Read the signs: scoffers, living in their own godless desires, are causing division.

Jude 1:17-21 But you, beloved, remember the words spoken beforehand by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ, for they told you, “In (the) last time there will be scoffers who will live according to their own godless desires.” These are the ones who cause divisions; they live on the natural plane, devoid of the Spirit. But you, beloved, build yourselves up in your most holy faith; pray in the holy Spirit. Keep yourselves in the love of God and wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life.

“My beloved, does not this Scripture passage speak precisely to your age? Is it not being fulfilled in your day? Read the signs: scoffers, living in their own godless desires, are causing division. My child, their destruction will fall on their own heads. Do not be afraid when these things happen. Those who take refuge in my Sacred Heart have nothing to fear. My child, do not fear that which can only harm the body. You were made for eternal life. Set your heart on things that are above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Be one with me and I will be one with you, and we will sing for joy together in eternity.”

Jesus I trust in you! May it be done to me as you desire, by grace and through the intercession of our Mother and the Gloriana*. Amen.

(*Gloriana: The angels and saints in perfect communion with the Blessed Trinity; the perfect unity of heaven.)

11 thoughts on “Read the signs: scoffers, living in their own godless desires, are causing division.

  1. Your message for today really speaks to me. It is encouraging me as I wonder at my future. When I told you I was given a date, Iwas given the month and day but not the year. The dream was so vivid that I can remember most of the details still ,even though I had it over 2 years ago. In the past few weeks I have had two dreams that make me think the day is approaching. I am prepared in the sense that I have been to confession and I trust in the Lord’s mercy and I do feel that God is very close to me through your blog and also from the bible verses that I happened upon when I picked up my bible. I opened my bible and my eyes landed on the verse
    “Fear is not in charity: but perfect charity casts out fear, because fear hath pain. And he that feareth is not perfected in charity. Let us therefore love God……” 1 St. John 5:18-19. I realize that I have to love and hope and pray that God’s will be done.His will is the best!!!!!!


    1. Dear Theresa, our Lord is giving you many graces. We Christians have the best of both worlds, don’t we? As St. Paul says in Philippians 1:21, “For to me life is Christ, and death is gain.” Whether you or I live a long time, or die very soon we say, THANKS BE TO GOD! God’s will is the safest place to be at all times.

      Whatever comes, please remember us in your prayers as we will remember you. I always think of your patron saint, the Little Flower who wanted to spend her heaven doing good on earth. May she intercede for you at this time and send you a rose from heaven. May God grant you peace in all things, dear sister in Christ.


  2. The scoffers seem to have dominated the media in their efforts to smear the Pope and bring about division in the Church – using, and often gravely distorting, the incidents of sexual abuse among a tiny minority of clergy in the Catholic Church. Let us pray vigorously for the aid of the Holy Spirit to unleash the truth and bring relief to the Pope – especially from the blame today’s scoffers are trying to place on him .


  3. Just a thought Theresa, but what has the fruit been from your dream two years ago? That is a good way to judge whether it is from God or not. Generally, I have learned that if fear and keeping it secret is involved, it is an oppression. Those are good hallmarks of darkness. I had been tormented for years with “death” threats. Once while ironing, I heard “tonight your life will be asked of you”. Then, six years ago while decorating the Christmas tree, I heard “this will be your last Christmas”…needless to say, joy was absent from my life for many years because of the constant “threats” of physical death. It can make you rather hopeless and isolated. Another hallmark. Just before falling asleep one night, I had a sharp, detailed image of my husband standing at the kitchen sink…then suddenly convulsing and falling dead to the floor. I immediately felt ice cold fear. I never told him, or anyone because I didn’t know if it was true and didn’t want to scare him….I was scared enough for the both of us. That was five years ago. We don’t even live there anymore…that kitchen sink is gone! I’m only saying this because the devil knows exactly how to keep us in line….to keep our life very small and non-threatening. Living with our death sentence, just not knowing when,tends to put the focus on us. With the threat of death constantly hanging over one’s head, it can keep you from embracing God’s will and actually “living”. It isn’t a typical knowledge that we all die…it’s deeper than that, and menacing. I just don’t think God would do that. If He gives you the knowledge, He would also supply the grace to accept it with peace.
    I am not God, nor do I know His will for you or the details of your dreams. I just sense something else going on from your posts. God Bless you, abundantly….with peace and freedom, no matter what life brings.


  4. Great thoughts, Carla! I go to bed with my rosary and also with holy water nearby. Whenever I sense an ominous presence or think of throwing holy water about my bedroom, I do it, because when I have not are the times that I receive dreams that are frightening and “not of God”.


