments and constantly calling in the Divine Will into everything. My humanity, His Divinity.
    All our prayers are heard so please everyone simply keep praying, trusting, fasting. if possible, Adoration. God will do the rest.


    1. Thank you Anne, I was just about to re-post the St. Gertrude prayer! 🙂 Confirmed!

      Fulfillment of All Desire is a book for our time, an amazing distillation of the wisdom of 7 of the spiritual giants of the Church. I spoke to Ralph Martin a year ago and he signed my copy. Halleluia!

      Anne these insights of yours are so profound. I learn so much from those who comment. God bless you all.


    2. Two sure ways to pull souls into the lifeboat…

      St Gertrude Prayer:

      Eternal Father, in the Divine Will, I offer you the most precious blood of your Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the Masses said throughout the world today, for all the holy souls in Purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal Church, for those in my own home and within my own family and especially for the conversion of a great many sinners through the Immaculate Heart of our most Blessed Mother.

      A prayer of Divine Mercy for the dying:

      O merciful Jesus, lover of souls, in the Divine Will I beseech You, by the agony of Your Most Sacred Heart and by the sorrows of Your Immaculate Mother, wash clean in Your Blood the sinners of the whole world who are now in their final agony, but especially those on their way to eternal damnation and who are to die this day. Heart of Jesus who suffered death’s agony, I beg You have mercy on these poor souls. Amen


  11. In regards to bringing souls into the boat, I place all sorts of souls into the wounded side of Jesus and pray that His precious blood and water will wash them clean.

    “O blood and water, which gushed from the side of Christ, as a Fountain of Mercy, I place my trust in You.

    I believe Jesus’ wounded side could fit the whole world.


  12. Pelianito, thankyou for this web site and forum for fellow believers to share our love for the Lord and for our lady. I belong to a charismatic prayer group of loving women, but some of them have rejected our Lady as they have been to some echumenical teachings over the years, and seem to have adopted some of their beliefs. It is sad for me to see and understand how they can love the Lord so much, and not feel the same towards his mother.
    That is why I am so grateful for this group of believers who share my faith.
    I, too, have a signed copy of Ralph Martins book, “Fulfillment of all Desire.” It is full of wisdom, but laid out in a very practical way, step by step, and not such lofty terms that even I can grasp it!! Excellent!!


    1. God bless you Donna and thank you for your comment. It seems simple to me: if we want to imitate Christ, does that not mean that we should love his mother–as he does? Can we ever love her too much? Would he ever be jealous of that love? Unthinkable! We can never love her enough to satisfy him. And we can never love him enough to satisfy her. We must pray for those who have been deceived about Mary. They will shed many tears at the Illumination.

      Your comments about Ralph’s book remind me of an interview I saw of him with Fr. Groeshel. He said he tried to write it years ago, but he could not grasp the ideas himself. Then when the time was right, his mind was opened and it all fell into place. Now we have this beautiful treasure specifically for our time. Thanks be to God!


  13. Some of you may remember my ‘jogging’ meditations from last spring/summer and my references to running indoors on the treadmill this winter. Well, there’s a new development on that front. I was in the garage last night on the treadmill and I finally burned it out. Yep, after 10 years of use it’s finally done for. I was sorry to see it go at first. It’s been terribly convenient not having to wander out of the garage for some time. The temperature is more comfortable in there, and I have my video and tunes to keep me company.

    Well, it was back to running outdoors today under some spectacular Arizona skies. The spring colors have exploded all along my desert running trails and various birds and animals are scampering everywhere. Halleluia! No matter what’s going on in the world, all this bounty around me is a powerful ‘word’ from God that says to us all, “I love you!” Thank you, Jesus. It’s hard to imagine how I got so comfortable in the garage, staring at four walls throughout the winter, watching some inane video and running in place.

