Do not be afraid, but take the example of your Holy Father the Pope…

2 Timothy: 3:12-14 In fact, all who want to live religiously in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. But wicked people and charlatans will go from bad to worse, deceivers and deceived. But you, remain faithful to what you have learned and believed, because you know from whom you learned it.

“Beloved, who is your teacher?”

Jesus, by your grace, it is the Holy Spirit, the Breath of Love that flows between the Father and the Son.

“My child, you have answered well. But the spirit of this age has deceived many. As you see, the battle is intensifying. Do not be afraid, but take the example of your Holy Father the Pope. He does not enter into pointless arguments with those who follow the Liar. He rests solid in the truth. His footing is sure and his peace is constant. ‘The Lord will fix it.’ My child, do not allow yourself to be ruffled or drawn into contentious arguments. Instead, speak the truth in love, and if you are persecuted, say, ‘The Lord will fix it,’ and offer your sufferings linked to the cross for the conversion of those who try to trap you. Little one, my children have nothing to fear, for I will be with them in all things. Trust in me.”

Jesus I trust in you. Grant me the grace to speak the truth in love and never let me leave the peace of your presence. Holy Spirit, lead me, teach me, use me as you wish to accomplish your designs upon the world. Breath of love, I love you and enter into your truth, for the glory of the triune God. Amen.


22 thoughts on “Do not be afraid, but take the example of your Holy Father the Pope…

  1. Good heavens!!!i turned on computer and read last message comments again. Then I rang Fr. Doug and we spoke about the need for more awareness of spiritual warfare in this country and father said the battle is on as we speak as it is growing that quickly all over the world.
    i hung up phone, checked site again for Divine Mercy Novena, and this message confirming my whole conversation with Father was in front of my eyes.!!


  2. I was talking to a priest one time and trying to tell him how much trouble I was having with some very underhanded people at work. The priest told me I needed to love them with all my heart and pray for the conversion of their souls. This was not the response I had expected, I explained to the priest that I didn’t even like these people, how could I love them.
    He told me that he would tell me a little secret…. No where in the bible does it say we have to “like” them…. But it does say we have to “love” them. He explained that all issues like this can be solved with love and patience and prayer. So I began offering up rosaries and divine mercies for these people, for their conversion, and so that the light of Christ would enter their minds and hearts. Within a few weeks, they left the company and took their problems with them. Even before they left I could feel the love I had for them through the prayers that were offered on their behalf. I still didn’t like them, but I did learn to love them and care for the condition of their soul. I don’t know where these people are these days, but I still pray for them. I took the other advice of the priest when he told me about things being solved with love and patience and prayer and applied it to my family life… I can’t tell you what a profound difference that has made to me and to my family. Often times it means that I must bite my tongue, because trying to argue about it will only make it worse. Husbands, we should lead by examples of LOVE, PATIENCE, and PRAYER within our own families and at work, it truly moves mountains.


  3. I am handing out Divine Mercy Prayer Cards when I feel prompted. It reminds me of Steve’s comment above. When I remember to do so (am prompted by the Holy Spirit perhaps), I just offer them, as I keep them with me. Yesterday I gave the amount of prayer cards that they wanted to two of the people I’ve disliked most in this world! Through the years, I’ve remained silent, but prayerful for these two people.

    What I’ve been saying is something like this: “Things are going to get tough, would you like these? Do you have enough for your loved ones? Do you want more?”

    And then I just finish my conversation with them and move on… Can’t imagine what they’re thinking!


  4. I have been trying, for a great number of years, to cause a healing of the family tree of the entire race of man and our Church, through giving an incredible number of perpetual Mass cards to people for deaths, illness, all of the cardinals of the world…

    This message from about healing the family tree is powerful:

    Again, you might consider healing your own family tree. It will not only help those living, but it helps those who have passed on and have been forgotten…


  5. I had my parents over for Easter dinner and was reminded of this quality in my mother as well. She never seems to have her peace ruffled. They try to bait the Pope so many different ways. What a great example of faith. How much our Holy Mother provides this example as well to the greatest degree.

