Surrender joyfully to the will of God in all things and you will never be afraid again…

2 Maccabees 2:18 We trust in God, that he will soon have mercy on us and gather us together from everywhere under the heavens to his holy Place, for he has rescued us from great perils and has purified his Place.

“My beloved, if you trust in me, then fear must have no place in you. You are a child of the living and true God. What can befall you? Surrender joyfully to the will of God in all things and you will never be afraid again. For then you will accept from God’s loving hand all that he permits. Child, be at peace and let nothing disturb you. I am with you and I love you, little child of my heart. I am near.”

Jesus I love you, I trust you, I surrender myself joyfully to your loving, perfect will for me and mine. You are love and mercy itself. Jesus I trust in YOU! Alleluia!


12 thoughts on “Surrender joyfully to the will of God in all things and you will never be afraid again…

  1. Thank you! I can’t tell you how timely this is and how much I needed to hear this. Anxiety and fear have been predominant in my life in the last few months. I am going to print this and read it every morning!


  2. Tonight the devotional readings we use spoke several times of sheltering under His wings, a picture of trusting love.

    Have you ever held a bird? Their feathers are amazingly soft and warm, because they have ‘pin feathers’ under the long feathers that lie flat. Just imagine snuggling under those feathers and resting. The bird is alert, keeping watch while the helpless nestlings sleep. And when a chick sleeps, it’s ‘out cold’.

    Tonight I was ‘settling accounts’ for my little flock. I sell some of the eggs to pay for their feed. My chickens don’t know there is such a thing as a Feed n’ Seed store. They wouldn’t understand one if they saw it. They also don’t know either of the families that delight in eating their eggs and might bring apprehensive children to throw in scraps and then jump back, unsure of beaks and bright eyes.

    My chickens have no idea of the mystery of money. They’re completely unaware that I pay for their feed and give a tithe to charity on what they earn. They wouldn’t know they needed to give. Fresh rye grass, a treat of table scraps and an unexpected grub found in the garden are their idea of bliss. Only dimly do they realize that their Person comes and goes and brings things they like.

    While I was counting out the money I was suddenly aware of the cosmic sense of how little I know about what God does for me. What issues of physics, astronomy, biology, angelic beings, dark matter, life, death, height and depth and dimensionality – am I as clueless as a chicken about – but are being quietly handled for me? What fearsome things beyond my knowledge are kept at bay like the net that keeps the screaming hawks out or the wire ‘fortifications’ that foil the night marauding coon?

    Tonight, I’ll thank him for doing the things I have no idea about at all. Perhaps I’ll just come under the shelter of His wings and be content in His mighty love, stop trying to be The Person and just be the chick.


  3. Thank you Pelianto for this message which confirms again for me what you have been telling me for the last few days. God is speaking to us through you. Bless you!


    1. I’m just the donkey, Therese, a lowly beast of burden. In fact, the Lord has given me the image of the donkey that carried Jesus into Jerusalem as a symbol of my mission. I am of little importance. It is the Word of God that I carry that is important. The last donkey I met was named Yo-yo*. That’s how I feel most of the time. That God can use me to do his work is a great miracle. But then God’s specialty is using broken instruments to play beautiful music. All glory and praise to our God!

      * I met Yo-yo when I participated in the Canadian Badlands Passion Play in 2006. What a wonderful experience! I played the wife of Jairus, the Synagogue official whose daughter is brought back to life by Jesus. Having lost my own son in 1985, the role had a great deal of meaning for me. Here is a photo taken just before I realize my daughter has died.


  4. colmbkille, love it! and thank you Pel for photo. i can truly understand what it must have been for you playing , LIVING, that role.


  5. Jesus, I Trust in You. I truly need to be still. Looking forward to perfecting it, but this message is truly timely in my case as well, when I have become anxious about everything and analyzing everything under the sun.

    Jesus, through Mary, I Trust in You.


  6. Our Lord to Luisa, April 10th 1912.
    The souls who will shine the most, like bright gems in the crown of my Mercy, are the souls who have most trust because the more they give space for the attribute of my Mercy to pour into them any grace they want. On the other hand, the soul who does not have true trust, herself closes the graces within Me, remaining always poor and unequipped, while my love remains constrained within Me, and I suffer very much. And in order not to suffer so much and to be able to pour out my love more freely, I deal more with those souls who trust than with others. With these I can pour out my love. I can play, I can cause loving contrasts since there is no worry that they might take offense or become fearful. On the contrary, they become more brave and take everything in order to live me more. Therefore, trusting souls are the outpouring and the amusement of my love, the ones who receive more graces and the richest.


  7. So many times we have become forlorned, frightened, and without… And when there is nothing and noone, we can always then say, “All I have is Jesus, and come to think of it, with Jesus I have everything!”
    Then we can laugh and the Universe looks totally different!!! And then Jesus laughs with us and delights in our reformed outlook…
    Pour out Your Graces in abundance on us, oh Lord!


  8. I too am going to try and remember the chick everyday, I am always worried that I am interfereing in the Lord’s will I am so strong headed, a true Irishman. One thing is true when we are the chick we have such peace. It doesn’t matter what is going on in the world you know you are under the Lord’s protection and he will only allow what he permits and he will give us what we need to deal with it. He is a “GOOD GENERAL”, as an earlier writting stated. Jesus I trust in you, God Bless all of you. Irish


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