    I find that I am so much more at peace when I surround myself with truly good things. Even if it’s something as simple as getting out of the house and into nature. How much more so when my I can get beyond the confines of my limited thinking and my soul takes flight towards Love. Oh, it’s a spotty, imperfect effort, I know. And how many times I’ve crashed back down to earth. My prayers are really rather basic, dim little reflections of some of the powerful prayers given as great blessings to the Church. Sometimes they’re not even little formal prayers. Just some straightforward dialog with Jesus, meditations, etc. Sometimes just a weak little sigh.

    Even so, I don’t spend much time right now fretting over how great my prayers might sound, because I know that the Holy Spirit takes my pathetic little offering in the spirit it was given, and transforms it into something truly special. Also, I’m not dwelling on the past and worrying about wasted time. The fact is, that’s… well, wasted time. As for what I think I need to be doing, well, I don’t rely on myself for the answer to that because I know all too well how many different ways I can complicate that, so I keep it simple. Jesus asked all of us to be a reflection of His love in the world. To embrace His Love. To love. Love, love, love. It’s as simple as that.

    Jesus, I trust in you! And when I have those times when I don’t feel I’m in the proper state to talk to Jesus, I go to His Mother and all the saints. How wonderful our Mother is! Oh, how I pester all the saints with my challenges! How much love! Sometimes I think that the reason other Christians can’t get their heart around this is because the way some Catholics have painted the picture. Way too complicated and much, too much focus on mundane considerations rather than the Love.

    That’s my take for today. I know we’re all different, but we have the same Jesus. Let’s not worry if we’re joining the work party late (read Matthew chapter 20). Pray, grab some net, and pull as hard as you can. Whether you only help catch one fish, or a million, our humble Jesus thanks you and loves you. I’m sure of it.


    1. Thanks be to God for the wisdom he is sharing through all of you. MP such a beautiful reflection. Columbkille, thank you for this word of wisdom. You have both given us much to ponder. A feast! 🙂


  14. It’s never easy to share a prophetic word – especially a hard one. That Peli took it to her spiritual director and looked for confirmation is one of the reasons I follow this site.

    A couple of comments. Beware of setting dates! God’s time seems to be fluid – it may be that prayer or hardness of heart delay or speed up the timetable, and while Jean may be absolutely right about her hopes, the timetable may stretch or shrink. I offer this as one who has made the mistake of saying a thing might be ‘imminent’ only to have it tarry for years.

    Scripture describes a war in the Middle East that has not taken place yet – some of the descriptions in the Lesser Prophets certainly sound like nuclear war (check out Zephaniah). (Addendum: I referenced the wrong minor prophet. It should have been Zechariah. Especially chapters 12 – 14 are interesting reading in these times.)

    Such an event must have world-wide repercussions, especially as most of the ‘developed’ world is dependent on oil and most of it comes from there. I personally believe that God Himself will intervene for Israel on the day her enemies come against her, but that does not mean there won’t be bad things happening, and ‘fire in the coastlands’. No one will be able to sit on the sidelines, as Prime Minister Netanyahu said not too long ago in one of his excellent speeches, in which he also said he believed Israel was fulfilling prophesy from Ezekiel. If nothing else, the volcano in Eyjafyallajokull is showing us how tenuous our technologically dependent world is. The prospects are terrifying if we meditate on them, so let’s spend at least as much time remembering that Our Lord told us when these things beginn to take place, ‘lift up your heads, for your redemption draws near.’

    Only Jesus can ‘save’ a soul. We can pray, we can witness, we can sacrifice, we can live as authentically as possible, but we are not the Saviour. In our anxiety to see our dear ones saved, let’s not forget that only He can reveal Himself, and only they can accept Him. We can’t do either one for them. Think back to before your own conversion and wonder…because it is a great wonder, how God illuminates a soul and draws it to Himself while still allowing freedom of will.

    As a former Protestant, I can understand the aversion to Marian prayers. Most Protestants think Catholics worship Mary, because to them praying ‘to’ her means putting her on the same level as God. If you think about that for a minute you’ll realize why there’s the gut level rejection – it would be idolatry of the worst sort. They don’t understand the Communion of Saints as we do, and it really is a matter of misunderstanding.