    Thank you, Lord, for mothers and fathers. Thank you for this Pope and the gift of Your Mother. Help us to learn from these great examples and improve for Your glory.


    1. I read recently that demons feed off our negative energy. Let’s not give them the satisfaction! For the most part we are easy to bait. Remain rooted in Christ, humble, peaceful Christ. Jesus we trust in you.


  6. I’m a “Franciscan at Heart”!

    In his search-and-rescue mission, St. Francis saw countless conversions, not as a result of his own clever preaching, but because of the power and mercy of God. What God needed was someone to take His message to the people, and St. Francis recognized that he was merely the messenger.”

    Patrick Madrid
    Search and Rescue, Sophia Institute Press


  7. What I am for the first time seeing over and over again is the word, “power”… For these days to come it is apparent that we need to be able to give to the world the whole of what Our Lord wants from us!

    I have just reread Mark Mallett’s “Trumpets of Warning 1-5” I will also reread some of his other series that seem extremely relevant right now. They mean so much more and are so much easier for me to relate to in this present time period in which we find ourselves… It is like opening up a treasure chest once again!

    From one of the Trumpets:
    Christ will never leave you, ever. He has not given you a spirit of cowardice, but of power and love and self-control! (2 Tim 1:7)

    Jesus is calling you to the vineyard: souls are waiting for liberation… souls exiled in a land of darkness. And oh, how short is the time!

    Do not be afraid to go out on the streets and into public places like the first apostles, who preached Christ and the good news of salvation in the squares of cities, towns and villages. This is no time to be ashamed of the Gospel. It is the time to preach it from the rooftops. Do not be afraid to break out of comfortable and routine modes of living in order to take up the challenge of making Christ known in the modern “metropolis.” It is you who must “go out into the byroads” (Mt 22:9) and invite everyone you meet to the banquet which God has prepared for his people…The Gospel must not be kept hidden because of fear or indifference. —Pope John Paul II, World Youth Day Homily, Denver Colorado, August 15th, 1993.


  8. Amen, MT.

    I have a little shop I like to visit every morning to grab a bite and meditate before getting the day going. There’s one little table outside that no one uses where I can sit quietly, think and watch other people bustling around. It’s amazing how there can be so many people, so much activity, with so few people really connected. I would say because of the specter of fear swirling around so thick. The opposite of Love.

    Even so, I’ve been evangelized at my little table three times in the past two weeks from some of the most unlikely people. That seemed odd, considering how much time I spend immersed in the Faith. For a while there I was wondering if I looked like I needed evangelizing on the surface. Maybe. More than likely, though, I think it’s a prompt that ties nicely to what you were saying.

    The first, Elizabeth, was a little old woman who caught my eye with a genuine smile. It seems like a small thing until you consider that most people out there would just as soon run you over as look at you. Anyway, she ducked in a store for awhile and on her way out, she made a beeline for me. She had that same smile and warmth and handed me a little prayer card containing scripture passages tied to Easter. She explained to me how Jesus had saved her from the brink of suicidal thoughts. She was a hospice nurse and had been surrounded with death for many years and apparently the fear built and almost overwhelmed her at some point. At any rate, she was a new woman now, fearlessly sharing the Gospel. I was struck by the Strength of her witness. Praise God!

    The second person, Bob, was a gray-haired guy who had recently rediscovered his Catholic faith after a long lapse of about 20 years. Our conversation was wonderful, not so much because I had the opportunity to share my Catholic faith as well, but because I was so blown away by the Power of his witness. The depth of knowledge, the wisdom, the sincerity. Praise God!

    The third person seemed the most unlikely of all. I don’t know this woman’s name. I just think of her as the little woman. She was so timid, like a little mouse. The first time I spoke with her, I was immediately aware that she was carrying a cross. Something that was mentally debilitating. I’ve seen this in my wife’s side of the family and it was very similar. In spite of her obvious anxiety and fear, she started talking about a number of things on her mind (none of it faith based really), until she suddenly decided it was time to get up and wander off. I saw her one more time after that. She walked over to my morning table without any fanfare and simply dropped off a little blue jean heart that she had cut out and written on. It simply said, “God loves you.” This little woman. This over-comer. I’m humbled by the Power of God. Praise God!

