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Dear friends in Christ,

In response to several requests I have added a new page in the left sidebar called, “Forum on refuges”. Please use this page to share information on the refuges that many say we will be called to form or travel to in the time preceding the Era of Peace. Please keep in mind that the information posted here is gathered from a variety of sources and is to be used with prayer, discretion, and the advice of a competent spiritual director. The information and opinions posted here are those of the one posting. Although I personally may agree with some of what is posted, please do not infer that I endorse all of it. Each one of us must  make his or her own decision, praying about our own call in these unprecedented times in world history.

5 thoughts on “New page on refuges…

  1. but remember that THE refuge is the Sacred Heart of Jesus as mentioned in previous message.
    as for other refuges i am open but we must not be distracted from cleansing our hearts and minds and putting on the mind of Christ. if one can, Adoration, adoration, adoration. M. Malletts latest webcast emphasises absorbing the Light of Christ . the smouldering candle image is so wonderful.


  2. I received a gentle message from Our Lord a number of summers ago. He always knows what is in the back of my mind, and at that time it was how long should we prepare for–within our homes–as in the days of Noah…

    I awoke to the sweet understanding that 40 days was a good number. It was very biblical–Noah and his family prepared for 40 days, Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days, in imitation of Him St. Francis fasted for 40 days, the Israelites traveled for 40 years to get to the promised land. Then a couple of weeks ago I received 2 more confirmations of 40 days–one in the Old Testament and one in Fr. Gobbi’s book, “To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons”–both on the same day.

    As one woman put it a number of years ago, “Who wouldn’t want to be able to offer a cup of cold milk to a child?” And so it is not only for yourselves, but for your loved ones or those Our Lord sends your way. And Jesus fed 1000’s with just a few fish and loaves of bread. Miracles of multiplication and all other types of miracles will abound. We need to just do our part in having what makes sense on hand.

    This doesn’t mean that the purification will last 40 days, only that we are to prepare for 40 days. It could last 40 breaths or 40 millenia. Only God knows the timetable!

    More importantly, the center with the books for the Marian Movement of Priests has finally received a much needed replenishment of the book of messages that Our Lady gave to Fr. Gobbi. The book is, “To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons”. Fr. Gobbi has recently mentioned that the Cenacles are bubbling internationally, and that Our Lady wants the Cenacles to be in our homes. Books were unvailable to the general public, only given to priests, while they were scarce. But now they can go out enmasse. There are 25,000 copies. I just bought a box of 12.

    These are the books that will lead the Cenacles through this transfer of eras. Mass and Priests will be scarce and the Cenacle is to take the place of Mass when it is not available to us. Fr. Gobbi says that it will be the book that is used in the Era of Peace, which gives greater understanding of the Bible in Our Lady’s own words. This is the website in the USA:

    And this is one more item that should be mentioned. Angels are not God and they will need our cooperation and aid, just as we need theirs. So, if you think that something should be done, do it for safety or any other reason that makes sense, so that they can help with the big problems. When my angel was fighting for my life, he was really struggling to save it… I had my rosary on and that saved me with his aid…


  3. By following the messages given throughout the world, it seems that the refuges are mostly mentioned to seers from the United States. Could it be because of the nature of the tribulation that the U.S. will go through and which could be different from the other countries?

    Thank you


  4. If the bishops of the USA fulfill the requests of Our Lady of America, the answer would be in her messages, and that answer is a positive, “Yes”. America will convert and the world will be given the chance to convert through evangelization by those in the USA.

    If the bishops of the USA do not fulfill the requests of Our Lady of America, the USA will specifically go through a very intense and difficult time period–again in Our Lady’s messages… is the official website of those who were given the responsiblity of getting Our Lady’s request fulfilled, by the bishop of the diocese. Our Lady’s messages are located there and much additional information is there as well. She has already been enthroned at the church of Mother Angelica’s of EWTN. Archbishop Burke of the Vatican has an article(s) there…


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