    I didn’t get this myself by a theological route. I was extremely sick in the hospital and while there I had some vision about some people, including someone called ‘Damien’. As I checked out who this might be I discovered the riches of Catholic saints.

    When I was first understanding this myself, I tried to figure out how to explain it. The best I could do was to say that all communication with Heaven is by the Holy Spirit, for Heaven is totally one in the Will of God. Thinking of the agency of the Holy Spirit like a telephone wire, by which only messages that accord with God’s will can be sent, we ask the residents of heaven for their prayers. Obviously one of the most glorious residents is the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    One day as I was praying about the ‘road to Rome’, I had an internal vision in which Jesus said, ‘I want you to meet my Mother’. As a Protestant I’d never thought much about her beyond the respect a Christian has for her obedience and purity, but now, as I renewed my commitment to Him as a kind of betrothal, I realized I was meeting my ‘mother in law’. It took me back a bit!

    Certainly there should be all the respect, love and admiration one might have for the mother of such a Lover…at first, perhaps, for His sake, but then for hers alone as we come to know her. Be patient with those who are Protestant or influenced by them. I’ve found that pointing out bits of Scripture where Mary is described (we’re coming up on Pentecost, where she was present!) helps them to meditate on her role in a venue that doesn’t threaten them too much. Coming on with lots of Marian information, apparitions, etc., is a sure no-no. In fact, in the Protestant world, the word ‘apparition’ means ‘ghosts’. But those whose hearts are true and love Jesus won’t fail to honor His mother if they just understand what’s going on. I know this is hard for those who have had the blessing of thinking of her as their Mother all their lives. But others have to get used to the idea, and like everything that takes faith, it has to be done with the leading of the Holy Spirit, prudence and gentleness.


  15. As soon as I read the comment about the lifeboat, I felt that the ones we need to pray for are the ones who are the most difficult to pray for. Don’t give up on anyone. You will be amazed at who can still be saved.


  16. Columbkille,
    Thanks for qualifying my comment about the Illumination and May 13th. I too am wary of setting dates and thought later that I should have been less specific since I’m quite aware that I could be mistaken. However, I felt an urge to post it because of the affirmation I received from Pelianito’s current post in which the Lord says a war is coming. Let me try to put this in perspective to better clarify how it came about.
    May 13th is the feast day of Imelda Lambertini who had a burning desire to receive Communion by the age of five. She was prevented from receiving Communion until a few years later when on May 12th, the vigil of the Ascension, a Host was miraculously suspended over her and the priest finally gave permission for her to receive Communion. After receiving the Host, she died in an ecstasy of love. She is considered a prominent martyr of the Eucharist because she died for love of It.
    The Garabandal visionaries say the Miracle will occur on the Feast of a child Martyr of the Eucharist and many think it will be on Imelda’s feast day. The Garabandal prophecy also says the Miracle will occur on a Thursday in one of 3 months in Spring, one of which is May. This narrows the scope down considerably so that there are only a few such dates in the calendar each decade. Moreover, the Miracle will coincide with an important event in the Church and is expected to occur during the Pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI. May 13, 2010 is Ascension Thursday, is the Feast of Imelda Lambertini, is the anniversary of the beatification of the Fatima shepherd children Jacinta and Francisco, and the Pope is going to be in Fatima. If he beatifies Pope John Paul II, this would meet all the conditions of the prophecy. It’s interesting to note that May 13th is also the anniversary of the date on which Pope John Paul II was shot and is the anniversary of the first apparition of Fatima. There is a lot going on here.
    As I contemplated these facts, someone sent me the video I posted earlier, on which a plausible explanation was given for the prophecy of Daniel to which the Lord refers in Matthew 24 (Pelianito’s link). Daniel’s prophecy begins in Daniel 9:20. The explanation given in the video is rooted in the Jewish feast of Shavuot, the ‘Festival of Weeks’, which celebrates the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai and also celebrates the first fruits of the harvest which were given in sacrifice at the Temple. This feast is celebrated in May of this year. Essentially, it is posited on the film that Daniel’s reference to 70 ‘weeks’ pertains to this Festival of Weeks, not 70 literal weeks (or years), and therefore means 70 years, not 490 as some scholars think. The speaker in the video gives evidence that these 70 years began in 1948 when Israel became a nation and he believes we are in the 62nd year of these 70 years – at which point Daniel’s prophecy indicates a time of great trial and peril for the Jewish people begins (a final war). The remaining 7 years describe the ‘end of the sacrifice’, and the coming of the ‘one who makes desolate’ (i.e. the Antichrist). So the May 13th Garabandal date of this year also coincides with this version of Daniel’s prophecy, if this version is correct. I’m not a biblical scholar so I don’t know.
    After watching this video which also inadvertently gives biblical proofs for the simultaneous Illumination predicted at Garabandal and the great evangelization prophesied by Pope John Paul II at this 7 year mark, I was taken aback. So I went to the Chapel and begged God to affirm or refute it so I could know for certain what to expect next month. A few hours later, I read Pelianito’s post about the war, which was not on her website in the morning before I went to the Chapel. I was shocked by the Lord’s stark words, but still not completely sure until I read the link Pelianito posted to Matthew 24. This is the exact passage referenced in the video which the speaker used to prove that Daniel’s prophecy referred to the future, not that past. At that point I was convinced God affirmed the truth of what I was hearing/reading. So I rushed to post my comments immediately, thinking everyone else had a right to the same information I had. These facts are not proof that May is significant, but should give pause for serious reflection in light of what is going on in the Middle East and world today. Regardless of what happens in May, we can believe in the imminent return of Christ and look forward to His return with joyful expectation because He comes this time to take us to His Kingdom. I ‘m ready.