    And here I thought that I didn’t need any more evangelizing. You just never really seem to know what God has in store for you until you’re in the moment. In fact, I started sharing these stories in one vein of thought and ended up in another. In my mind, I can almost see Jesus peacefully smiling.

    Lord, Your Love conquers all fear! Jesus, we trust in you.


  9. I have been fearful lately because of dreams I have had of my own death. I am not afraid of being dead because I do believe in the mercy of God and life after death but I am afraid of what is in store for me before death. I read that through praying the Holy rosary that all fear will disappear. I have to trust in God and let His will be done. I believe that fear comes from the devil and I pray for peace in my heart. Please pray for me for the next few days because in my dream I was given a date which will soon be here. Perhaps the dream was from the devil to scare me. I don’t know. Thank you for letting me share this worry with you .I haven’t told anyone about this because I don’t want to worry anyone needlessly and I don’t want them to think I am crazy.


    1. Theresa, peace be with you. In my experience, dreams are calls to prayer. Whatever happens on the date in question, if you have responded with prayer, you can be at peace. One thing to avoid is what I call “script-writing”, letting your imagination run wild in various scenarios (don’t know about you, but most of my “scripts” are tragedies). My point is that very little of what we imagine ever comes to pass. When these thoughts and worries come, say “Jesus I trust in you.” when my imagination tempts me, I just say, “NO!” You can also rebuke the spirit of worry in the name of Jesus. By remaining rooted in the abiding presence of God you will be more at peace no matter what comes to pass. You have been given a great gift. If it comes to pass that you indeed die on the date that has been told to you, you have had all this time to prepare. That is wonderful really, an act of Divine Mercy. Theresa, dear sister, be at peace. We will all be praying for you. God bless.


  10. I also meant to mention that last night I had to tell someone that “the Lord will fix the problems in the church” . A muslim teenager spoke to me about it but I wouldn’t comment except to say the words from your message which came to me right away. Thank you Jesus for giving us your holy words!


  11. yes, amen to everything said by M. T. During the night much came to me. i wrote several pages at 2 in the morning,I simply had to.
    M.P.s words about people bustling, no connection, fear. Ties in with M. Ts words. running, running, hiding,pretending.

    we truly are having our masks lifted from us. God is calling us to be really honest with the aid of the Holy Spirit in the presence of God. People run to hide, to avoid. Adoration and “be still and know I am GOd” comes to me.
    People are at various stages in their journey to Eternity. some have many heavily glued masks. others are spending time truly establishing their identity in GOd and many are somewhere in between.
    God wants our true selves to shine and He is calling us, waiting for us, begging us to be still and know I am God.

    The world is getting busier and busier and faster and faster, running from TRUTH. TRUTH of GOD and truth of self in GOD.
    T. V. , work, sport, anything to avoid Truth.
    I have a dear boy in my class at school. Tom did anything to avoid actually sitting and having a go at something. whether it was to go to the toilet , or say he had a headache, anything it did not matter what.
    For the whole of humanity HOWEVER, with the ILLUMINATION everything will stop. EVERYTHING , even planes in the sky. when i first read that many years ago i was really fascinated. Now it simply makes more and more sense. YEs we will have no masks because the Light of Jesus will be so strong we will see who we really are in that Light. Jesus simply wants us to be our TRUE selves in Him. and yes much is painful getting closer and closer to Him. We are called to be blatantly honest with ourselves!!!!!
    THEN AND ONLY THEN can we really go out in the streets and really spread the love of God, His Mercy and share with all. First we must be on solid ground within ourselves.
    We cannot be phoney for people to be really captured in Gods net.
    so we have to be really cleansed and full of the power of the Holy Spirit. everyone is at various stages but i do believe there are some who have been prepared for years not because they are good but because somewhere down the track they said YES and have kept saying YEs to God.