  5. Theresa – would you tell us your dreams or pointing us in the direction of a posting that explains them? I am unfamiliar with them but am really interested given your posting above. THanks!


  6. From childhood – my mother taught us to write: “JMJ” on our pillows (with our fingers). To this day, my mom, 80, “writes” all of our names under these initials. I add hearts around the initials and crosses. Sleep in heavenly peace with the Holy Family.


  7. Dear Carla ,Pelianito and Mary Therese, thank you for your imput. I considered what you said and last night I sprinkled holy water in my room praying that all evil spirits be bound up and go to the foot of the cross in the name of Jesus. Today when I woke up I did notice a difference, not in me but in my husband who has bad dreams every night in which he trys to fight and sometimes ends up hitting or kicking me before he wakes up.Sometimes it happens a number of times in a row and I lose sleep because of it. This has been happening for some time now and I blamed it on medication he has to take. Last night I wasn’t woken once. Maybe he has been attacked by evil spirits to cause his dreams and it is affecting us both. My husband isn’t catholic but I told him what I had done because we both had a good night’s sleep for a change. Regarding my dreams, I didn’t feel fearful when I woke up from these dreams. But sometimes I do worry about what will happen. In the dream I had a couple of years ago my husband and I were on a large boat and it docked. We crossed a gangplank to a huge building like a beautiful mall and as soon as we went in my husband went to a separate place from me. I wasn’t upset but I knew in my dream that it was because he was angry about something. As I walked further into this huge building (which I think was heaven) a group of young people gathered around me and they were so happy to see me. They welcomed me.They hugged me and even though I didn’t know them I was excited to be with them . then they told me their names. When I heard their names I knew they were my children whom I have never seen because I had a number of miscarriages. The names they had were names I had chosen but had never used. One girl didn’t tell me her name, but she looked identical to one of my daughters with a “bright” blond colour hair. i have often wondered about this one and if it means that my living daughter will go to heaven before me. In this dream I was told the date. It was April 12th. One other thing that I wondered about when I woke up was one of the young people told me his name was Sigfrid. I always laugh about this because this name seems so funny to me. I looked up the meaning of the name because I have read that God chooses the name for your children and then inspires you to give it to them. Sigfrid means peace and victory! The joy I felt in this dream makes me feel happy whenever I remember it. Anyway today is April 12th and I’m still here.Of course the day isn’t over yet but I feel happy, not worried.
    I am so thankfuf that I am able to share this with you. I am quite shy about telling my dreams and other experiences with most people because I don’t know anyone else who has this type of things happen to them. My friends try to tell me I am too religious, but is that possible?
    Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement it has helped immensely. God is certainly helping us to encourage each other through this website and Pelianito. God bless you all 🙂


    1. Theresa, a friend of mine was being visited and attacked by demons in her dreams. I told her to try rebuking them in the name of Jesus and it worked immediately and they never recurred. Our Lord makes it simple in so many ways.


  8. Hi, Theresa,
    Your dream made me remember much of what I’ve been able to experience a number of times through visions and dreams of friends I have seen/interacted with who are in heaven… Thank you!

    I personally allow the meaning in my dreams to just evolve and they do–some quickly and some over a great number of years. And the dreams or visions remain ever so clear!

    I will give you some thoughts I have after going through your writing above:
    I have a great many brothers and sisters who never made it into this world; and so I delight with you in your having been blessed with being surrounded by your children in heaven–a great experience while still on earth!
    The identical child may be the twin of your living child.
    The child, Sigrid, may be an angel or a child you did not know you had lost.
    Obviously Sigrid’s name lets you know that one day, on April 12th, you will be in heaven surrounded by your children that predeceased you–a joyful thought I would say!

    Life moves on and my mom, who lost so many children, is into her 80’s; and so might you, my friend, live into a very late life, but always with a joyful knowledge of what awaits you!

    As for those mid-night bad dreams/nightmares… I have a friend who entered the military by draft and was just a small young man, when forced to leave a very gentle lifestyle and go through a horrendous experience. When he returned home, he never slept well–for decades… Until I gave him his first bottle of holy water. To him it is more precious than gold! From that first night of using it, as he tucks into his bed at nght, he sleeps beautifully. Many years have passed, and he is not Catholic, but he believes in God’s power found in our sacramental!


  9. Thank you all for your prayers and suggestions. I’m sure God led me to this blog so that you could encourage me and help me with my problems. I hope that I will be able to do the same for you as time goes on. May God bless you all and give you His peace.


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