    1. This is most interesting Jean. We humbly submit to God’s holy will in all things.
      Whatever God may have planned perhaps a novena of fasting and prayer is in order in advance of that date.

      BTW May 12 happens to be my birthday. Another “coincidence” to throw into the mix?


  17. Father Corapi’s latest series on EWTN is on the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary. He said something very instructive. Prior to the addition of the Luminous Mysteries, there were 153 Hail Mary’s when one recited all three rosaries daily. He said that 153 was the number of “big fish” the Apostles hauled into the boat when Jesus instructed them to cast their net. And, also, how amazing that this scripture was so recently read at Mass! As Jesus says so frequently, “There are no coincidences in the Kingdom of God.” Those words alone, have brought me so much comfort. When we realize that everything that happens to us – every little thing – every trial, every joy – it is not coincidental – it is part of God’s plan. It makes acceptance of these trials easier, and also helps us to remember to be thankful.

    We need to cast our nets by saying many Hail Mary’s, many rosaries, and bring in those big fish!


  18. When the seeds of death have been sown bring forth their fruit.
    this reminds me of Mother Theresas comment ”
    the fruit of abortion is war. How right she was.


  19. Jean, I’d been searching for that child martyr. I appreciate your summation very much… It is profound and was something that I’d been trying to put together. Fasting and praying a novena beforehand makes perfect sense. Anything we could do as a group?

    I think it is also amazing that mentioned in the Flame of Love, we are told that we are blinding satan with Our Mother’s incandescent Flame of Love, that is known not only for its brightness but for its warmth as well. Binding has turned to Blinding the hairy legged creature… We can blind him for the whole world in that simple prayer. Such simplicity, such power for Our Mama!

    It is said that we have absolutely no understanding concerning the great honor given to Mary for one “Hail Mary” well said and how much it will do for us in heaven.

    This new form when attached to whatever we are doing covers all humanity with her love and protection, “now and at the hour of our deaths”!