    I truly agree that the word power is getting stronger. Power of the Holy Spirit in those who have said yes and are being purified and are truly giving their openess of heart to become closer and closer to the LORd.
    sacraments, prayer, penance, and for me ADORATION, ADORATION, ADORATION. and calling the DIVINE WILL into all human acts to sanctify them. All these actions cleanse, purify and allow GOD to shine in us. {remember Cardinal Newmans prayer about God shining in us, beautiful}

    Yes, time is short and the 2 Kingdoms will confront fully.
    We must pray for the Power and Gifts of the Holy Spirit to totally overshadow us so that there is nothing of self.
    Our trials are gifts really {boy that is hard to say} but to be honest it is true. God is asking the weak ones to be strong in HIM. i know i am very weak but that is who He seems to call.
    In human terms it is ridiculous but Gods ways are not our ways.

    Dear GOd please cleanse us all, purify us all, so YOU may be all in all in us. I pray this especially for all who visit here and open their hearts so generously so often and truly share and edify others here. Let us really prepare seriously for Pentecost this year so that the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit will really manifest in each one of us.


  12. and i must add, read the Word. i am truly trying to do that more and more as i have neglected it too much. One of the joys of the blog as we all know is that it is based on Scripture.


  13. When Christ was on the Cross He was NOT pleasant to look at. People turned away.It is the same today. People dont want to know about suffering of others because it may require a response on the onlookers part. so they pretend, run and dont look. so what reponses can there be ?
    Concern for the other, care, willingness to go out of ones comfort zone to help in some way, give up possessions or time or energy. instead the response may be indifference, contempt even. Blame even though the suffering is for all peoples sins not just those of the victim.
    Whatever, people run and keep busy so as they do not have to react. We do this to Jesus and His Passion all the time as a whole society and individually. The indifference is truly shocking and especially at Easter time. while many acknowledged the Gift of Christ many just had holidays and eggs. what will it take for us all to see and be so grateful and loving to our wonderful God??
    That is why we can expect more disaster, trials both personal and national and international. sin causes these things. And the world is dark in sin so we can expect more. we choose through our unwillingness to repent and truly unite with the Lord in loving relationship. And hopefully we will respond and turn to God but sadly we seem to forget until one day the Illumination will shake us completely and there will be no where to run. We will be forced to respond. as in Pelianitos message a while back, there will be no safe refuge but the Sacred Heart.
    so yes, dear Lord purify you little ones so they may be overpowered with the Holy Spirit and go out to everyone and call them and witness before the Illumination.


  14. Therese,
    I was given the foreknowledge of my father-in-law’s imminent death (within a year). The date was not set, but the knowledge was there. I think that he had a really good idea as well. But there was peace about it. There was serenity. Although nothing appeared to be “deathly wrong” with him, we both knew what was to come. It was explained in a gentle, loving unfolding of a dream to me.

    On the other hand, a distressing dream of my mom’s imminent death happened years ago. Because it was not loving and gentle, I prayed for her great protection and assumed it not of God… And it was not!

    In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Nazorean, I bind any and every evil spirit that would harm Therese. I pray that all that read this will pray this prayer as well. I also pray that the Loving, Healing and Abiding Grace of the Holy Spirit will fill Therese to overflowing and protect her completely so that she is able to do the Father’s Holy Will…


  15. Amen to MT’s prayer.

    I got the flu from my dear husband – and unable to go to Mass and participate in Divine Mercy Novena after Mass. Last night in my bed, I was feverish and FREEZING to the point that I was shaking all over. I thought of my mom who would sit on the bed beside us until we fell back asleep when we had nightmares, or were sick. I was holding my rosary and I remembered how one of my Divine Mercy Prayer friends told me that holding the rosary is like holding Our Lady’s hand. I asked the Our Blessed Mother to sit by me (mind you, I have grandchildren of my own). I got warm. Almost instantly – not hot, just warm. A cozy warm. I love her so much.

    Feeling better today.. made it to Church for Holy Hour & Divine Mercy Chaplet/Novena. Jesus, we TRUST in You!

    Pelianito: You have a blog entry from Patrick Madrid! Wow. I have several of his books, including Search and Rescue.


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