    Thank you, Heavenly Mother…


  20. Jean- thanks for your comment, thats amazing I did watch the video that was posted about Daniel and I was very amazed at what was being said. I am familiar with Garanbandal and I was wondering about this May also but I knew it had to be on a day when it was a feast of a young martyr and I did not realize it was Imelda’s feast day but I saw that May 13 landed on the Ascension this year so thank you for sharing that. I thought that the warning comes first and then within a years’s time the miracle meaning it doesn’t have to be a full year so if that is the day of the miracle the warning would be very soon?! God bless and I will continue to pray for you guys!


  21. Jean, I was excited to read your post, and even before you talked about that saint, I found her online and thought that she was the saint that Garabandal was talking about :)–I have not been following things as much as some have, but I also went on to read that the Garabandal seers claim that the Illumination will happen “when things are at their worst”–“priests will be in hiding–masses will not be said”. So just wonder what anyone thinks about that part—makes me think we have to wait for some things to change, like more communism in the world, The Antichrist to come to power, The Catholic faith to be in hiding, and to have seem to have disappeared…Not a good time!!! I think they said that the Illumination will happen only then—maybe there are other Thursday dates that fit as well over the next few years. Thanks for explaining the other part also, about the “festival of weeks”, sounds about right to me also. Just want to know what you think on these parts, but I do like to try to “figure” things out also, so lets keep looking for answers 🙂


  22. Time:9:00pm April 22nd 2010



  23. Thanks Pelianito and happy birthday in advance! I’m feeling both elation and worry but…thanks to your website and other sources, I am ready for whatever comes.


  24. John 6: 39-40

    39 and this is the will of him who sent me, that I should lose nothing of all that he has given me, but raise it up at the last day.
    40 For this is the will of my Father, that every one who sees the Son and believes in him should have eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day.”

    The Gospel of the LORD…Praise to YOU LORD JESUS CHRIST!

    (today’s Gospel)


  25. Jean, I second Peli’s comment to your explanation. I often wonder about the general rule not to set dates when Blessed Mother gave so many ‘clues’ in her communications with the Garabandal visionaries – it seems She is saying to us “work it out for yourselves and be ready!” Could I throw something else into the mix – if not the beatification of Pope John Paul II during the Holy Father’s upcoming visit to Fatima, what about the proclamation of the 5th Marian Dogma with a formal celebration at St Peter’s Basilica on May 31st (in accordance with Mother’s messages to Ida Peerdeman), just nine days prior to the worldwide gathering of priests to conclude the Year of the Priest.


  26. Regarding the 153 fish, the priest in my parish said it represented ALL the nations on earth at the time of Jesus. So we can say the Rosary with confidence knowing we are praying for all nations in this hour of darkness.


  27. Laura, it is odd that you mentioned that the Illumination will happen when things are at their worst because that is what I have been repeating to my daughter the last year or so when people thought the Illumination would come during Holy Week. The time didn’t seem right to me, based on that description. For us in America it has not changed, but in many parts of the world, it is already that bad for Christians. It will only take one unexpected turn for the worst in the West for these things to unfold here. In the video, the guest speaker suggests that the ‘peace plan’ that is being foisted on Israel right now will back them in a corner and they are already gearing up for war, a war that can escalate quickly and lead to fuel and food shortages around the world. So, all we can do is wait and see. This kind of situation leads to social breakdown, martial law, and persecution. The important thing is to be ready…spiritually, mentally, emotionally. The woman in the video pointed out at the very end that Daniel was pleading for mercy on himself and his people. It occurred to me that that is precisely what God wants us to do: pray for mercy on the world. So Mary Therese, that is what we as a group can resolve to do.
    As a note, the next time Imelda’s feast day falls on Thursday is 2021 so it is unlikely this Pope will still be alive. We may have the wrong Martyr of the Eucharist or Garabandal could be wrong. All I know is that this year is a good fit with this Catholic prophecy, Daniel’s prophecy, and fits with our political realities. I guess I view it this way: convert, confess, do penance, and pray like crazy and I’m further ahead no matter what happens!


  28. Karen, I hope and pray that 5th Marian Dogma will be proclaimed soon, and have also thought that the Pope’s May 15th visit to Fatima would be a great time to do it.
    Jean, that was very interesting, thank you for sharing this inspiration with us, I’ll check out the video.


  29. Update: I just read one website which predicts the Miracle will occur on Thursday, May 12, 2011. May 12th is the date of Imelda’s death and her First Eucharist. The Church often chooses the date of a person’s death for their feast day but did not do so for Imelda. Still, the website says it cannot happen this year because the visionary said it will not occur on a feast of Our Lord or a feast of Our Lady. May 13th 2010 (this year) is the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, the Feast of Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament and Ascension Thursday. So it’s difficult to draw firm conclusions with this information. Here is the website if you want more information:


  30. The Lord has been giving me a verse for several years now.

    Luke 12:32 “Fear not little flock for it is your Father’s good pleasure for you to have the kingdom.”

    Recently, I had an experience of extreme fear. It concerned a phone conversation with a family member which engendered the most terrible anxiety. A few weeks ago, I dreamed I went down steps into hell, walked through hell and climbed up steps out of hell. This happened twice. (I was abused as a child and got involved in many New Age activities.)I have this year renounced all involvement and pray deliverance prayers that Peli sent to me. (Thank you!)

    This family member said, ” I am curious. I want to go down to Hell and see what it is like.”
    I said in my dream, “No please don’t. Please, I beg you don’t go!” She said, But I am curious” and started to go down the steps. (She has been involved in New Age, the occult, and has split personality disorder.)

    This week I went to the Legion of Mary and after praying the rosary twice with them, experienced peace for the first time in weeks.

    So after this phone conversation and the experience of extreme anxiety, I was (in real life) sitting in Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh listening to the Pittsburgh Symphony . It was so beautiful and yet, because of this phone conversation, felt such dread. I held onto my Miraculous Medal, St. Benedict medal and my crucifix all on a chain on my neck and prayed with all my heart to Jesus through Mary and many saints. What happened next was the alleviation of all anxiety (again) I had an experience of heaven on earth. No space to give details, but I realized that the heavenly court is waiting for us to call. Now I can pray for that family member with love.

    It is our Father’s will that we should have the kingdom!!

    Another experience: I am a catechist of the Good Shepherd and today I was sitting outside in the sun outside the church with the children. They are 7 and 8 years old and we have been celebrating and dialoging about Easter and Pentecost. Suddenly one of the 7 year olds said “Where is Jesus’ body buried?”Another said, ” And where exactly is God?

    I turned the question back to them and they came up with all kinds of answers. Eventually one of them said. “He ascended into heaven!” and others said, “He is not only in heaven, he is here with us invisibly! and He is within us! He is real!”

    We are like the children, aren’t we? We know. We just have to work through to the Light..


    1. Ann Mary, Luke 12:32 is a verse of such comfort! And very appropriate as the readings this Sunday feature the Good Shepherd. Let us keep our eyes fixed firmly on the Shepherd of our souls. He will lead us to green pastures and restful waters. Alleluia!


  31. Jean, just a heads up about that web site you posted, catholic planet, I believe that is run by a Ronald L Conte and he at times has stated things that have been contrary to church teaching. I am not sure if he is a theologian or not but I now he has made many past predictions none of which came to pass. I also know on the Medj. chat/blog whenever someone mentions him there are always a couple of bloggers who say they won’t talk about him because he is not in line with church teaching. God Bless


    1. Thank you Mary for this. Predictions are dicey at best. Whatever is coming, let us keep foremost in our minds Our Lady’s call to pray for conversions. Knowing or not knowing won’t change much, but by the grace and mercy of God, our prayer can have eternal consequences. Jean I liked this line:

      I guess I view it this way: convert, confess, do penance, and pray like crazy and I’m further ahead no matter what happens!



  32. Jean i too was drawn to your line. just focus on prayer, sacraments, Adoration and let God continue His timetable. i do understand that He has given us signs and little hints to help us really focus on prayer etc.
    times are late and we must be cautious of where we go on websites etc. I do personally believe the Illumination comes when things are in real turmoil and AFTER the Pope has been to Moscow{ as said at garabandal}
    Lets just pray.


  33. Quick correction to my previous post: I referenced the wrong minor prophet. It should have been Zechariah. Especially chapters 12 – 14 are interesting reading in these times.

    The Lord has promised to be with us to the End of the Age, to be our Good Shepherd, and to keep us alive in famine. Those promises are enough for me – everything else is gravy, so to speak!


  34. About things being at their worst: while I suppose they could get always get worse, I wonder how much worse things can get spiritually. Recently another sister asked, “Do you think this is the time of the great apostasy?” It made me think…. So many people have fallen away from the Church. In Boston, a formerly heavily Catholic area, only about 15% of people go to Mass “regularly,” which doesn’t necessarily mean every week. There are still many good people, so that’s all part of the mix too. But then look at what’s happening with human and animal genes being mixed, sins against nature on a scale not previously imaginable.

    This word about the great war coming made me really gave me pause. Ironically, I saw recently on a secular website some speculation about World War III happening in November. It had to do with Iran, Israel, and nuclear weapons, etc. I don’t know what to think about that, but to find this post after reading about that was a bit of a shock to me.

    Anyway, all this confirms what I’ve been feeling interiorly too, that a momentous time is here and events are unfolding.


    1. Sr. Lorraine, it is becoming impossible to ignore the signs of the times. I have just finished reading a book called “Deceived by the New Age” written by a person whom God saved from his New Age beliefs. It very starkly speaks about the demonic influence in New Age spirituality. There have been full-page ads in major newspapers (one was the NY Times) saying that the ascended master is alive on earth and will soon reveal himself. I believe that after the Illumination, many will be deceived into thinking it was this “master” that orchestrated it. These are very confusing times, and confusion is a footprint of the evil one. Mark Mallett’s Embracing Hope TV episode is a wonderful resource for making sense of these times. Here is a small resource list:

      From Embracing Hope TV: The Prophecy at Rome – Part VII
      The Vatican document, “Jesus Christ, Bearer of the Water of Life”


  35. just listened to the video Jean spoke of. yes, very compelling. i feel we must pray for Mr N of Israel. He certainly needs prayer as he is placed in a sticky, sticky situation.


  36. Dear friends, having done a bit more research into the man whose video link I referenced (originally posted by a reader) I have decided to remove the link from this blog. Whether he turns out to be right or not, I want to apologize for seeming to endorse what he said. These are confusing times. Please let us continue to pray for each other.


  37. Thanks, Pelianito. I did watch part of it, but it struck me that he seemed to be going back to the observance of Jewish feasts which, according to St Paul, we Christians no longer need to observe. They are transformed in Christ. Pentecost is no longer the harvest feast in the way it was celebrated in the Old Testament, but is the harvest of the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

    I did take away one important realization, that I need to take the Scriptures more seriously, and not assume I understand what they mean. They can be harder to interpret than I might think at times. Also, Jesus explained to the disciples going to Emmaus all the Scriptures that referred to him, which of course at that time meant only the Old Testament. Since they prophesied his life, it would make sense that they would also prophesy something about his future return in glory as well. Since it hasn’t yet happened they’re more obscure prophecies.


    1. Yes, Sr. Lorraine, he appears to be a Messianic Jew, that is, Jews that believe Jesus was indeed the Messiah, but that still observe the religious and cultural feasts of the Jews. There are a number of them. However, I have since done some research on this gentleman and his credibility is lacking, so I apologize for promoting the video. I just thought his angle was interesting. I appreciate your discernment and comments. You are right, there is much we can learn about the present by studying the past. I have heard Scott Hahn say that the New Testament is concealed in the Old Testament, and the OT is revealed in the New Testament. Thanks be to God, we can never completely plumb the depths of the mystery!


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